My first post to this blog and my favorite topic to write on : LIFE

Well, well I am not a philospher and this post contains no hard philosphies of any great scholar:)

These are the shattered views outta clumsy mind!

Life …to me is too short to live. Life as I see is a multiplexer which takes in a lot many rays and gives one single output.

The whole of our lives we keep on strugling.. struggling for money, better standards, food, living…struggling for life itself.

Yes, I believe one even struggles for life.

Life is not the process of a fleshy body mounted on bones breathing.

Life is to live..laughter, purity, love.

Life is to strive making this world a better place to live, to love humanity, to make a crying child smile…

Life is to live and to let others live.

Lets all makethis world a better place to live and help in letting others have a life as well.

Happy blogging!


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