Israeli Barbarism Befor Us

The world remains standby as usual, while Israel dances to the tune of bare metal terrorism without any reprisal and the weak and meek Gaza authorities remain stick to their useless rhetoric.

Demonstrators in cities around the world Sunday marched in protest against the Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip that have killed nearly 300 people in the Palestinian territory. The hypocrite world leaders have once again told Palestinian Authority president Mahmud Abbas by telephone of their grave concerns about the escalating violence in the region and the need for both sides to stop their aggressions.

Nobody has done anything to stop the Israel and the impotent Arab league is still contemplating any meeting though it wouldn’t deter Israel.

The bombing and killing of innocent people by Israel is the worst type of terrorism and the world should take serious notice of this barbarism. But the world is not taking notice and the Israel is going on with its killing spree. The Israeli aggression continues in Gaza and 300 Palestinians have so far been killed and more than 900 have been injured in the Israeli raids. Israel has also warned of land attacks besides air raids. Most of the people killed in Israeli operation are women and children.

3 thoughts on “Israeli Barbarism Befor Us”

  1. Well, I strongly condemn this coward act of Israel. However i equally condemn the so-called, Palestinian, Arab and Muslim authorities, sitting and watching the game while throwing some pop-corns.

    Allah Almighty is a wittness to all this and we all should not regret that time when the divine-justice and judgement would fall upon these groups of spectators. By keeping a criminal silence, we are also supporting it somehow.

  2. Real: for 1400 years, Israel (Palestine) was the land where Muslims were in the majority (some Christians-about 10%- also lived there). After the Second World War, America and Britain got the Jews settled in Palestine and they threw the Muslims out. This is why people of Gaza (and the Muslim world) are opposed to Israel. Please read Robert Fisk’s article published yesterday (“Leaders die, civilians die and lessons of history are ignored”), only 20 Israelis have been killed by Hamas home-made rockets in 8 years, but Israel has killed more than 300 Gaza Muslims in one day.

  3. Hi Commoner,

    Killing innocent people is a shame, lot of persons agree, like myself.

    But something which I do not understand, maybe it’s only in our news…? Apparently, before Israelis launch their air strikes, palestinians was sending many rockets day after day after day after week after month… on israeli. How israelis should react to it?

    Why islamist are always against these people? they get out of gaza in 2005. I don’t know all the stories, do not hesitate to explain me as much as possible. I would like to understand.

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