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The IPL declared a gross income of Rs 645 crore in its inaugural year and a profit of Rs 51 crore after handing over the dues to the franchises and the state associations.The eight franchises paid between $67 million and $111.9 million to own teams for a ten-year period, and the league plans to have three more teams from 2011. The team owners are entitled to 80 per cent of the television rights revenue, which amounted to Rs 236 crore in the first year minus production costs, and 60 per cent of the sponsorship revenues, which netted Rs 117 crore in the first year.

Such a huge profitable event cant be so easily moved outside India. Various other factors are responsible for its new venue. The general elections are proceeding in India due to which IPL officials are forced to host the event in South Africa. well in my own opinion it was not the election issue actually it was their fear of losing world cup matches and future of cricket in India. They knew that something like 3/3 attacks could also happen in India and if it does during IPL when a lot of international cricketers are there, it would be fatal for Indian cricket.

Delhi Police Commissioner Y.S. Dadwal said on March 18, security risks cannot be taken for the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) Twenty20 tournament after the audacious attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan March 3.

“Keeping in view what happened in Pakistan, we need to have more security and I don’t think we can take this risk as IPL matches are coinciding with general elections. It is difficult for us to cater for matches,” the police commissioner said.

Around 400 players and officials got visas and accommodation in South Africa over night and IPL begins there so easily. I had to borrow words from Mr. Hamid Abbasi, it is The Great Game of Cricket by India to shift the event so that all possibilities of any kind of mishap or terrorist activity abolish and they have the chance to be in the great game of cricket. Also this decision favours them and they got 29 world cup matches out of 49 including those which had to be hosted by Pakistan previously. The income which has been lost from IPL can easily be recovered from world cup 2011.

Pakistan were stripped of its rights as co-host of the 2011 World Cup by the ICC on 17th April, 2009 due to ongoing concerns about the “uncertain security situation” prevailing in the country, especially in the aftermath of the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore.It is estimated that the PCB will lose $10.5 million due to the tournament being taken away from them.This figure only includes the match-fee of $750,000 per match guaranteed by the ICC. The overall loss to the PCB and the Pakistani economy is expected to be much greater.

Pakistan made the bid to host its home games in the cities of UAE as a neutral home venue. This is in response to the fact that the last few months of cricket that Pakistan has played, has been in the cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The pitches in these stadia have also been developed to suit the Pakistani players. This would not harm any timing schedules as their are regular flights from the city of Mumbai to Dubai. However, on the 28th of April 2009, the ICC announced the re-allocation of matches originally intended to be played in Pakistan. As a result, India will now host 29 matches across eight venues including the final and one semi-final; Sri Lanka will host 12 in three venues, including one semi-final; while Bangladesh will stage eight at two grounds as well as the opening ceremony on February 18, 2011.

All is fair for India in Cricket and war.

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  1. I think pakistan should start PPL pakistan premier league… which will bring revenue just like IPL for india..They shouldn’t envy seeing india making money.. Azhar,Hyderabad,Deccan chargers zindabad…:)


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