Lal Masjid Clerics: Who will they Listen To?

Guess how far the Chinese prostitutes would have gone, before they got rid of the Burqa, in which they were appeared after their mental massage and release in Jamia Hafsa . Who doesn’t want to get rid of Massage centers and Prostitutes? But is this the only evil remaining in the society? And who has given Lal Masjid the license to act as law management forces?

All the religious scholars and leaders have shown their disapproval upon the method adopted by the administration of Lal Masjid. Many have gone to the Lal Masjid to put some sense into the two brothers, but in vain.

Even Imam of the Kaaba Sheikh Abdur Rehman Al-Sudais has not approved of this attitude. The Imam of the Kaaba is no doubt one of the most respectable personalities in the Muslim world. While on his trip to Pakistan he met a number of religious leaders, scholars, students and people from different walks of life in Lahore and Islamabad. He also led prayers in various mosques to the attendance of thousands of faithful who rushed to Lahore and Islamabad from various parts of the country.

His arrival provided an opportunity for the people of Pakistan to gather under one roof, irrespective of their sect and creed. Taking this opportunity, I must remind the extremist and terror forces to pay heed to a fatwa of the revered Imam that he pronounced some months ago saying that suicide bombing is haram (forbidden) in Islam and that acts of sabotage, terror, and killing are against Islamic teachings. The revered Imam also decried the extremist mullahs of Jamia Hafsa and urged upon them not to give Islam a bad name. Who will they listen to, nobody knows?

3 thoughts on “Lal Masjid Clerics: Who will they Listen To?”

  1. hassnain here ooooo momenonnnnnn
    yeh kia hova kia yeh jo hova lal masjid keh sath kia kerblaa ki misal zinda na hoiiii jo kehtain kerbala main kia hova tha on ko keho daikhooo lal masjid waloon keh sath kia hova tha
    udher imaam hussain nay yaziiiid ko mannn nay say inkar ki idher abdurasheed gazi nay nay musharef ko mann nay say inkar kia udher bhi imam hussain nay shairet ki baaat ki thi idher abdur rashid nay bhi shariet ki hi batt ki un ka pani band kia tha in ka bhi pani bend kia tha un ka khana bende kia in ka bhi khana bend kia ha un ko bohka pyasa sheed kia gaya in ko bhi bokha pyasa sheed kia gya un ki lashooon ko rola gaya in ki lashoon ko che
    ical laga ker jalay gaya imma m r olma udher bhi chup thy imamm r ulama idher bhi chuppp hain meri dua ya allah in sheedoon ko kerbala kay sheedon keh sedkay jenet ata ker
    hassnain get inspired by abdul rashid gazi
    and from his soni team

  2. Dear Readers,

    what is the path of preaching Islam………..
    Dr. Zakir Naik’s way or the the way of the clerics of Jamia Hafsa?????????????????????????????

  3. Such forces can never be allowed but need to find the root cause…Pak has never been an exteremist in its whole era and we never heard any such prganization working at its own…It happens when the corrupt system crosses its limits..No one to care…no one to look after..then a community has to decide to bring a change.. n tats wat Lal masjid…definatly not the right method but atleast some is there to control what others dont bother..


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