Last interview of Saleem Shahzad

This is the last interview slain journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad gave. He negated the theory that Taliban will negotiate with America after Osama Bin Laden is gone.

6 thoughts on “Last interview of Saleem Shahzad”

  1. isn’t it a really awkward thing that he said something that was very much
    on the agenda of the Taliban then why would they come up killing him???

  2. Media personnel have increasing become the target in the prevalent conflict engulfing Pakistan. Factual and unbiased reporting is the objective of a journalist and they should stick to it. Recently a magazine has been launched on the topic of media and conflict, titled Fard by Individualland Pakistan. Everyone should have a look at it, as it is also available on their website.

  3. The terrorists have aimed to destabilize Pakistan. It is obvious that Taliban want to enforce terror, they do not want to negotiate peace.

  4. Tragic this was indeed. Another journalist killed in the hands of militants. We must fight militancy and target killings in Pakistan to give a safe future to the coming generations I must add.

  5. @ali. I would agree with you. It is important that the media works in a manner where the strain between Pak and its allies in this war is toned down.

  6. This episode in the war against terrorism is something that can never be forgotten. We must remember that the militants are gradually getting to grasp our neck and we must be very careful for this.

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