Indian Rapist Soldiers in Congo

According to Indian Express said on Tuesday, Three Indian Army officers deputed to the United Nations peacekeeping force in Congo have been accused of rape.

According to the newspaper report, a lieutenant colonel and two majors of the Indian Army, seconded to the North Kivu brigade of the Mission of the UN in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Monuc), were detained last Wednesday by South African police after a woman resident of Plettenberg Bay in Pretoria charged them with rape.

There are also other reports of rape committed by the Indian soldiers in Sudan, Ethiopia and Lebanon, where they are the part of peacekeeping mission. United Nations must take stern action in this regard, and they should ban Indian from these peace missions.

3 thoughts on “Indian Rapist Soldiers in Congo”

  1. @rajatsood
    Dude dnt put your evils on our basket, the inquiery was set up against us in the case u mentioned, but it ended with Indians culprit of selling the weapons for diamons, thats the exact context

  2. IPakistani’s gold thiefs in congo have forgotten what all charges have been levelled on them…..and for your kind information..Indians were acquitted of the charges…but Your guys have not till date. and the best part is……best solutions pakis find is commit a crime and blame indians.WHO CARES……?

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