Once lived a king who had every thing but happiness and inner peace. His folks, friends and well wishers who worked for him tried every thing to make him happy but in vain.

A man in the know of matters happened to pass from the kingdom and learnt about king’s state of mind. Out of sympathy he mediated and was revealed that if King sniffs on shoes of a happy man, things will change. The man contacted the king and told him the way to happiness and bliss.

Functionaries of the kingdom spread all around in search of a person living happily. After lot of empirical observations far and away, they found a boat man and told the king about him. The king himself came to the boat man and requested, “Please give me your used shoes that I need and in return I will pay you any price you want.

“Oh, it would have been a sheer honour to serve your majesty without any reward but what is that I have never been able to afford shoes thus far in my life,” replied the boat man.

The state functionaries got disappointed on the answer but king had got what he was looking for!

{Extract from my book Light Within}

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