ICC T20 WorldCup; Younus Khan Justifying Defeat

Younus KhanThe cricket fever is on a rise these days as the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup is going on in England. Pakistan lost its first match against England by 48 runs. Wining and loosing is a part of game but the defeat should be dignified in a world class tournament to keep the interest of spectators alive. Netherlands unexpectedly grab a win over the English team at the first day of the tournament while Aussies lost to West Indies making the tournament alight. The attitude or reactions of Pakistani captain after loosing a match is like happy go lucky. He has no respect for those millions of people who are watching these matches at the cost of their time and money. His recent statements are enough to make him unpopular.

Read his golden words “This is a matter of concern for us (us means Pakistanis?). I have no idea why our fielders are unable to field properly (why are you captaining than?). It is not as if we are not working hard but we are not just getting it right for reasons unknown to me (who knows it than?).”

While the rest of the world’s leading sides treat Twenty20 almost as seriously as nearly all other international cricket tournaments, Pakistani captain Younus was conscious of the founding principle behind its creation as a professional sport.
It is international cricket but it is only a fun game,” he said. “It will be sad for us not to reach the Super Eights but it won’t be a disaster”.

“At the moment we have couple of guys who are struggling but Shahid Afridi could score a hundred in the next game. Twenty20 cricket is all about entertaining the crowd, about fun.”

Pakistan team has not been active in the scene of international cricket after the incident of Lahore. Lack of practice and young inexperienced squad may be the reason behind our defeat. The performance could be made better by efforts but when your captain is not aware of the problems within the team and he is struggling to explain the reason of defeat than public can only pray for a miracle like 1992 world cup.

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