Innocent Muhammad Jawad Released From Guantanamo Bay after 6 Years

Mohammed Jawad, one of the youngest detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is photographed at a family home in Kabul on August 25, 2009, the morning after he returned to Afghanistan.

Here we have another proof of the great judicial system of the United States of America – the case of young Afghan, Muhammad Jawad.

Jawad was accused of throwing a grenade on a US army tank in 2002 that wounded two U. S. soldiers. Jawad was twelve years old when arrested and taken to the notorious US detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. To cover up their barefaced injustice, the Pentagon has argued that Jawad’s bone scans indicated that he was an adult at 18 years when he was arrested.

For six long years, Jawad was tortured day and night along with the other inmates.

“There was a lot of oppression when I was in Guantanamo and these inhumane actions were not for just one day, one week or one month,” Jawad told Reuters.

“I was oppressed the whole time until I was released. They tortured prisoners very badly and did not allow prisoners to sleep, did not give enough food,” he said.

Jawad’s lawyers say that he was treated very severely and forcefully kept awake and regularly shifted from cell to cell. Reuters reported that his age was never even given a thought.

“They knew I was underage but they did not care about my age,” Jawad said.

“They insulted our religion and our Holy Quran, they insulted us and behaved in an inhumane way,” he said.

A weary-looking Jawad stood and stretched his hands behind his back to show how he had been bound sometimes by his captors.

He said he and other prisoners were told to eat with their hands bound behind their backs, bending over and putting their mouths into plates of food.

In July, a US judge ordered that Jawad be set free as his confession was got hold of under the circumstances of great affliction.

“I remember the US government lawyer provided evidence against me but could not prove anything and in the end, the judge said: ‘no charge against Mohammad Jawad can be proved and he is innocent’,” Jawad said.

Some might be in awe of the US government for delivering justice to the innocent boy but at the cost of six years. Such six years of torture that will forever leave a mark on him.

All-hail the US government that stabs and then comes arrogantly with a well-worn first-aid kit.

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  1. @JKS: your basic allegation has been proved wrong but you don’t want to see that as significant. Anyway…


    Just find out, after a hiatus of how many years is her ex-husband speaking up??
    Did you know he was also a suspect like her then after some time all charges were dropped, he vanished and now he has emerged with some stupidity to share. As you have troubled yourself in searching for this link you may also search for the links that prove his words false.

    Her ex-husband is simply a chameleon.

  2. This link from a Pakistani paper presents an opposite view.

    Her own ex-husband Sharing details of his unsuccessful marriage with Dr Aafia, Dr Amjad told The News that since their marriage was arranged, he was unaware of Aafia’s violent behaviour. “She got hysterical fits when she became angry and would physically attack me, but I put up with it for the sake of our children.”

    In an exclusive talk with The News, he said that most claims are being propagated to garner public support and sympathy for Dr Aafia but are one-sided and in most instances untrue.

    I am pasting the above just to support James’ statement that we cannot hold a trial and pronounce her innocent or otherwise based on media reports. One thing is true though that she did not get the kind access to legal help that she should have got.

  3. Momina, we could go on exchanging anecdotal evidence about the poor lady until Kingdom come, but we would be simply repeating rumors and speculations; multiplying the impact of one viewpoint or the other by inundating the info field with either viewpoint won’t change the truth. We can’t make something true by repeating it a million times. The fact is that I don’t know any details on the story.

    It is indeed tragic what has happened to Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and her family. I strongly suspect that the divorce was a turning point for the worse. I’d wonder how it happened, exactly, but it’s really none of my business, and the truth of who caused it can never really be established to the satisfaction of all. I know that anyone who fights a gender battle will lose the war–gender warfare is lose-lose. I’ve seen forty years of such.

    I truly hope that the lady gets happy, somehow, some way.

  4. HE

    I understand your concern. But my purpose here was just to create/re-create an awareness that Dr. Aafia is still suffering. I hoped such awareness could b created among the Americans so that the right thing b done in her case.

    We are free here…everyday is made a misery for her. Just imagine her plight, some of her kids are vanished. she is raped repeatedly, her teeth are all removed. Some of her organs have been removed. She was shot with a bullet- the wound still bleeds. She has been given no medical treatment.

    Physical harm may be tolerated, but not when the dignity is attacked.

    Once again, my purpose is her freedom. Justice. I have no ill-feelings against the American public. I am definitely not in favour of the government’s foreign policies.

  5. MO
    I understand your strong sentiment and sincerely hope she is released if the truth is on her side.

    I am not trying to divert attention by bringing in other countries but just trying to put the overall American system in perspective. There may be cases where the system does not work or has been bypassed but atleast you can hear voices of Americans (including some media) themselves questioning the system and the case which is what sets it apart.

    It is not right to single out only America for atrocities because that leads misinformed people to commit horrible crimes against humanity…hate breeds hate. We all need introspection and evaluate our own acts against our so called enemies.

  6. HE
    True, but you see this is a case that has been highlighted a lot in the media. One would expect them to at least pretend not to be biased. Under the glare of the world the U.S. continues its atrocities not giving two-bits about anyone’s rights.

    No country is perfect is a lame excuse to try to cover the nudity of the unfair system.

    Talking about other countries surely is a typical ploy of turning one’s attention. However, after being tried to a great extent, it has become inutile.

  7. MO
    Honestly there are just not enough facts outside of news reports to give a verdict one way or the other. Maybe she is indeed innocent.

    However I am not ready just yet to say American judicial system does not work or is biased. For most part gitmo was a way of bypassing the American judicial system, it was not part of it.

    American system or America itself may not be perfect but which country is? How many innocents are rotting in jails in all the other countries including yours and mine?

  8. Hmmm…Jim your views about this case are simply what the American media has fed you all.

    The main problem according to you is her education. Did you know she is, in fact, a Neuroscientist and not a bio-medical engineer. You know my dad wanted me to become a bio-medical engineer. I refused on the grounds that i think cloning is against Shari’ah….the creation of dollies etc. Of course cloning organs and so on are a good thing for patients with chronic medical problems.
    So it has two different aspects. You use it for wrong or for good.

    Dr. Aafia didn’t use it wrongly because she wasn’t a bio-medical engineer.

    As Hamid has said she hasn’t been proven guilty as yet still she is being treated like a well-bred criminal. I don’t think even criminals are treated this way.

    Suppose she is guilty, does that justify her being repeatedly raped and the physical torture she has gone through? Did you read Yvonne Ridley’s report about her?

    If she is guilty, does that mean her progeny is also marked?

    Here is and extract that might interest you:

    “They started with the whole idea that Aafia was involved in biochemical warfare,” says Sharp. “She wasn’t taking brain cells and testing how they reacted to gases. But there’s all this news in the media about the changing face of Al Qaeda and the neurobiology scare, and now we’ve got this MIT graduate with a Brandeis Ph.D. who’s cooking up all these viruses.”

    What Siddiqui was actually cooking up at Brandeis was more mundane. Her graduate work was based on a simple concept: that people learn by imitation. To study this, she devised a computer program and used adult volunteers, who came to her office and watched various objects move randomly across the screen, then reproduced what they recalled. The point was to see how well they retained the information having seen it on the screen.

    Paul DiZio, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at Brandeis who was on Siddiqui’s dissertation committee, laughs when asked if such work could be applied to Al Qaeda operations. “I can’t see how it can be applied to anything,” he says. “It’s not very applied work. It didn’t have a medical aspect to it. And, as a computer expert, she was competent. But you know, calling her a mastermind or something does not seem — I never saw any evidence.”

    Here is the link:

    Hend, this may answer your question as well. The case is the same, an Innocent Muslim caged under severe torture without any proof.

  9. the two cases are very different.

    this young man was probably a ‘forced militant’ or simply caught in the wrong place. the american justice system could not save him because bush and cheney gang applied the enemy combatant clause to keep him in gitmo.

    the case of the lady is quite different. she is quite likely guilty of whatever she is accused of. she would have a lot to explain about her appearances with the wrong crowd. she is responsible for where she is now.

    i don’t think any fair minded person can equate the two cases or give a certificate of innocence to the lady based on news paper reports.


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