Largest Child Abuse Case in Pakistan

The largest child abuse / child rape case in the history of Pakistan has came into main stream media after villagers from and other villages clashed with Punjab Police, accusing them of not taking action against the child rapists.

The Nation did a detailed report on it which I don’t want to reproduce here due to sensitivity of the subject.

Interestingly, Dawn reported exactly a month ago about arrests of a child molesting gang in Ganda Singh, Kasur.

KASUR: Ganda Singh police booked a gang of 15 suspects and arrested three of them on charges of sodomy, extortion and threatening `hundreds’ of boys and girls and recording their videos in Hussain Khanwala village.

Sheikhupura range Regional Police Officer Sahibzada Shahzad Sultan on Tuesday visited the Ganda Sindh Police Station and assured the villagers of justice. Police have lodged four first information reports (FIRs) on the complaint of as many victim families. Most of other victims were reluctant to speak up.

The gang, according to the FIRs, had recorded videos while sodomising young boys and raping girls and extorted millions of rupees as well as gold jewellery from villagers since 2009. Reportedly, the entire village was aware of the alleged offence but no one dared report it to police as the suspects were allegedly influential.

Not only the perpetrators of this heinous crime were arrested, DPO had also established investigation team under an SP.

District Police Officer Rai Babar Saeed said an investigation team had been established to probe the matter and no stone would be left unturned in dispensing justice. He said a joint investigation team would be headed by Superintendent of Police (Investigation) Nadeem Abbas.

If the gang members were arrested at back in July, how come they are arrested again?

Meanwhile, senior minister of Punjab government, Rana Sanaullah said official inquiry had concluded that no instance of child sex abuse had been reported, adding that reports to this effect surfaced after two parties involved in a land dispute registered “fake cases” against each other.

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