Is Time Changing or Relations

It is an era of modern technology, man has stepped into a brand new era from the stone age, in which scientific progress has done wonders and has ignited an un-precedented revolution. No day goes by without some new invention or a new concept, and there is frantic race to adopt these new concepts and inventions.

It is chaos everywhere and in this chaos time is running like hell. In the wake of better opportunities, people are coming towards cities from villages, and every person seems to be so busy, its hard for everyone to at least have a hello/his with his near relatives. The change in relations is rapid then the passage of time. Joint family system, visit to relatives homes, meet-ups have been becoming scarce.

West has progressed in every field. It has made sky-improvements in every field. But as far as relation-management is concerned, it has declined strikingly. Internet Chatting, Social networking,blogs, pod-casts and such things are West’s reply to relation-management, but it cant replace the physical touch. So, we, in Orient, should stick to our centuries-old traditions, adopt the good things about technology, but should never compromise on our core values.

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