Hibernating Militancy Under Peace Deals

The use of three pronged strategy by Pakistani army to cope militancy through use of dialogue and development work has proved inadequate and defected. The militants have exploited peace deals as an alternative to reaffirm there grip in the areas that have become a hot hub and safe heaven for their violent and terrorist nobilities. The use and implementation of peace agreements is now stimulated as an obligation by militants for the government. Recently, Mullana Fazaullah, the Chief of Tehrik-e- Taliban Pakistan (TTP) from Swat determined a new task to his commanders. The task establishes to launch target killings in case the provincial government abandons the inaugurated peace agreement. This development was announced at a marathon meeting of TTP held at the Taliban headquarters’ in Matta Tehsil.

Taliban said that they will continue holding hostage; more of security personnel in order to constrain the liberation of their comrades. Not only that but they also refused to release the two kidnapped policemen. The previously presumed peace accord of the government with TTP in Swat accommodated the fact that in return of Fazullah’s cooperation the government had to release a number of prisoners.

Spokesman of the Swat Taliban Muslim Khan said that “a significant issue” was also reviewed during the meeting which was not elaborated. He said the meeting was chaired by Mulana Fazaullah where he assigned a task to every commander. “When our central chief Baitullah Masud would order attacks, they will resume there militant activities” he added. It was also told by the end of meeting that more than 50 militant commanders had met to commence the post ultimatum position. It is unfortunate to mention here that the militants have also exposed signs to expand there activities outside Swat depending upon instructions from Baitullah Masud.

Few days back Baitullah had threatened ANP Government to resign within five days or face consequences. He had also alerted about his orders of withdrawing from May 21 peace deal in reaction to the current operation against militants in Hangu. Yet, Muslim Khan said that the deal was still in place as they have not received any such orders from the central chief yet. He added that the government had only released 16 Taliban prisoners and that too after the painful judicial process, but arrested 11 of other raids after the agreement.

Muslim Khan showed marks that they were just retaliating against government actions after concluding the accord. “We would continue to kidnap security forces in future” he said. In response to a question he said that there were no top profile Taliban among the arrested 11 militants by the government officials. He also said that the Swat Taliban have not marked any chief minister in any hit list as they do not have any hit list pattern. “When we carry out attacks, they are indiscriminate,” he added.

All these developments give a bold conviction that militants within Pakistan have now unambiguously begun to use peace process as a pressure tactics; hibernating militancy and violence under the cover of reinstalling peace.

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