Is Pakistan really independent?

Who really controls the country? It can’t be the prime minister, since he has to ask Zardari whenever he has to decide anything. He was shocked to hear that the bye-elections had been postponed after Rehman Malik indulged in feeding misinformation to the appropriate people. But then, even Zardari didn’t know anything about the postponement, so it’s clear that Rehman Malik was acting on his own (or taking orders from someone else).

So the question arises, who told Rehman Malik to get the bye-elections postponed? It could only have been Musharraf, who (under the Constitution) is supposed to be weaker than the Prime Minister. So it looks like even though the PPP has emerged as the largest party in the country, it has to do what Musharraf and the Americans say. And that is why Rehman Malik will never have to explain why he did something which was clearly against the national interest.

And this is the way it has always been, the laws are made to be obeyed only by the common man, not the feudal. Who said Pakistan is a sovereign state?

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