Hamzaad (Qareen)

Forces of Darkness – 3

Hamzaad (Qareen ) is the demon permanently assigned to each person during his/her life whose job is to seduce human beings. Allah Almighty says: “His Companion will say: “Our Lord! I did not make him transgress, but he was (himself) far astray.” (Qaf: 27) i.e. the devil assigned to seduce him will say: “My lord! It was not me who seduced him at the beginning, but it was he himself who preferred blindness to guidance. So, I helped him achieve his goal through seduction.”

36. If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of ((Allah)) Most Gracious, We appoint for him an evil one, to be an intimate companion to him. Sura Az-Zukhruf (36)

In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) tells us that a demon is assigned to every human being: “There is no one among you but a comrade from among the jinn is assigned to him.” Sahaba e Karam (RA) present in that occasion asked: “Even you, O Messenger of Allah?” He said: “Even me, but Allah granted me victory over him and he became Muslim (or: and I am safe from him), so he only enjoins me to do that which is good.”

In order to get rid of such demon comrade, one should continuously recite the Quran, particularly the verse of Al-Kursi (verse number 255 of Surat Al-Baqarah), and the last two verses of the same Surah.

So Qareen or Hamzaad is a devil appointed as a companion. The Qareen should not be asked to be brought out or revealed, they are dangerous. However, some Amileens take the risk and do various things to communicate with him and gain benefits. Since Hamzaad remains with an individual, he knows about all the history of the person. Amils after taking control over their own Hamzaad, contact with the Hamzaad of any person and gain information about their past. By this way they inform their clients about their past and impress them with their knowledge but Hamzaad don’t have information about the future so any information on future given by Amileen is not reliable.

Enslaving the Jinns or Hamzaad is possible but a risky business and can cost one his life. It shouldn’t be done without having proper guidance from an experienced person. Once an amil was doing exercise for controlling his Hamzaad. He lit a candle and placed it on his back in a dark room during night. He focused on his shadow which appeared on the front wall and started reciting a verse. He continued for few nights after which his shadow started moving. After some more time, the shadow started running around the room although the candle and he himself was stationary. On the last day of his exercise, he was busy in his work without knowing that some guests were sleeping on the roof top of his neighbor’s house. All of sudden the Charpoys (beds) started falling from the roof. The guests got panicked and a crowd gathered around. People knocked the amil’s door as well and he had to break his work to go out to see whats happening. His Chila broke and the Hamzaad got free. Later the amil started receiving stains of blood on him and suffered throughout his life.

Hamzaad gets powerful when its companion human being indulges in evils and gets weaker if the person does good deeds. When one goes astray from the right path, he/she gets strong inclination/temptation from the inside. He/she feels that someone inside is pushing towards something. Scientist can claim it to be split personality or anything else. But the truth is Man is born with both Evil and Good in his inside. He has choice. If he chooses evil, than his evil takes over his goodness and he becomes a devil. If he chooses goodness the evil is enslaved and he becomes superior to Angels, a true Naib of Almighty Allah and deserves to be called Ashraf ul Makhlooqat.

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270 Responses to Hamzaad (Qareen)

  1. aamir October 29, 2016 at 12:33 pm #

    Salam mje hamzad k bary me mukamal malomat chahiye . me hamzad chahta hon .plz koi mera ustad ban sakta ha.

  2. Waseem Zaman September 26, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

    respected sir. my wife had a moakil since she was 3 years old . bud due to some black magic she was upset every day . he moakil use to tell us who and where is the black magic is being performed.
    lately he advised us to go to PIR JALILI BAB near thatta where all the black magic will be taken by him . we did as advised but unfortunately the mokil himself was captured by pir baba.
    Although the mokil told us to stay Pir hakik shah mazar but we went to Pir Jalali baba mazar…
    now my wife had basharat that the mokil is captured by PIR JALALI BABA .. She wants her back as he was helpful to us … is there any way that we can do to bring him back to her.

  3. najfi September 26, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    wo tamam dost jo humzad k silsile mei durust rehnumai chahte hai wo
    rabta kre lakin sirf un logo ki rehnumai ki jai gi jo chillo k aadi ho inshla
    faida hoga

  4. abbas August 8, 2011 at 5:31 pm #


  5. aman August 8, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    Assalamo Alaikum
    tamam doston co Ramzaan mubarak ho. Abbas bhia aap ne koyi jawab nahi diya abhi tak
    emai. ayubidotahmad attherate gmail dot com ,

  6. HUMZAD July 30, 2011 at 8:36 am #

    Humzad har insan kay sath ALLAH nay paida kia hai jis tera insan kay sath paida hota hai essi tera insan kay mernay kay bad wo bi hukam-e- khuda sy apnay maskan mai chala jata hai.Humzad insan ki bohat si makhfi taqaton mai sy eik hai lakin batin ki taqat hai or ess ka basera insan kay lashur mai hai jis ka taluk insani dimagh or dil sy hai.Har insan ka humzad humesha uss kay saye ki teran uss kay sath reta hai kubi agay tou kubi peechay kubi daian kubi baian.
    Humzad kay lafizi maini hain(meray jesa meray sath).youn tou ALLAH TALA nay insan ko bohat si qoowaton sy nawaz rakha hai per insan apni aqal-o-danish sy enn maqoof-ul-fitar qoowaton sy bohat saray fawaid hasil ker sakta hai beshak insan ALLAH TALA ki behtreen tehleeq hai or ashraf-ul-makhlukat hai dunya ki har cheez insan ki tabay hai janwer,charind,parind yahan tak kay jin or dusri makhlukat bi. Lakin ager insan apnay ap ko pehchanay tou wo ess dunya mai kuch bi ker sakta hai bahukam-e-ALLAH.Esi teran ALLAH PAK nay insan ko Humzad jesi taqat sy nawaza hai.Humzad bilkul hu ba hu humray jesa hota hai jesay hum khud ko ainay mai dekh ray hon.Yani eik bal tak ka ferq nahi hota.Zahri tor per nazar anay wala jisam jism-e-khfeef hai or humzad humra jism-e-lateef hai.Aj kal kay dor mai bohat sy logon nay mehaz sirf humzad ka naam sunn rakha hai kay wo bohat taqatwar hota hai wo har kam ker sakta hai ji han ess mai tou koi mubalgha arai nahi kay wo bohat hi taqat war hota hai or wo hawa mai ess tera urta hai kay koi zishaur uss ka andaza nahi laga sakta insani ankh kay jhapknay sy pehlay wo dunya ka chaker laga sata hai dunya koi bi bari sy bari cheez uta ker eik jaga sy dusri jaga lay ja sakta hai.gharz yea kay wo har wo kam ker sakta hai jahan humari soch bi nahi ja sakti.
    yea sub batain tou darust hain per mujay logon ki baton py herangi hoti hai jin hazrat nay humzad kay naam per paisa kamnay ka dhong racha rakha hai koi humzad kay mozu py moti moti kitabain likh ker logon ko bevqoof bana raha hai tou koi gher baithay amil-e-humzad ban baitha hai or ustad or rehnomai mai masroof hai jo yea tak nahi jantay kay humzad ka amal ki pehli seeri kia hai pehlay paidan per paon rakhnay ki bajaye akhri paidan per lon ko paon rakhnay ka mashwara detay hain jis sy nakaami kay siwa kuch hasil nahi hota.
    humzad ko hasil kernay kay liya bohat mehnat or riyazat ki zarurat hai ess mai insan ko beri hi mazboot qoowat-e-eradi ka malik hona chahiye yea kamzor eraday or jaldbazi ka kam nahi.
    Meray ustad mohtaram ki nasihat thi kay kubi uss insan ko ess taqat kay baray mai na batana jo ess ka ehal nahi kiu kay mai nahi chahta kay meri mehnat sy logon kay dirmain aman ki bajye fasad pheal jai.or han jub log ess baray mai gumra honay lagain tou logon ki madat zarur kerna.
    mera yahan yea sub arz kernay ka maqsat yea tha kay bohat sy log ess baray mai gumra ho rahay hain ess liye mera yea farz banta hai kay mai logon ko motnabay kern or yea bataon kay ess manzil kay sahi rastay ki talsh kerain jo baghair kamil ustad kay milna namumkin hai.Mai ap hazrat sy yea arz ker dn kay koi bi amal jesa kay aj kal bohat si kitabon mai ba-asani mil jatay wo amal kernay sy kabyabi nahi hoti.Humzad kay amal kay 3 mukhtalif merahil hain pehlay kuch mashkain hain or phir kuch taswar ki riayzat hai phir amal ki bari ati hai.Per yea mashak kia hai yea taswar ki riayzat kia hai or kis tera ki jati hai yea kisi ko nahi pata yea sirf wo janta hai jo yea sub apnay ustad-e-kamil ki rehnomai mai ker chuka hai.Sahi ratay py pehlay hi din ki mashak sy pata chal jata hai kay wo theak rastay py chal raha hai ya nahi.Mujay yad hai jub mai nay pehlay din apni mashak shuru ki tou eik khas roshni meray samnay daian janib chaker khanay lagi mai heran reh gia kay pehlay din hi mai yea nazara dekh raha hn jub mai nay yea mamla apnay usad-e-mohtaram sy arz kia tou wo fermanay lagay yea tmhara kamal nahi yea uss qoowat ka kamal hai jo mujay hasil hai jo tmhara ess mashak mai sath dy rahi hai werna ager koi khud sy ustad ki ejazat or sath kay baghair yea mashak keray tou shaid usay mehino lag jain yahan pohchnay mai jahan tm pehlay din pohanch gaye ho.Ess sy sabit huwa kay baghair ustad kay yea sub mushkil hai.Or mai sirf chand dino mai uss mashak kay akhri merahil tak pohanch gia sirf or sirf ustad-e-mohtaram kay sath or tawajo sy.Jesay her insan shakal-o-surat mai mukhtalif hai esay har insan ka amal-e-humzad mukhtalif hai.koi bi amal perh lenay sy siwaye waqt kay ziya kay kuch hasil nahi hota.essi tera har amal kay waqat ka tayon kerna har eik kay bas ki bat nahi.Amal mai kitni tadat sy amal perhna chahiye.Amal kis jaga kerna chahiye din ya rat ko,kitnay din ka amal kerna chahiye.Amal kay doran kia khana hai kia perhaiz hai kisi sy milna chahiye ya nahi.Or har insan kay mizaj kay mutabik uss ka amal hota hai.ess liye meri unn hazrat sy guzarish hai jo ess taqat kay matlashi hain kay sahi rasta talash kerain sahi rehnomai sy hi manzilain mila kerti hain.


  7. Syed Mohammad Husain July 29, 2011 at 3:16 am #

    In the name of Allah , the Most-Beneficent , the Most-Compassionate .
    Blessing and Salutation over our beloved Prophet Muhammad ,
    his household and his companion .

    Masha Allah , nothing but truth in this , Following Allah’s commands
    according to the traditions of our beloved prophet has much more
    power than any Shaitan Ginn , who is man’s sworn enemy .

    Syed Husain
    Mississauga, Canada

  8. abbas July 28, 2011 at 10:32 pm #

    1 baat ap sub dosto se 1 bat or share kerdoo k ooper humzad ki jo
    tashree ki jarahi hai wo bilkul aise nai hai k humzad insan ka dushman
    hai or use werghlata rehta ye sub bakwas hai insan k sath jis shitan
    ka ziker hai wo or hai is bat ko sirf wo log samajh saktey hai
    jo humzad ka sahi idraak rekhte hai baki wo log jo sirf books or
    suni sunai bato ya jinho ne humzad k chillo se wasta na ho wo
    kerte hai umeed hai kuch log samach jai ge

  9. Aman May 7, 2011 at 5:59 am #

    Abbas bhai. Assalamo Alaikum. Aap ke pass humzaad ka amal hai to share karen. My ayubi dot ahmad at the rate gmail.com.

  10. abbas March 25, 2011 at 6:13 pm #


    dosto is wb site mei tou sare hmzad k aise dewane hai k hmzad na hoi koi bohat
    assan shai ho beherhal mere pass bhi kuch asaan aimal hai jin mei koi perhaiz nai hai
    koi ilmi bat krna chahe tou karsakta hai

  11. SHOAIB SOOMRO December 27, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

    AASALAM-O-ALAIKUM :Hamzad-{qareen} per maine buhat se kitabein perhi hain…, lekin Aaj tak kise ustad ki Rehnumahi nahi mile.Comment submit karne ka Maqsad yeh hai k Mujhe Aap ki Rehnumahi chahiyeh.,kohi esa Amal batain jis main na kohi perhaze ho,aur na mushkil ho,jis main kise kisam ka nuqsan na ho…Aap se pouchne ka maqsad aap kohi kabil-e-amal batien.jis main kamiyabi yaqeeni..


  12. manzoor November 29, 2010 at 7:55 am #


    Can please let me know what should we read for capturing humzaad for how long and how many days ?

    any help would be greatly appreciated

  13. tariq October 6, 2010 at 2:42 pm #

    I need the E-Mail address of Mr. Ghulam Rasool
    and need whole infomation and method of capturing humzaad
    so please send me the E-Mail address of Mr.Ghulam Rasool


  14. zahra September 29, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

    Assalamoualaikoum i’m looking for eikr e ilahi can send me please jazak ALLAH khair

  15. Aman September 13, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

    Assalamo alaikum. All brother’s and sister. Eid mobarak. Kasif bhai aap bahut dino se nazar nahi aa rahe hain. Kaya baat hai naraz hain kaya. Allah hafiz

  16. m.Ali July 15, 2010 at 2:02 pm #

    i want to control Hamzaad.please advice me and tell me how i can do this.and could you please tell me your kind address to come there and do chilla there in your place?
    I will be very thanful to you.and will wait for your kind email thanks.
    From m ali

  17. J.K July 6, 2010 at 10:12 am #


    Inshallah i will try me best to answer your question..

    i have done Hazraat in past.

    but i am not interested …

    If you want to study

    i will reconed you following books

    Hazraat ke dunya
    Aalamay Hazraat
    Kainatay hazraat

    All Booky by Qaiser Ahmed B.A

    Books published by

    Ayne E QIsmat ( zinjani jantri walay) lahore

  18. J.K July 6, 2010 at 9:57 am #



    Bahi jaan aap batain aap kay tajubay say kaisay faida utha jaye..

    Amal tu mairay pass be thook kay hisab say hain

    Balkah ham nay tu Hazroon rupees day k be amal purchase kiya par

    hanoze dile door asat..

  19. VIVEK July 3, 2010 at 4:08 pm #

    who can give me the most perfect answers about haziraat ?

  20. m shahid June 29, 2010 at 8:53 am #

    Amal-e-Hamzaad mein perheez yeh hain:
    1. Raat ko zameen per sona ha.
    2. Dorane amal goshat tmam kism ka nahi khana chahiay, fish
    ,pyaz, nasha awr ashiay,amal sorakh kapry pehn ker amal
    kerna chahiay ha.
    3. amal abadi sy bahr kerna ho ga.
    4 amal k doran kushboo laga k amal karo aur rozana balky
    24 ghanty bawazo raho.
    5. Dunya sy alag raho aur khalawat akhtayar kro.
    6. doran aml tarha tarha ki mushklat pesh aaian gy, wo
    tarha tarha sy drayga ta k tm amal chor do.
    7. agr amal kerny k doran 21 din tak kafy asrat zahr ho
    jian gy aur jism m dard aur awasian aana start ho jian gi
    jo k amal ki gurantee ki zamant ho gi.
    8. amal raat k 12bajy kerna ho ga.
    9. sirf 21 mint ka wazifa Ha. yani 21 tasbeeh sirf 1 afz ki
    kerna ho gi. Bs 21 mint ka kam ha 41 raat ka kam ha.
    10. dil ko mazboot rakho aur daro mat.
    11. yeh amal janab shokat ali sb ka tjarba kia huwa amal ha
    agr koy amal kerna chahiay to janab shokat ali sb sy
    rabta kery unhon ny khud yeh amal kia tha aur 2 saal tak hazaad
    ko kaboo mein rakha phr unhon ny hamzaad ko azaad ker dia.
    yeh amal gurantee shoda ha magr yaksoaii e kalb lazmy
    12. dorane e amal 21 mint sirf hamzaad ka tasawar rakho
    koy aur koy aur tasawar na aye. sirf hamzaad ka tasawar rakho.
    13. taskheer e hamzaad naam he tasawar ha jitna tasawar kaam
    rakho itny jaldy kam ho ga.
    14. jab amal start kro to startsy end tak kisy b bandy ko na pta chaly k tm hamzaad
    ka chilla (amal kr rahy ho) kr rahy ho.
    15.Ye amal mera zati nahiha balky janab shokat ali sb ka tajarba shoda ha jo k fort abbas k
    rahny waly hain.
    16. Fe aman allah
    17. 24 ghanty bawazo rahna ho ga.
    18. amal k doran Safr kerna manah ha.
    19. dua go, M SHAHID
    20. mera id shahid701 atTHErate hotmail dot com ha.

  21. Dr.Khan June 28, 2010 at 11:37 pm #

    Dear Friend:
    please help me.
    i am the great fonder of rohani litrature.
    Rescently my bother has been thrown into prison for killing
    someone killed by by his ownbrother or his brother supporters.they are trying their hard to give him maximum as they can by any source.
    God & everyone knows he didn,t do that.
    I am now here in moscow,my friends are doing my best but
    no best results,my brother a lecturer and have higher education,its a big story to tell you.
    please give me some ruhani or magic or anyother simple solution which i cando for him to release.
    once i remember that kash albarni also helped me but it was not serious matter.
    Now waiting for your immediate response.
    thanks alot.

  22. HAMZAD KI HAQEQAT June 27, 2010 at 10:39 pm #

    mera apnay tajurba bhi hay.

  23. HAMZAD KI HAQEQAT June 27, 2010 at 10:37 pm #

    Har zee-rooh kay 2 jism hota hain ek ko JISM-E-KASEEF kehaty hain jisko chuwa ja sakay kaseef say muraad gandai kay bhi hotay hain insaan ghaleez nutfay say paidah kiya gaya hay to appka zahiri roop hi JISM-E-KASEEF hay.

    Dusray ko JISM-E-LATEEF kehtay hain maslan jis ki latafat ko mehsoos to kiya jasakhta hay magar chuwa nahi jasakhta hamzad ko JISM-E-LATEEF bhi kehtay hain q k yeh rooh hay yeh pak hoti hay. Haan JISM-E-KASEEF ki baat is liye kar raha hoon q k JISM-E-KASEEF jo hota hay woh JISM-E-LATEEF ka shar hota hay humaray logo may yeh soch ghalat hay k hamzad kay amal kay doran kisi kism ka nuksaan hota hay may yeh kehta hoon kay bashak hamzad bhi resistance dekhata hay kay usay kaboo kiya jaye magar yeh mumkin hi nahi woh amil ko nuksaan ponhchaye jism-e-lateef(hamzaad) ka liye jism-e-kaseef ek ghar ki tarha hota hay woh kabhi bhi apnay amil ko nuksaan nahi poncha sakhta.

    yeh mumkin hay woh doran-e-amal daranay aur amal choranay ki koshish karay esay may agar koi kamzoor dil shaks amal-e-hamzad karnay ki koshish karay to shayed woh dar jaye lekin may nay apnay amal kay doran yeh tajurba kiya hay hamzad apnay amil ki isteta-at kay mutabiq hi darata hay nakay kay amil ko heart atteck ajaye aur dusri baat yeh bhi zarori nahi kay hamzad ka amil hi amal ki ijazat dayga agar koi karna chahay to istekhara karlay to koi masla nahi hota.

    INSHA-ALLAH may apnay next comment may mein mutawatir hamzaad kay amal darj karta rahoon ga takay jiski jesi taqat ho woh wesa hi amal apnay liye muntakhib karlay aur haan aurtoon ka liye hamzaad kaboo karnay kay tareeqay alag hotay hain jo meray paas available nahi hain to please aurtain mujhsay baghair pochay koi amal na karay kuch amaloon main mazhab aur firqay ki bhi qaid hay is baat ka bhi khayal rakha jaye may khud sunni hoon magar meray pass alag alag masalik ki sooh say kamyabi ki zamanat rakhnay walay amal bhi mojood hai.

    allah hafiz

  24. Umair June 26, 2010 at 7:06 pm #

    assalam-o-alikum mera naam umair hay aur mujhay taqreeban 6 saal say ek tareqa-e-hamzaad ka pata hay lekin mujhay kabhi bhi moqa aur karnay k liye jageh nahi mil saki mujhay is amal ki kamyabi ka 100% yaqeen hay agar ap log muj say amal-e-hamzaad chahtay hain to meri guzarish hay k please koi mera bhai meray liye jageh(place) ka intezaam karwaday aur haan agar kisi kay pas aur bhi hamzad kay tareqay hain to please mujhay bata dain kiya pata kisi aur may jageh ki sakhti na ho ek baat ala hazrat ki kitaab may hamzaad ka amal ek naqsh kay sath diya gaya hay magar hay bara taweel may nay is may sirf 2 logo ko kamyab dekha hay yeah amal shabistan-e-raza k shuro kay 2 to 8 pages per chapa howa aur amal-e- KHAS PARDAH-E-RAAZ kay naam say hay.

  25. aron June 18, 2010 at 3:58 am #

    TO: M.SHAHID, Brother A.A.,
    Do not try it, unless you have thorough understanding of the concept.
    Nothing came up in your last attempt because you are not ready for this. Do you think you can get something which is one of the most precious gift from Allah by just doing chilla, no my friend this is not the way of doing it.
    I suggest you must buy some books and read them over & over again. This purely relates of Religion Islam and those who say it is not related to religion; they are simply the story tellers & fakers.
    You must have good knowledge of Islam and you must be practicing muslim, performing 5 time prayers, Quran, Zakat & following Sunnah of our Prophet. These are just the starting points, then a time will come in your life time when you will move towards ROHANIAT (Spirtuality) with Zikar & Abadah.

    Hope you understand that THERE IS NO SHORT CUT.

    For Hamzad, there are many different Wazifas and different ways of doing it. It is not simple, give u an example:-
    1 What to read
    2 When to read
    3 How to & how much to read
    4 Perheez, How many types of Perheez are there? what is JALALI & JAMALI perheez?
    5 What is ELME – ADAAT
    6 What is HISAR
    7 What is RAJAT & how to avoid it
    8 What are the BAsic Elements of LIFE
    9 What is your basic element
    10 Selection of Hamzad Amal according to your basic element
    etc etc

    A) If you do small mistake in chillah can lead to harmful events, even death, RAJAT means madness or dewana Pan

    B) HISAR means protecting your self from evils and spirits by reading & performing some acts before you start chilla
    if you forget or did’nt make hisar things will come for the harm & kill

    C) If you did chillah and neither u got successful nor harmed by evils, that means you do not know & ready for chilla and all the time went wasted…
    Find books first & take your starting point as i told you above

  26. asad June 14, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

    try best method to search

  27. M Shahid June 14, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    I try 4 time to capture hamzaad but could not see any result o it. any 1 can helpme plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    if any then reply me

  28. Aamer June 6, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    hello sir main hamzaad ka amil karna chahta hoon. main nay bohat mahnit ke hay lakin kuch nahin paya. please koee maree madad kar sakta hay………..

  29. Uwais June 5, 2010 at 12:01 pm #

    This is a rectification of my last comment dated 28th May. I wrote that Hamzaad is a bonus from Almighty Allah. Actually the fact is , when one comes out of his/her mother’s womb, into this world, his/her Hamzaad accompanies him/her from there itself. As I said, Hamzaad may be a Jinn, a Pari, a Moakkal or any other spirit. It gets strength from one’s deeds (good or bad). So, instead thinking to control over it, one should obey Allah and His Rasool SAW.

  30. Shahbaz June 4, 2010 at 3:15 pm #

    this is only 4 mr kashif umar. brother mujhe 7 years ho gaye hain is amal ki talash main, kafi aamil hazrat se bhi mulaqat ki lekin hamzad ka amal koi bhi nahi karwata. is k ilawa main ne kafi kuch hasil kiya hai. main ne aj net par search ki to mujhe aaj yeh website mil gai. is main hamzaad ki sab se pehli post par aap ne kaha hai k agar koi chahe to main usse hamzad capture karne ka tareeqa bata sakta ho. so please guide me. aap ka ahsan ho ga mujh par. this is my email id

  31. haider June 2, 2010 at 6:12 pm #

    Ovais is 100% right no doubt i liked his comment 🙂

  32. henry May 30, 2010 at 2:36 pm #

    Once it used to be a student traveled great distance to seek this power you y’all talking about as with everything on earth men seek for the enlightenment of their hearts and betterment of their current positions. Where are all the true masters hiding? The west have hidden this knowledge in their lodges and not everyone get to the highest level to be allowed to get the power. This power was what helped redeem adam when he fell untill his children decided to make a deal with their fathers enemy. If what i say is some truth then a real master manifest yourself to a true seeker.

  33. Uwais May 28, 2010 at 6:06 pm #

    When you pray Allah and recite Darood with pure heart, always, without expecting anything back with worldly greed, then, your Hamzaad gets strengthened by your good deeds, and it comes nearer to you (with blessings from Allah, it is purely a bonus from Him), which you can feel. Even it guides you as if you hear a voice from some where (or from within), some people call it Haatif. Hamzaad helps you in your Ibaadat to get nearer to Allah. Hamzaad may be a Jinn, a Moakkal or a Farishta, who is assigned to you By Allah to be with you.Only with pure Ibadath (Zikr with meditation) one can see and meet his companione i.e. Hamzaad. So, talking about capturing Hamzaad for worldly need is nothing but one’s greed. When one follows the Right path, then, Allah Himself gives powers to human to solve his/her problem with the help of Hamzaad. It is a simple fact, according to Allaama Iqbal …..Kee Mohammed se wafa tu ne to hum tere hain, Yeh jahaan cheez hai kya Lauh-o-Qalam tere hain. One last and important thing……It is almost impossible to perform Pure Ibadath without a Spiritual Guide, call him Peer, Sheikh or Murshid. Capturing Hamzaad for worldly purpose will take human away from Right Path of Allah and His messenger Mohammed(SAW). When one performs pure Ibaadat, his Hamzaad becomes Noori(call it Angel). Otherwise it becomes Devil or Shaitaan..
    Hope you people understand this simple message and dont waste your precious time, which, He has granted to us to perform His Ibaadat. In Quran Allah says: “Wamaa khalaqtul jinna wal insa illaa liya-budoon”.It means ” I created Jinn and mankind only for my Ibaadath”. One must know that, Hamzaad is a prize for people who obey Him. One can not compel his Hamzaad to obey his order. Its obedience comes from his(man) obedience to Allah and Rasool(SAW). Knowing about Hamzaad is in a way linked Allah’s Maarifath. So don’t take it lightly. So, try to get near to Allah then everything is at your disposal. (Wamaa alainaa illal balaagh: hamara kaam to bas baat ko pahuncha dena hai).

  34. ROHILLA April 16, 2010 at 1:16 pm #

    salam all

  35. Syed Mohammad Husain March 28, 2010 at 7:51 am #

    The Concise description of Hamzad given by Muhammad Dawood is correct and appropriate .
    May I suggest that we control the futile debate and end the long matter here as it is getting to be dangerous and out of control .

  36. Malik Shabbir March 23, 2010 at 8:33 pm #

    its very interesting topic, But bro verse kon se parrni hy ?

  37. Syed Mohammad Husain March 23, 2010 at 4:11 am #

    From : Syed Mohammad Husain – Mississauga , Canada . Assalaam Alaikum , Masha Allah it is interesting to read about the debate of ” Hamzad ” in Chowrangi , Ulema will tell you many things about it .
    When a deceased Muslim or Muslima is buried , each person present at the burial site , throws at least three fist full of dirt in the grave and recites 20:55 from Qur’an :
    From this (dust ) we created you , and in this we shall put you back . from this we shall raise you up once again ,
    This means that Allah created you from from earth.
    It is correct that each human being has a ” Hamzad ” or look alike as a part of his/her existence , if the above Verse is recited then the ” Hamzad ” is buried with the deceased , otherwise it remains back and re-appears as a Ghost .

  38. ROHILLA March 23, 2010 at 1:42 am #

    yaar ashhad
    bahoo.org org .com lol
    but u got it didnt lose anything
    no need for thx just be nice to everone
    allah is great all the best

  39. ASHHAD March 22, 2010 at 6:38 pm #

    salaam to all
    and thanks alot rohilla u have always been been heplful…. but the site is bahoo.org not bahoo.com and thanks

  40. ROHILLA March 19, 2010 at 10:26 pm #

    salam all
    heart freedom bhai book name is rajjo e hamzad this book u cant find on net u need to go to any pakistani shop
    second is bahoo.com u can get other hamzad book
    many thx
    dont waste ur time with otherzzzzzz just read these book and if u r realy keen to do this exercise u will get kamyabi
    salam to all

  41. Heartfreedom March 19, 2010 at 3:14 am #

    Salam! Can anybody know about the ebooks links about Hamzad?
    i.e. Kash Albarni’s ebooks etc.

  42. adeel ahmad March 17, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    mohamad dawood sahab app b mug say rabta karain mobile par ma ap ko hamzad ka baray ma harat ungaiz batain batana chata hoo

  43. aashiq March 15, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    Asallamu Allikum Warahmatullah

    Dear Ghulam Rasool

    I have a couple of questions in my mind , i do hope that i may get proper guidence here Insha allah

    1 Is it really possible to burn a evill jinn if required ?

    2 How to know the place where sihar has been burried and how to bring it out to the place where you are ?

    3 Most important How to dignose the problem of the patient
    whether it Sihar or Aasaib or Nazer etc

    I hope Insha Allah all my question will be answered here with sincerity

    may Allah bless us all with his Rehmat Aameen

    Asallamu Allikum Warahmatullah

  44. henry the maginificent March 9, 2010 at 4:30 am #

    albert roy what is ur contact details my is otinzman

  45. ROHILLA March 7, 2010 at 2:04 pm #

    lol @1Albert Roy
    anyway salam all

  46. Albert Roy March 7, 2010 at 8:27 am #

    Hi, If anybody want to know real truth about Humzad, Jin, Pari etc come on messenger then I can really help you to get inside your mind a wonder land to find out what is going on? I spent many years as well lot of time with so called Nori and Black magic people but all I got nothing at the end. Wow recently I crack the code its my own discovery to develop such power to do whatever I want in life. See some of my recent achievement… Companies keep calling me to work with them, Got admission in one of best Psychology

  47. J.K February 16, 2010 at 9:07 am #

    ha ha

    i have done thrice/ fourths /fifths but still hamzad is far away.

    we have to need Good Ritual , Supervisor , personal power and place with knowledge..

    these are the exact combination which offenly we miss.

    keep in searching one day either u will near or fear..

  48. henry da magnificent January 31, 2010 at 12:52 pm #

    i have done the hamzaad summon twice now and did not see him. i feel the formula is wrong “walaho al almul…….) does anybody on here know any good amil(magician) that can work on removing black magic remotely these internet wizard are so fake that is it not even funny. pls contact me with details
    thank you

  49. Talha January 29, 2010 at 9:01 pm #

    why not capture a jinn and solve all the problem facing pakistan? Damn we are so stupid ! Why didn’t we think of that before?

  50. J.K January 22, 2010 at 9:39 am #


    hope u will be fine..

    when u r coming to pakistan.

    i have sent you a message on Orkut.plz read it..


    Hamzad’s book:

    Rajohay e Hamzad
    by Alkash barni

    Taskheerat e Hamzad
    by Shah zanjani

    Haqkahaykay Hamzad
    bay Babir sultan qadri
    and the must a novel
    wirtten by Shamim naveed

    hamzad ke wapsi

  51. Saad Darey Ghausey Azim January 20, 2010 at 10:56 am #

    Dear Ghulam Rasool bhai, its been nice to read about what you have explained on this forum but unfortunately did not see any further details about Hamzaad from you.

    I would like to contact you please send me your contact no. or email. aamir_aziz_pk hai y dot com. I hope you reply to my email..

    Allah Hafiz.

  52. Hamzad January 2, 2010 at 9:00 am #

    Kise nay post kia tha kay unhoon nay Hamzad dekha hay magar aapna experience nahe likha kay kia dekha please provide details thanks

  53. Maheen December 29, 2009 at 2:01 pm #

    sister based on my personal experience, I also had Bandish on marriage, it got removed from surah mariam. read surah maryam daily once after isha salat and pray to ALLAH that u get compatible husband inshaALLAH…it is not wazifa its a simple recitation n it wil do u lot good…best of luck. rgds…..

  54. haider December 28, 2009 at 7:18 pm #

    @sonia: in order to remove bandish you recite Ayetal kursi, 3 quls thrice each after every obligatory prayers and blow it on ur hands and pass ur hands over ur whole body and recite Surah baqrah last 3 verses and first 5 versions in morning, evening, at night before you go to bed and recite Manzil in morning, evening, at night. if ur marriage proposal is not coming that doesnt necessarily mean some one did magic on u. and dont use jinns help it will displease Allah and its sin and haram, Jinns are not our well-wisher, Only Hazrat Sulaiman had the authority to use jinns as it was given by Allah Almight. please be patient and be pious my sister.

  55. sonia December 28, 2009 at 2:02 am #


    My question is please anyone who is knowlegdable can answer my mom read aand did alot of chillas for my marriagemy question is can that bring jinn . in chillas she read surah muzamil 40 times for 40 days.and whole lot of other stuff now here intention was not to control hamzad but to remove teh bandish somoene told us that i have bandish on my marriage. So if thats the case jinn can coem thorugh chillas then how do u get rid of them pleasea advise?

  56. haider December 19, 2009 at 11:55 pm #

    LOL why you guys wanna mess with hamzad? lol u wanna put urself in trouble and displease Allah? u mad? u r risking ur life and its all a waste. what u gonna do with hamzad? using jinns is sin in islam, what u gonna do with it? u gonna get some girlfriend with it? commit crimes and sin? and first of all if ur amal goes wrong or out of order then hamzad will screw u up and he is bloody horror . man live a simple life and read quran and hadith and follow the prophet and get ur ticket to jannat, leave this jibberish u may go to hell if u follow this all crap. find some aim, why u doing this all for? whats the motivation behind it? what are the orders of Allah ?

  57. ASHHAD December 19, 2009 at 6:52 pm #

    to MR. ZIYA and others.if there Are any Books available ON HAMZAAD in pakistan. then Plz recommend us some …….or JUst tell US all the names The booKs ON hamzaad…

  58. ziya December 19, 2009 at 2:11 pm #

    dear sir,
    i va entire knowledge of hamzaad but i need amal can you give me any amal of hamzaad, or do you know any aamil e hamzaad in india.
    i ve read a lot of books on hamzaad but now what i really need is a true aamil.
    plz help me.

  59. ROHILLA December 7, 2009 at 10:04 pm #

    1-david copperfield, 2-david Blaine ,3- criss angel
    these 3 pplz have hamzad i read that in comment i m not sayiing this
    them 3 are not muslim
    other side its claimed that no one can do hamzad chilla or vazifa without aulia or peer faker how did they do this without permision god knows
    we should not judge anybody leave it to god he knows better than us wats rite wats wrong god is great

  60. ROHILLA December 6, 2009 at 12:29 pm #

    salam all
    we here to disrespect eachother lol
    just a big words nothin else
    go find out north karachi 5/c4 person name saeed
    i hope pplz will find him lol
    too much ego god bless all
    salam again

  61. snakes prince December 6, 2009 at 1:02 am #


    Holly Father who art in heaven Hollowed be thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
    Give us this day our daily bread and forgive our trespassers
    as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not
    in to temptations ( jinn , pery, humzaad, deauo, shalawa,)
    But deliver us from Evil….. Amen

    i think that guy ghulam rasool is good heart he warned everybody again and again not to perform Humzaad amal without any experienced person or without any aulia e allah’s permission he also mentioned 3 people have hazir humzaad in this world( may be more) and i strongly believe those 3 people resides in united state
    1-david copperfield, 2-david Blaine ,3- criss angel

    According to my knowledge not a single person in Pakistan controls humzaad whoever say there’re some people in Karachi or anywhere in Pakistan have their humzaad thats a damn lie,, don’t believe in that,, it might be possible that some pple in Pakistan control small jinn’s and female jinn or Fairies…
    But not Humzaad ,,NOWAY.. i ‘ll leave now

    Fe Aman Illah

  62. snakes prince December 3, 2009 at 8:56 am #

    Humzaad amal is not easy its the matter of life and death,
    most of all you will need aulia e allahs permission to proceed
    which is very very hard on the other impossible to get
    and also its matter of luck,,,,,thats all

  63. shahzad khaliq November 27, 2009 at 6:11 pm #

    mr. ghulam rasool
    can u plz tell me how to feel or talk to hamzad so that i could believe on hamzad and i need a peacefull way to do that if u know plz tell me

    salaam all

  64. ROHILLA November 18, 2009 at 9:30 am #

    salam all hamzad lover
    its very diffcult job if u got patient and born with gold spone in mouth than u can do it
    capturing it take long time and cost u a lot money wise and health wise
    one stage come hamzad would not let u eat or drink
    10 rotti shouldnt be enough for u actully u eating but u not
    feel hunger all the time
    if hamzad come friendly way he will not harm u if he come by other way u got to be very carefull
    HISSAR OR READING QURAN will not help u
    because hes ur copy u gave him life pplz woh r very keen to do this job u got to be ASHIQ SADIQ ik aag ka derya hai aur tayr ker jana hai
    HAMZAD will and definetly give u health problems to stop u capturing him and doctor will not be able to find out wats a problme with u
    evry report will be clear and u ending up in hospital in icu lol
    the day u start this chila u will start facing problems more and more and more
    in last if u face these problems and going back to normal than mr hamzad will start talking to u and slowly start appearing
    this is most painfull and dangerous time u can lose urself or any family member if u still want to do it than u have to find ur way urself
    thx to all and salam

  65. Syed Rehan Ali Shah October 30, 2009 at 12:12 pm #

    I hope you safe and sound actually I have two questions first that I went some where some one called me sheikh birkhio because I know little bit knowledge so I went there I recited to discover where is sone sa bhari dagha but I couldnot know so please tell me any wazifa by which I could know where is khazana and I could take out it second is this I want to capture Hamzaad please tell me this wazifa too
    Syed Rehan Ali shah

  66. ROHILLA October 21, 2009 at 1:11 am #

    salam all

  67. Aamer October 11, 2009 at 7:49 pm #

    i want hamzaad amal or contact with u

  68. samir September 29, 2009 at 12:14 am #

    main hamzad ko kaaboo kerna chahta hoon aasaan tarikay sai plzzzzzzzzzzz aap mujhai tarkeeb bata dain shukria

  69. ayubi September 28, 2009 at 10:43 am #

    Every one to Eid mobarak

    assalamualaikum to everyone…… that??? can someone post some details
    please tell me what happened to our meeting ??? and i think shayad mis rohila ne bataya tha about that person jis ne hamzaab qaboO kiya hai living in nazimabad… please giv me some details about that person …. and i’ll make sure that he really did it…. okay full contact no plz administrator se gujarish kerta hun ke email or contact no zaroor post karen ishse aap ke site per koyi asar nahi parega—————- plz hel me sayeed address se4nd me i met to sayeed

  70. Khurram Mirza September 28, 2009 at 1:13 am #

    Dear Ghulam Rasool,

    You have told the method but havent told what to read to capture hamzad. Can’t you also tell that?

    Best wishes,

    Khurram Mirza.

  71. haider September 14, 2009 at 1:12 pm #

    @Ghulan Rasool: nice article, i wanted to ask that in Quran Allah (SWT) said that your companion devil is responsible for making you astray and causing you harm by whispering into your head thoughts which are harmful and lustful and he also generates feelings by. the question is that one of my friend has gotten into psychological problems which doctors dont understand, is it due to this hamzaad? he is confused all day but the point is that he gets well at night and he is all calm and relaxed at night but through out the day till 10 pm he is mad and in stress due to psychological illnesses and thoughts so how he can get rid of this hamzaad permanently?

  72. Ashhad September 14, 2009 at 4:59 am #

    and yeah what happened to that guy who acidently released his hamzaad ???? did some one helped him ????

  73. Ashhad September 14, 2009 at 4:56 am #

    please guyz tell me what happened to our meeting ??? and i think shayad mis rohila ne bataya tha about that person jis ne hamzaab qaboO kiya hai living in nazimabad… please giv me some details about that person …. and i’ll make sure that he really did it…. okay

  74. Ashhad September 14, 2009 at 4:52 am #

    assalamualaikum to everyone…… guyz what about the meeting????? and how can we get each others IDs ????? i remember someone saying that there is going to be a meeting in KHI, and something about a person who has conjured his qareen living in nazimabad ?????? what was that??? can someone post some details

  75. Abdul Wahab August 31, 2009 at 1:45 pm #

    asalamoalikum jnab guzarish ye hai k ap mujhe hamzaad ko control karne ka koi quraani tareeqa bta dain mehar bani ho gi!

  76. Henry the magnificent August 30, 2009 at 11:33 am #

    i am not Muslim but may GOD the maker of the heavens and giver of wisdom bless you Ghulam Rasool. with all youR advise about the hamzaad, guidance angel for we of the Christian faith. i wish you will take all you have written and put it in a web site for true seekers of wisdom. in my believe i think GOD calls us for the work, how we respond is in our hands. The way you described the work is much better than the way countless and in my opinion a lot of the books sold in the books stores for the invocation of the guidance angel is a Wast of time. i feel this power should be kept away from curious folks who will use it to reap havoc on earth but for reel seekers i pray that the Universe(Allah) GOD HELP ALL IN THERE QUEST AND KEEP THEM WAY FROM ERROR. I think what the prophet Jesus Christ(son of GOD) said about fearing god first and the love of one’s neighbor should be the number one rule when seeking. And yes pls no one is born a master so to become one you must seek out a master to teach you or guide you. Thank you again mr ghulam Rasool.

  77. UMar August 27, 2009 at 10:30 am #

    Salam Brothers!

    I m Umar from Lahore student of MBA (PU) I m sorry I m going to talk off topic. actually I need the books of Kaash Al-Barni named “ramooz-ul-jafr” “Asar-un-najoom” and “Al sa’at”. these books are now published in India and too rarely abailable in Pakistan and too expensive.. any one can help me to got these books in cheap price as they are cheap in india…….


  78. ayubi August 12, 2009 at 7:44 pm #

    tamam doston co assalamo alaikum
    bhai malik kashif ali saheb aap kahan ho. lagraha hai ki aap eid ke chand ho gaye ho, aap apna email id hamen send kero , main administrator se request kerunga ke email id zaroor den, ishse apke web bloging per kuch aser nahi perne wala hai, main administrator ka tahe dil se sukriya ada kerta hun ke usne hum hamzaad ke matwale co ek lari me jorne ka kaam kiya hai?
    tamaam dosto co assalamo alaikum,
    ager koyi bhai co, jo hamzaad ka aamil ho wo meri madad kare,
    Allah Hafiz

  79. Shuaib August 12, 2009 at 5:42 am #

    Salam to all!

    I read the interesting discussion about Hamzad. Everyone is talking according to his perception (knowledge and the direction of knowledge, experiences, brought up teachings etc.)

    The knowledge of Ghulam Rasool bhai is very impressive. As he told his knowledge is based upon the guiedance of his brother. So Brother Ghulam Rasool, have you made your website as you were talking about? If yes then please do tell me the URL. I wanna share and discuss things there with you and with your brother.


  80. malik kashif ali July 18, 2009 at 7:13 pm #

    salam to all of my friends,
    ajkal idher to bot ghmaghmi chal rahi he. koi btay ga k HAMZAAD kahan tk pohencha, its no joke its my only question. however bhai JUNAID, ROHILLA,AND DEAR JJ ABBAASI how r u allah aap tmam frnds ko khush rakhe


  81. Ashhad July 18, 2009 at 8:04 am #

    ya kia hum kaheen aur shift nahi karsakte !!!! just right down another forum or website so we can discuss about all our knowledege about these HAMAZADS….the one appointed with us and r among the JINN!!!! am i ryt ??? hamzaad is also a jin!!! coz hadith and quran se yahi sabit huta hai…. the word used for hamzaad was JINn!!!! ryt??? so they r jin… and it means anyone who has conjured a JINN can also conjure this other type of jin who is appointed with us called HAMZAAD!!

  82. Ashhad July 18, 2009 at 7:43 am #

    Assalamualikum to everyone… i am new just started reading ur posts and comments about hamzaad.. but stil i dont really know about them.. well i want to thanks kashif bhai,JK, etc and that girl ROHILLA! U r GR8!!!! coz u have seen the real hamzaaad of mr??? from north karachi?? i guess… well whoever it is i live in KARACHI GULSHAN i wana meet the man who has captured his hamzaad!

  83. ROHILLA July 15, 2009 at 9:40 pm #

    ONE english person in uk Manchester call Alan Duncan he has captured hamzad
    but the thing is hes gone quite just keep smiling and say nothing
    Only one thng he told me that he knows the pplz inside and dont have a wish to talk
    salam again

  84. Abdul Wahid June 4, 2009 at 6:20 pm #


  85. JJ Abbasi May 13, 2009 at 4:34 pm #

    To Waqar,

    Jis ka hisab kerwana hai us shaks ka:

    complete name (no need mother name)
    Current place of living
    Favorite color

    ye post ker day then ap ko bata dia jaye ga

  86. waqar May 9, 2009 at 3:56 am #

    bhai jan kya koi tareeka ha jis ma ilmul adaat ya hisaab kitab k zarya ya pta lgaya ja skay k jisi par jado tona ha k nhi agr ha to muja zror btana

  87. *junaid*khan* April 29, 2009 at 8:34 am #

    ROHILLA dear;

    chowrange walay tu mairy post he publish nahi kar rahy.

    lagta hy maire id or email address pay ban laga diya hy..ha ha, so i have change ids….

    they should know that we have link ,out of this site.

    3 dinsay maire koi post onair nahii ki…hmmmmm

  88. *junaid*khan* April 29, 2009 at 8:28 am #

    thanks brother;

    inshallah we will be togather at the city of lights.

    khob guzray ge jo mill baity gain dewanay ……

  89. ROHILLA April 21, 2009 at 11:08 pm #

    salam all
    english phrase
    when u r learning become like child that u know nothin
    when u learnt somthin become teacher and teach to the otherzz other meaning of this
    diya see diya jalana
    i m going pakistan end of this month or next so i will see u there if god gave time to live bit more
    salam all

  90. J.K April 21, 2009 at 1:58 pm #


    Agreed My dear:

    Practical is much far away from Theory:

    main nay khaud 4/5 chillay kia hain..hamzad kay,, with ful parhaze etc etc..

    khch be nahi huwa Allah kay Karam sy..

    jab aap aynaa daikhtay huwy nahi dartay tu hamzad say kun?

    Alim ,, Religion , rawaaj,, oftenly people shake them wrongly…..

    thanks… Inshallah,, i will visit karachi..

    ” a one hour practical is better than hundered years theory”

  91. Muhammad April 19, 2009 at 11:52 pm #



    Please do not be offended by my words, I do not preach hate and prefer dialogue instead, people should get a balanced view. The problem is that some, perhaps most, people do not reflect on what is being said, perhaps, I’m one of them.

    Anyway, as they say, go in peace.

  92. ROHILLA April 19, 2009 at 10:05 pm #

    some time education doesnt help pplz never mind
    when they open mouth otherz can tell abut mentality auliaz were from us they were not special pplz second they got to this position coz allah wanted them to be there.
    Second thing hamzad give ref by QURAN or any hadees ok
    Here u pass ur comments so becarefull when u talk words should be in balance coz lots of pplz come here and read them ok budy
    talk nicely dont spread hate no one got time to anyone but we come here to share u dont want to its upto u dont come
    anyway thx for ur advice
    salam to all again

  93. Muhammad April 19, 2009 at 5:04 am #



    I don’t have time to waste on you or any of the other people bent on this dangerous advanture.

    As I said earlier, instructions on capturing ones Hamzad/Qareen is not given in the Holy Quran or the Sunnah. If there was any good in it it would have been made clear to us.

    If however people choose to seek and practice this knowledge then they do at their own peril.

    By the way, God fearing/Auliya are, to my understanding, people who are close to Allah (SWT) thru their deep love of Allah and by following his instructions without fail, they do all the good deeds and fullfil Allah’s obligations by which they becomes friends of Allah, and Allah helps them with whatever. and Allah knows best.

    A person who captures his Hamzad/Qareen and the Auliya (friends of Allah) are not the same. and Allah knows best.

    Anyway, to you to your religion and to me my religion, it is Allah who guides, and anyone who seeks this kind of knowledge and puts it into prectice is misguided, and Allah knows best.

  94. ROHILLA April 19, 2009 at 2:50 am #

    salam all
    i m not talking abt grave or anything else
    topic is HAMZAD
    U SAID its shirk
    give me ref by quran or any hadees that making friend is haram or shirk
    even this poor hamzad got nothin to do with anything or anybody
    and u telin us this is shirk
    read quran and answer me i m waiting for hearing from u thx

  95. Muhammad April 19, 2009 at 1:27 am #


    Brother @ROHILLA;

    Your right I need to read more, Inshallah we will be guided to read and understand the Holy Quran, but I think we all do. don ‘t you think? anyway, going to graves and asking the dead for help/wasta is Shirk, pure and simple! if this part is not understood or difficult to understand, then you all go your way, and I’ll go mine. It very simple.

    The holy and pious Friends of ALLH (SWT) , of past, did not leave behind instructions for people to come to their graves and ask them for help/wasta, the ONLY instructions are in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah.

  96. ROHILLA April 18, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

    salam all
    just would like to say to
    not points giving big lecture or writing long story
    if conversation is limited and meaningfull than its good otherz wise just waste of time
    pplz like to himuliate each otherzz sake of nothin just want to be big
    i would like to say do practical instead of spreading fake stories toward pplz
    anyone want to make hamzad his friend (CAPTUR) come as bad manor
    first of all find urself and hazrat KASH UL BURNI BOOK is best for hamzad
    if u r ready than read this book million time understand it wats written in there
    Allah subhan is there watching u do not listen to these misguided pplz they got nothin to do acept scearing u
    if these PEOPLES were able to do somthin they would not be here to tell u
    PERSONALY i call them NAKAM GAMBLER lol
    just want to say to MR MOHAMMED first of all read quran than find the defination of SHIRK wat is shirk
    and where this shirk applay to any muslim
    finding urself is shirk than all these aulia and prophets comited shirk go read hadees and quran than talk
    salam agaiin

  97. ROHILLA April 17, 2009 at 11:07 pm #

    go and find ur self north karachi he is not hidden person
    second thing this mr gulman rasool saab scaring to the otherzz if u do chilla this thing happend that thing happend this all tupidity
    if someone try to do chilla these type self famous pplz scare to death others
    this HAMZAD got nothin to do with islam or other religonsss
    u have to make him or build him
    any soffi buzarag or anybody will not help u to gain this super power u have to do urself
    i been reading all the comments and one thing is common in all of u
    we like to himuliate each otherzz
    one says this is shirk and shirk means shirk with ALLAH and u trying to find urself
    peer baba comes along u do this u do that the person trying or thinking to do he get constipation ohhh this is very dangrous work keep urself away from this
    this is the reason we are behind from otherzzzzzzz lol
    i would like to request to all viewersss if u have decided to do somthin do give up just do it
    listening good thing but just pick useful points thats all
    last thing
    i mean to say nabbi paak or quran been only 1600 saal
    wat or how pplz used to capture before i m not talkin about any jadu or any religon
    salam all

  98. J.K April 17, 2009 at 3:37 pm #


    ager aap nay us kay hamzad ko daikha,, tu yaqeen mano

    aap ham main say luck hu,,,,

    mubarik hu

    Dawaydar tu ham nay bay kafi daikay

    par daway he diakhay……


    yes ,, u r right……

    as Allah Says

    ” her alim walay k ooper aik alim wala hy”

    Ham mantay hain power hain..

    per limits bee hain….

  99. Kashif H April 17, 2009 at 2:14 pm #

    we need einsteins not amils!

  100. Raheem April 17, 2009 at 1:59 pm #

    Asalam o Alykum to all,

    Janab JK sahib, yeh to mera khiyal hay ke koi bhi nahi bata sakta ke ke kitnay amil they. or ik or baat hamzad ko sirf badshah ya hakumat karnay ke liye nahi qabo kiya jata.

    Or yeh baat ke yeh dosri cheezon ke samnay pani bharta hay, tu janab insaan ziada ke chakar main thoray se bhi jata hay. 😀

    or Hamzaad balay aesa hay jesay app nokar rakh lo permanent or os se kaam karwao. Ya app ko sair or siyahat ka shoq ho to without ticket duniya ka sair karoo 😛 ya Moj masti maro. is liye nahi hay ke apnay dusmanoo ko thikane lagao ya kisi ko tang karoo ya kisi pe hakumat karney ki koshish karo.

    or Akhir main ik or baat, Big powers have big responsibilities. to janab hum samjhtey hain ke Badshah ya Baray loog mazay main rahtey hain, jo ke ghalat hay janab wo sb se ziada mosibaat main rehtey hain. Door ke dhol sohanay hi hotey hain.

    Salam to all

  101. ROHILLA April 17, 2009 at 1:43 pm #

    salam all
    i met one person HIS NAME IS SAEED HAYAT in karachi pakistan who has hamzad and i seen it
    north karachi sector 5/c4
    watever u writing is just waste of time
    do practical
    dont bring ego or self respect
    salam all

  102. J.K April 17, 2009 at 10:17 am #

    Ghulam Rasool Bahi Jaan:

    aap nay aik baat like


    ” Dunya main 2/3 logo ka paas he hamzad hain”

    aap yah kaisay keh saktay hain?
    means how u assure us?

    kun k main bee thoree bhotee khak chanta raha hun..

    jitnee batain aap nay likeh hain,, Allah ka karam hy,, In sab batoon say main waqif hun,,,,,, aur yahan aik yah duu banday aur hain,, wo be in batoon say waqif hain

    however ,,, indeed your efforts are appriciateable…
    ham aap ko qadar ke naga say daikhtay hain….

    kun k ham bee ab kafi thak chukay hain…


    main jab aik duu bandoo say mila tu unno nay be kaha

    k pakistan main 2 hamzad k aamil hain….

    yah kaisay pata chalta hy ,, aur aap ko kaiay pata chala?


    bhot say logo k zahn main sawal huta hy,, k

    ager hamzad itna powerful huta hy,, tu ,, jo hamzad ka aamil huta hy

    woh ,, pori dunyah pay hakoomat tu nahi karta….. wo tu badshah huta hy

    jab k maira point yah hay k

    theek hy,,

    bari power hy..

    laiken world main,, iss say bari bari poers hain,,, yah un k samany pani bharta hy

    balkah bhagta hy……

    iss ke be limits hain….

    aur waisay

    bee ham tu aik rohani system ko mantay hain….

    aur us rohani sysem k aam sa member b,, hamzad k murga bana sakta hy

    take care

  103. J.K April 17, 2009 at 10:07 am #


    Ghulam Rasool Bahi

    Mairy Khayal main ham ko Sift Hamzad tak he stick rehana chayeh:

    waran tu dosray matter main tu pages k pages likay ja saktay hain..

    apnay apnay Faith ke baat hy…

    ham sab ko dosroon k jazbaat k khayal rakhna chyeh…

    Rah Gay baat Alim kee..

    tu insan k ander Taajasus ka maada hy…..

    ” Hay justaju k khob say khob tar hy kahan ,,,

    daikhay ab nazer ja k therthee hay kahan”

    logics pay logics day ja saktey hain…

    par ham log apnay track sy haat jayen gain

    jo nahi manta,, nah manay

    ” Bhot say log tu Khuda ko be nahi mantay”

    Imam Zain ul Aabdeen ( Ghalban)

    ka farman hy

    “k hamin woh woh ALim bataye gainy hain k

    k ager ham log aap ko bata dian tu aap hamari gardanein ura dain

    Post # 133 is topic kee ( NATIN KUMAR)

    us ko ghor say parain…tu
    aap ko wahan aik forum ka address nazer aye ga..
    plz join that..

    then we can have you ID from that forum..

    idher tu Email id publish he nahi kee jatte

    Yah aap hamain koi aur fourm / solution bata dain k aap ko adrees kia ja sakay

  104. Muhammad April 17, 2009 at 12:49 am #


    Brother @Ghulam Rasool,

    I’m sorry to have bothered your train of imparting knowledge please do not stop on my account, I shall not bother people, but will “listen” in.

    While your on passing your “great knowledge”, it might be worth considering saying to our muslim brothers and sisters that this knowledge and its practice is frought with unimaginable dangers to oneself in this life and the next.

    If this “great knowledge”, some people are looking for and you and others are prepared to impart with, then Allah would have told it to our Holy Prophet (PBUH) to teach His Ummah, and he would have taught it to his companions and they would have transmitted it to the Ummah. and we would have all benefitted from it. Would you agree?

    Since to my knowledge, our Holy Prophet did not teach anyone such a thing, then where did this knowledge come from?

    Anyway, if one practices this Amal, then how can one call oneself to be within the fold of Islam?

    I am open minded, perhaps someone could correct me, and refer me to the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) where Allah says that this Knowledge is good for the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) Ummah.

    Allah (SWT) says in the Quran (not the precise wording, but you’ll get the meaning), We hear your wisperings (thoughts) and are closer, by his knowledge, to you than your jugular vain.

    Please do not run or hide in other threads, not on my account, I know one can run and hide, but not from Allah.

    Fear Allah (SWT) and seek his guidenance and please stop this nonsense, if its not in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, before it is too late. Inshallah.

    By the way, since you can impart your ways and knowledge please allow me to also say something, which I have done.

  105. Ghulam Rasool April 16, 2009 at 9:00 pm #

    Salam to all brothers,

    I think it is better to start a separate thread on this topic if others want to listen instead of mixing two different topics in same thread.

    Just idea.

    Salam to all

    Ghulam Rasool

  106. Ghulam Rasool April 16, 2009 at 8:44 pm #

    Salam to all brothers,

    Brother Muhammad posted some comments, unfortunately touched a very sensitive and off-topic discussion. I respect everybody’s faith and understandings.

    Anyhow I will reply if some other peoples are also willing to listen. I don’t want to start a non-ending discussion without purpose.

    If others want to listen please reply then I will reply.

    Salam to all

    Ghulam Rasool

  107. Muhammad April 16, 2009 at 6:59 pm #


    Brother @Ghulam Rasool,

    It is very interesting, that one has to associate partners with Allah to accomplish something, I think this is called Shirk, and Allah (SWT) knows best.

    You say many good things about praying, droode shareef, being a good person and having good intentions, but you mix it with something that is Haram, and Allah (SWT) knows best.

    The point is why a person can’t do this amal without having to go to graves and asking for wasta from people who are dead. I’m not saying that these dead people are wrong or have done anything wrong, they may have been holy pious people, and Allah (SWT) knows best. Why can’t a person ask Allah directly, because Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran, Turn to Me and ask Me, so why can’t a person do that?

    May Allah (SWT) guide us all to follow the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), sent by Allah as a Mercy to the Alameen.

    People who are interested in this kind of thing are venturing into a very dangerous area, Please for your Imans sake think twice, and turn to Allah (SWT) for his protection and guidance, because He is the only Protector and Guide.

    I say this with great sadness in my heart for my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Please Please let’s ALL turn to the Holy Quran and the Sunnah FIRST, read and understand with deep devotion and ASK/BEG Allah to guide US to the right way, Inshallah Allah (SWT) will Guide US all to the truth of what Allah wants and expects from his creation. Inshallah.

  108. Ghulam Rasool April 16, 2009 at 5:03 pm #

    Salam to all,

    Dear JK,

    I did not understand which page number and which post number?

    I will try again to mention my email address that is

    Salam to all

    Ghulam Rasool

  109. J.K April 16, 2009 at 11:05 am #



    Ghulam Rasool sb:

    Aap nay Again ham logo ko Is topic say fix kar dia hy
    apni Great Information say:

    Per haal hasaybay haal wohi hay,,,,

    No Email ID….


    aap post number 133 read karian

    aur kindly visit that forum..

    shayed aaap say mil panay ke koi sabeeel nikl aye


  110. Ghulam Rasool April 16, 2009 at 9:50 am #

    Salam to all brothers,

    Dear Raheem & JJ Abbasi,

    Thank you for your posts.

    After thinking and discussing with my Rahber/Brother I will publish my email and you can contact me at [Ed: Email can not be published]

    If I will be asked any thing here at site I will try to reply here if that is not any typical thing that should not publish and if I will be asked any thing by email I will reply by email. I will try to help others with my little knowledge.

    Salam to all

    Ghulam Rasool

  111. Ghulam Rasool April 16, 2009 at 9:43 am #

    Salam to all brothers,

    Dear JK bhai,

    Here is reply to your post and sorry for delay. 🙂

    There are no Maqasid (goals) of Hamzad however always Aamal has goals (maqasid) why he wants to capture Hamzad. When you start any work there is a purpose behind that. You need degree and then you go to any university, you need patrol then you go to patrol pump. In same way you have to determine (find / decide) that why you want to capture Hamzad. What is the reason? What is the goal? What is purpose? First you determine (find/decide) why you need Hamzad. This is the most important thing and I emphasize on it during my last posts. First decide what is your purpose and maqasid then second thing is to find by which method you will achieve your purpose/maqasid/goal. If you want to capture Hamzad just for fun or without reason then that will be wastage of time.

    Hamzad can do a lot even beyond (more than) imagination. I believe that very low alive people know what Hamzad can do. You can assume (farz karna) that Hamzad can do every thing. I know a lot things what Hamzad can do but still I STRONGLY BELIEVE that I even know don’t know 1% of what Hamzad can do. Hamzad is a great power that’s why it is not captured so easily. According to my knowledge there are only 3 people (live / zinda) in world those have Hazir Hamzad. The books available in market regarding Hamzad have missing words of Amal. Anyhow Hamzad can do the following depending what agreement you did while capturing Hamzad:

    Bring a brand new TV or any thing for you in few seconds without cost
    Give you information of any thing that you ask and he knows
    Can tell you about past and future
    Can seize brain of any one
    Can bring any person to you

    In short Hamzad is real real Kingdom (badshahat).

    There are two kinds of capturing Hamzad.

    Haazir = You can see him, touch him, etc
    Baatin = You can’t see him but he will do your work

    And procedures to capturing Hamzad I already explained earlier please read those posts.

    You used very interesting term “S.H.O.”. LOL

    If you know someone that he is really related to spiritual world then contact him and ask him what you want to do. But again the main thing will be “Purpose / Maqasid / Goal”. He will ask what you want to do by Hamzad? If you have big plans and clear line of direction then I strongly believe that you will be given chance. Then understand one thing keep yourself ready for “Azmiash or Imtihan”. This Kingdom (badshahat) will not be handed over so easily. You will face good times and bad times and if you keep standing at your goal during this time with big and good plans then you will have chance to have this Kingdom (badshahat / Hamzad).

    Again as I described earlier and above the main thing is “purpose / goal / maqasid”. First determine (find / decide) why you want to Capture Hamzad. Have big and good plans. Keep your Neeat good, don’t tease people, obey parents, regular on Namaz and Darood Sharif, forget bad things and habits.

    Then go to shrine regularly. Now it is up to you how much time you give to your purpose and with how much devotion. Spend more time and get more. Have Aqeedat with Sahib-e-Darbar, love him.

    If there is place / mosque on Darbar then it is better to perform 2 nawafal for your purpose (otherwise if you have time do it at your home) before Haazri. Read what you usually read before Dua and then request (pray / dua) ALLAH and give Wasta of that Sahib-e-Darbar and say your complete DUA with devotion and Aqeedat. Repeat your Naik/good purpose. Although ALLAH knows every thing but you have to repeat it. Tell to ALLAH about your naik/good maqasid and request what you want. Give Wasta of Ehl-e-bait, Kafla-e-Karbla, etc. Don’t remember to read Darood-e-Ibrahimi before and after Dua. I believe your Dua will not be rejected if you read Darood-e-Ibrahimi before and after Dua. If that is not fulfill in this world then you will get huge huge sawab in akhrat / qayamat (judgment day). Make Darood Sharif part of your life and establish connection with our lovely Prophet PBUH. The more you establish your connection with our lovely Prophet PBUP, more you will get. This is not the game of few days, it might be months and years game depending on your goals and way or work. Small goal small time, big goal big time.

    After finishing Dua then say attention to Sahib-e-Darbar, Salam him and request him for Nazar-e-karam, show him that you want to be Ghulam of him, repeat it. Then say your maqasid/purpose/goal to him. Request him to help you regarding your purpose. Request him to guide you how to achieve your maqasid/goals. Once you finish your request then say that you will come to him again to request at his great darbar. Then again salam him. Don’t forget to read Darood-e-Ibrahimi before and after Salam. Whatever you will do during after and before Darood-e-Ibrahimi that will be blessing / barkat wala, either it is dua or any good job. On Darood Sharif there might be a separate long article.

    Repeat it again and again, it depends how much time you give to your maqasid. I am sure you will get your maqasid if you

    Are obedient to your parents
    Have good nature and neeat
    Regular on Prayers and Darood Sharif
    Have big and good goal
    Give time to your maqasid

    I am sure you will get guidance in the light of all above. Either in dream or you will met anyone who will lead to the next. It is a long long topic but I will finish here.

    I am sure this will help you regarding what you asked.

    Salam to all

    Ghulam Rasool

  112. Ghulam Rasool April 16, 2009 at 8:51 am #

    Salam to all dears,

    I have read few replies and discussed with my Rahber and now will reply accordingly.

    In fact my brother is my Rahber/Teacher. He is in this field (Amliyat / Spirituality) since 25 years. He is supervising me in spirituality as student. From last 1.5 years he is asking me to develop a website to offer his services online to residents from all over the world but I was not taking it seriously. But after visiting this website and other threads regarding Black Magic I find that people are in problem every where and people also come online to solve their problems. It will be great to develop a website and offer his services. Finally I have planned to do that but I am not in great hurry I will do it along with other important works. I am still student but my brother is THE MASTER and I learned all this from him that I wrote previously during last couple of days.

    Definitely all services will not be free because in many works it required money to spend and second if some thing is free then there are 1000 people to avail including serious and non-serious. If there is any paid service then among 1000 only 10-20 are serious people left behind. Mostly people take free services as joke and abuse it as I noticed this practice in general life.

    Now I will reply to other brothers threads.

    Salam to all

    Ghulam Rasool

  113. JJ Abbasi April 15, 2009 at 5:11 pm #


    Assalam o Alaikum,

    with the hope/blessings of Almighty Allah every thing will be fine at all of your ends.

    Its for that, ppl should know that, we are keep in touch with this/topic.

    Well said Ghulam Rasool Brother,

    Its a typical(basic/understood) info which u have described bt some points are highly appreciated by me/us.

    You know there are always some things which cant be shared in front of lines to every one either to know he/she is reliable or nt. (hope u r getting me what i want to say)

    So, in the light of above lines i request you pls come online (if u want to clarify some hidden points, which is essential) not for that to force on ppl to take me/us as a Expert.

    P.S You may join orkut community or by the live IDs (as shared/written in previous comments, pls check)

    Again thanks for u.

    Im always at all of ur disposal

  114. Raheem April 13, 2009 at 7:02 pm #

    Asalam O alykym

    Dear, Gulam Rasool, I need to contact with you. I want some personal talk on HAMZAD issue. can you provide any of your contact info, mean email, phone no etc



  115. Ghulam Rasool April 13, 2009 at 11:13 am #

    Salam to all,

    I want to make correction of one thing that I posted in last post. That is a mistake and I would like to correct it.

    Our lovely Hazrat Daata Ganj Bakhash Ali Hajveri RA are superior than all mentioned other Bazurgan-e-Deen of India & Pakistan. All Sahib-e-nazar of India and Pakistan are Khadim of our lovely Hazrat Daata Ganj Bakhash Ali Hajveri RA. All Sahib-e-nazar of India and Pakistan get Faiz from lovely Daata RA sahib.

    I read quote of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadri Jilani RA in one book, he said

    “Aghar mein es surakh rangat waalay naujwan kay zamanay mein hota to mein os kay haath per bait kar laita”

    Just imagine how superior our lovely Hazrat Daata Ganj Bakhash Ali Hajveri RA are in spiritual world.

    That was my mistake to mention our lovely Daata RA in same rank/post as others (example GM).

    Now come to the question that one brother asked.

    Any damage occur to Aamal during any amal is called “Rijat”

    How to pronounce “Rijat” in urdu

    Tay (2 dots)

    There are hundreds kinds of Rijat depending on Aamal experience, amal and supervisory back. If someone did incomplete dangerous amal and is still normal then it means ALLAH helped him and his any naiki worked or someone dua worked for him.

    One small kind of Rijat is “losing himself” i.e. losing his mind and every thing, taking off clothes and walking into streets without clothes. I am sure many of us have seen these kind of peoples on roads, markets or in streets. Wearing just long shirt without trouser.

    A few among those kind of people are special and called real “Majzoob”, that is a special rank/post in spirituality. They have authority and powers and perform their duties and just 0.01% people know who they are.

    And most people among them are normal ordinary people and they were under Rijat because of any incomplete amal.

    Losing life
    Serious and regular illness
    Business loss
    Nahoosat in every work
    Turning gold into mati
    Bad and horror dreams

    are some kinds of Rijat. As I said earlier this is game of life, death, fire and power. This creation does not like to be obeyed, they want to be independent like us. We are human and we want to be independent. When you will try to capture them without proper procedure and knowledge they will hurt your according to their powers.

    For example if someone come to you and want to kidnap you then you will try your best to save you and even if you get chance you will hurt him depending what resources, tools, weapons and power is available to you. The same is with that creation. If you have knowledge, experience, complete procedure, proper back then you will face his attacks and will won this game otherwise he will win and hurt you according to his power.

    Sometimes it is very hard to remove Rijat influence and it keeps its influence till death.

    I am sure this reply will help you.

    Salam to all

    Ghulam Rasool

  116. uk muslim April 12, 2009 at 9:37 pm #

    assalamu alaikum,

    if one does not get hamzaad due to erroe can hamzaad give you a severe illness or even kill you???

  117. Ghulam Rasool April 12, 2009 at 3:17 pm #

    Salam to all,

    Here is next and almost final article regarding Noori Hamzad amal. Now turn is to explaining the following:

    1. Performing Hamzad amal without supervision
    2. Performing Hamzad amal under supervision

    If you believe that you can take care of all what I wrote previously then it is up to you to start Hamzad amal without supervision/back. But still I will say you will be extremely in danger. In our tradition one sentence is often called that “ustad ustad hai”. So always Ustad has in-depth and technical knowledge that beginner don’t have. Anyhow I will never recommend to do this as per your own and independently but I know you will not get any thing except wastage of time and resources. Hamzad will create hurdles in such ways that you will force to leave that amal and you will assume that you leave this yourself due to any reason.

    If you want to perform Hamzad amal under proper supervision then first of all you need have an objective why you want “hamzad” and what you want to do with Hamzad.

    Again your motive should be great if you want to capture Hamzad. For example for 10 liter milk you will not buy cow because your demand is small so you will go to shop and buy 10 liter milk. However if you need hundreds liter milk on daily basis then you might plan to develop your own milking setup. In same way if your objective is passing examination, sister/daughter marriage, parents medical bill, get foreign job, own home, good future then all these small objectives are low level things for Hamzad. Hamzad is much superior than this. It is same like you appoint Gold Medalist Mathematics professor for your nursery class kid for counting teaching. All above jobs are good and naik jobs and can be done by any Noori Wazeefa.

    If we assume that you have any big objective and want to do this under proper supervision of any spiritual supervisor then that will be called linking/entering into spiritual world.

    Any real spiritual teacher will take you from start/scratch i.e. mean as following:

    1. You have to be obedient to your parents
    2. Kind with every one (meharban for every one)
    3. Perform prayers & Darood Sharif
    4. Good thinking/nature/neeat (don’t think bad for others)

    Any spiritual teacher will first clear you spiritually before he can present you to the spiritual world or ask for permission for Hamzad. You have to be good in all aspects. There is no space of anyone who is not obedient to his parents and has bad nature (fitrat / neeat). You should always be thinking for helping humanity and follow rules of Islam and shariat.

    Spiritual network mostly works like physical world organizations. Different people are appointed for different jobs. In physical world organization there are many many posts and they all perform their own duties and don’t get involve in other’s jobs like

    Chief Executive Officer
    Executive Directors
    General Mangers
    Deputy General Managers
    Assistant Managers
    Assistant Supervisors
    Assistant In-charge

    The people who worked in any good level private organization know that there are people of same posts/level for different departments. For example

    General Manager Marketing
    General Manager Sales
    General Manager Administration
    General Manager Production
    General Manager MIS (Manager Information System)
    General Manager Audit
    General Manager Stores
    General Manager Account and Finance
    General Manager Planning
    General Manager Exports
    General Manager Costing

    Now above posts/level are same but their duties and functions are different and they work together but they don’t involve in other’s jobs. Their duties are assigned and they perform their duties as per rules and instructed by Directors or Chief Executive Officers. Under these General Managers there are managers of each departments and then supervisors and so on.

    Example # 1.) So in Audit department if any Audit supervisor catches/notes any miss-conduct or fraud in company he writes his report and present it to his manager then his manager signs that report and present to GM Audit and that GM Audit takes that report to Director after inquiring all things. In this case a supervisor raised one thing/point and that point was taken to Director level but through proper channel. And for meeting on that miss-conduct Director, GM Audit, Manager Audit, Supervisor and all other related persons can sit together on a table to discuss more on it.

    Example # 2.) Another example is if Production or Planning officer feels that they need new machinery or building to increase production then he will write and give his proposal to his manager. Then his manager will check his proposal and if he agrees he will sign it and take it to General Manager. General Manager will call both Manager and Supervisor and discuss and if he agree with that proposal then he will sign it and present that proposal to Director. Now imagine buying new machinery or adding new building is big decision so he will check it and if he feels good he will sign it and present it to Chief Executive Officer and he will present it to Chairman for final approval because buying new machinery and adding building is big decision so company Chairman needs approval according to rules of company. Supervisor/Office will never submit proposal directly to CEO or Chairman, that will go through proper administrative channels.

    Example # 3.) In another example if any supervisor feels that he needs two more persons to achieve target then he will write proposal and submit it to his manager. His manager will approve it and take to his General Manager. And GM will approve it and allow him to hire two more people in his department because that is small job and GM has authority to hire new people. So he used his authority and did not take that matter to Director or upper level for approval.

    Example # 4.) In normal government level mechanism if people ask their area Nazim for a small puli/school then that Nazim can do that with his own budget or authority but if that area people want a new big hospital then that Nazim can’t do that as his own. Then he needs to take other Nazim’s in confidence and vote for him and then he will go to city Nazim or Chief Minister (which ever system is) for new hospital because that is above his authority and budget. If few Nazim ask Chief Minister collectively them most probably CM will approve that hospital.

    I worked in companies and I know all this and then I find almost same in spiritual world. For your understanding you can assume the following:

    ALLAH = (example only) Chairman of this universe
    Allah-ho-Akbar, the undoubted supreme power of this universe. If any company chairman/owner gives full authority to operate/run any company to his CEO then it does not mean that that company owner withdraws his ownership rights. He is still the owner of company but he gave full rights to his trusted CEO to run his company. He is still owner of company and his CEO is still employee. In same way ALLAH is the biggest and supreme power of the universe and he is the only GOD. And he gave rights to his Mahboob of full hiring/firing and still his Mahboob is human and Makhlook not owner or GOD.

    Our Lovely Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUP = (example only) Chief Executive Officer
    ALLAH gave authorities to his Mahboob of hiring/firing. Our lovely Prophet PBUP assigned authorities and duties of different people and then they supervise to their next levels.

    Our Lovely Hazrat Ali RA = (example only) Chief Operating Officer
    In spiritual world after our beloved Prophet PBUH next number comes of Hazrat Ali RA. Every thing goes to our lovely Prophet PBUP through Hazrat Ali RA in spiritual world. He is the undoubted Chief Operating Officer (example) of all spiritual world.

    Our Lovely Ghaus-e-Azam RA = (example only) Executive Director
    Every Wali is under their feet. All Wali, Ghaus, Qutab, Abdal, Majzoob, Faqeer, Aashiq, Aarif, Sufi, etc are under their foot. It means they are supervising all General Managers (example). They assigned duties to different General Managers for different purpose. Now read who are general managers (example).

    Our Lovely Hazrat Daata Ganj Bakhash Ali Hajveri RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Khawaja Moin-ud-din Shishti RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Baba Farid Ganj Bakhash RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Mian Meer RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Sultan Bahoo RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Gazi RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Shahbaz Qalander RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Baba Shah Jamal RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Baba Taj-ud-Din Nagpuri RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Peer Mehar Ali Shah RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Nizam-du-Din Aulia RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Imam Ali Raza RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Ba-Yazeed Bastami RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Bukhtiar Kaki RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Baba Bhulay Shah RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Baba Maskeen Shah RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Bari Imam Sarkar RA
    Our Lovely Hazrat Alama Iqbal RA
    And much more …….

    All these are General Managers of different areas and departments. They are assigned different authorities and duties and they perform their duties according to their job descriptions.

    These General Managers supervise peoples under them like different Aulias in their area/hadood/zzoo and then they interact with people who are still alive.

    I assume capturing Hamzad is like adding new Manager. You need to find someone who can present your case in spiritual world of that area. For this you must have to have big goal. If your goal is really big and good then you will be put in examination once you are presented to spiritual world.

    For example you claim that you want to work for humanity by Hamzad or want to help people. That is good reason to capture Hamzad but what if you go wrong side once you have Hamzad??????? Power is some thing that very few people digest (hazam) or can control. Once people have power they want to show it to people either in good way or bad way. So you will be put in examination if you are really sincere with your objective. You have to face good time and also hard times during that imtihan/azmiash. Once you prove that you are really sincere with your goals then your will be granted Hamzad after performing required amal/procedure, etc and after taking confidence all related Walis, etc.

    So if there is case of any small jin, pari, etc that is different story but Hamzad is different and very powerful.

    Anyhow there is much to say but this article is going very long. I think I have said much and will keep rest for next time. 🙂

    I have explained every thing according to my little knowledge. I am not Peer, Baba, Aamal or spiritual teacher hence I am a spiritual student.

    I will keep on reply to this thread and will reply accordingly.

    Salam to all

    Ghulam Rasool

  118. Ghulam Rasool April 12, 2009 at 12:11 pm #

    Dear All,

    Here is next part of Hamzad article. In previous article I tried to explain the following regarding Hamzad:

    1. Hamzad is not a small power like jin, etc. Hamzad is powerful beyond imagination
    2. It is not so easy to capture Hamzad, the game of life, death and fire
    3. There are two categories of methods to capture Hamzad a.) Noori b.) sufli
    4. In Noori method you call “ALLAH or Noori Powers” and in sufli method you call “shaitan / devil” to capture Hamzad
    5. Noori method Hamzad will try to keep you away from bad works and sufli Hamzad will try to motivate you more and more to bad works

    Above is summary of what I said in previous article. Now come to new article.

    I want to clear one misunderstanding that this thread starter (M. Dawood) created that he called Hamzad as “Forces of Darkness” that is not true. Hamzad itself is not good or bad, the way you capture Hamzad makes it good or bad. Pistol itself is not good or bad. If any policeman keeps it to secure other people then that is good and if any thief keeps it to loot people and threaten them then that is bad. Clear …..

    I read in one book about Hamzad power and you can imagine how powerful Hamzad is. The following list is sorted by power:

    1. ALLAH (undoubted)
    2. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH (and his companions/Ghulams according to their ranks)
    3. Devil
    4. Hamzad

    Hamzad is too powerful depending how you are capturing, who is supervising and what are your goals to capture Hamzad.

    Now it is turn to explain according to my limited knowledge how to capture Hamzad by Noori method. If your intentions/goals are good then there are two ways to capture Hamzad by Noori method.

    1. Do it as your own (Extremely dangerous, read next why)
    2. Find some one who is really capable to supervise you during Hamzad Amal (Very tough to find, convince and take permission)

    Human is created by four elements

    1. Mud
    2. Water
    3. Air
    4. Fire

    Every human has its own master element. It is better to find which element is master element of Aamal. You can find this method in any other book. Hamzad can also be captured by same 4 ways

    1. Mud (mati)
    2. Water
    3. Air
    4. Fire

    It is better that aamal adopt method to capture Hamzad according to his master element. However due to any reason if that method does not suite him then he may also chose second method. For example if someone wants to capture Hamzad and he calculates that his master element is “Water” then it is better that he adopts methods of water to capture Hamzad. In these methods he may need to stand in Water like Canal (nehar) or river (darya). There are many many areas or conditions in which any aamal can’t do this. Might be canal or river is not available, then he can adopt other method like fire, etc after advice of spiritual professor. The most common and famous method to capture Hamzad is with “fire” i.e. Charagh.

    Above I wrote 4 categories of methods to capture Hamzad and in each categories there are different procedures of amal. I have some knowledge of capturing Hamzad by fire / charagh procedure that’s why I will explain that then I will explain either do it as your own or find any spiritual professor to supervise your amal. I am sure while reading following information you will feel that you must need someone to capture Hamzad and you can’t do this alone.

    If someone decides to capture Hamzad by Aag/fire/charagh then that is one of the easiest method.

    In water, mud and air methods you have to process amal in open air i.e. it is not possible to do this in room and hide yourself what you are doing. But in fire/charagh amal you can do this in room and hide what you are doing. There are following key direct factors of Hamzad amal by Noori method.

    1. How to prepare Charagh i.e. what to read on simple 5 rupees charagh taken by shop. When you buy this, you don’t know if that is Paak or not. So you need to read something on it to make this Paak and that will be ready for Hamzad amal.

    2. Next is which kind of oil to use in charagh

    3. How to make batti for charagh, what to read (very much important) to make this ready. You will take simple cotton but you have to prepare simple cotton batti for Hamzad amal. What to put (add / combine) in that simple cotton. Simple 1 rupee cotton batti will not be sufficient for Hamzad amal. You have to make arrangement of Mushak and put into cotton and make batti like finger. Put small piece of Mushak into cotton and make it like finger to put in Charagh and then you need to read something on it. When you read any verse or sentence then that Moaklat of that words come to you (you can’t see them but feel them) and help you in capturing Hamzad. You have to give Najoor (khauraak or fee in today’s life) to those Moaklat. Fragrance of Mushak is Nazoor/Khaurak of Paak/Noori Moaklat. When that Mushak will burn with cotton then that words Moaklat will help you for what you called them. Fee is every where. LOL 🙂

    Above three things are physical arrangement to start Hamzad amal. Then next are non-physical things to take care during Hamzad amal. Following things are must either you do it as yourself or you are doing it under any spiritual supervision.

    1. First you will be in complete “Perhaiz”, means you will not eat any thing that comes from Hewan/Janwar like “ghoasht, milk, egg, desi ghee, tea, etc”. Use miswak instead of tooth brush. One concept of this perhaiz is you don’t know that the chicken, mutton, etc you bought is Halal or not. I mean that was properly Qurban according to Shariat or not. We don’t take care of these things in normal life and eat every thing but Amliat is different. If anyone ever visited slaughter house then he have seen how young (non-adult) people zibah animals in great speed. We don’t know if they are doing this according to shariat or not but we are eating every thing. So when you start any high power Noori amal you need to be complete in “perhaiz” and avoid every thing that might be Haram. You also need to sleep separate from others. If you are married then keep away from your wife during Hamzad amal and sleep separately and don’t involve in sex, extremely dangerous. Use non-hewan items like vegetables, chenay, roti, etc. Avoid every thing in which there might be milk or ghoasht or egg. It really depends on power of your supervisor how much flexibility he provides you during Hamzad amal. But most things are general and must as I described above.

    2. Say prayers, don’t lie, don’t tease people and try to keep away from all bad (ghair sharei) works.

    3. Next thing is to prepare list how you will start amal. First you will create “Karra” (safety circle), what to read for safety circle every day before starting amal.

    4. What to read to capture Hamzad that is also called “Azeemat” like “sentence” or “fikra”. For how many times you will repeat that sentence. What you will read before and after starting reading that sentence.

    4. What to say before or during showing fire to Charagh.

    5. Where to see during Hamzad amal

    6. What to think (while reading) during Hamzad amal

    7. How to concentrate your mind at 4 different sides.

    8. At which time to start that amal

    9. For how many days to continue that amal

    10. Prepare agreement between you and Hamzad so if Hamzad comes then you can do agreement with him, very very very important and difficult time. That will be the time of life and death and mati (mud) or sona (gold).

    Above are some physical and non-physical arrangements for Hamzad amal. Might be I missed some thing if I will recall something I will add later.

    Hamzad and this kind of other creation does not like to be obeyed. So when anyone starts amal to capture Hamzad and this kind of creation then they create hurdles during amal. They try their best to stop aamal from that amal. For instance talk about Hamzad. While Hamzad amal you can feel that your wife, father, mother is calling you outside room for help and they are in danger. Might be you also listen some dangerous and real voices for help and you can stop that amal and jump outside safety circle “karra” to help them, then understand GAVE IS OVER. That was Hamzad who staged that drama to stop you from that Amal and he won this game. During amal you can also feel that any big snake or wild animal is coming to you to hurt you and you can jump outside that safety circle, means game over. You can also feel that you are floating in sea and will die and to save yourself you can move here and there and go outside from safety circle means game is over. All this depends who is supervising you. If you are doing this amal as per your own then you are extremely in danger and if you are doing this under any back then it means your spiritual supervisor will take care of these things and will not allow Hamzad to create such kind of dramas to stop you from that Amal. Hamzad will do his best to stop you from that Amal and it all depends at your own confidence/self power and spiritual supervisor.

    Now next very important thing is to decide either you will do it youself or go under spiritual supervision. It is very very long article so I am posting this alone and will cover next part in separate post. Once moderator approves this article then I will start next one.

    Salam to all

    Ghulam Rasool

  119. Ghulam Rasool April 12, 2009 at 10:36 am #

    Salam to all,

    Dear Junaid bhai and all others,

    In fact I was looking if anyone is seriously interested here to get more what I want to say regarding Hamzad and second reason for delay was engagement in some other works. Another reason is, it takes time (hours) to write such kind of long articles but I am happy to see that some silent people are interested to know more what I want to say.

    Anyhow I am starting write next part what I have to say regarding Hamzad.

    Salam to all

    Ghulam Rasool

  120. J.K April 10, 2009 at 9:06 am #


    Gulam Rasool Bahi:

    Good Stuff.. i am agree with you….

    and waiting more from your finger tips..

    Aap kee bataain,,, Alim say mohabat aur dil say seekhnay walo k leyah hain…

    dont worry, what other people says,,,,

    ” Ager Chamgader(bat) ko Aaftab(sun) nazer nahi aata,, tu wo kehtee hy,, k soraj blind hy,, however wo khud daikh nahi sakte”

    Mashallah khuch points bhot shandar hain….. Maza aa gaya….

    Her banday kee mahsoosat aur ahasaasat ka apna indaza huta hy….

    me and alim lover will be waiting for your post…..
    there are alot of silent readers…

    aap batain,, ( apnay andazay main)

    k hamzad kay Maqasid ?
    Kia kar sakta hy?
    kaisay hazir huta hy?

    and most important….

    k ager koi banda amal karna chahta hy,, tu

    zahir see baat hy,, ” HER Area K Aik ROahnii PERSON/ S.H.O”

    huta hy,,,

    us say kaiseee persmission layee jayee,,,


    ager us area main koi SHRINE hay,,, tu wahan jaa kar kaisay ijazat lee jae

    dua hy k

    ” hu zor e qalam aur zayada”

    Take care

    Junaid khan

  121. Ghulam Rasool April 6, 2009 at 10:03 am #

    Salam to all,

    Rohilla, I believe that I have no knowledge and information and might be my post is without knowledge and information for SOMEONE. Only readers will decide this.

    However I am trying to get more and more information and knowledge from your post that is full with knowledge and information. I will request other readers to summarize your informative post and get most out of out. But unfortunately your information is incomplete.

    The huge and great information that I got from your post is “ego”, but still not complete information, ego at which end?

    Ego at which end and posts without information and knowledge from which end, ONLY READERS will decide.

    Anyhow next time I will reply to comments after watching who is replying to stop wastage of time.

    Today I will post next part of my previous post. Insha-Allah

    Allah Hafiz

    Ghulam Rasool

  122. ROHILLA April 6, 2009 at 1:18 am #

    well too much ego without knowledge lol
    never mind
    salam all

  123. Ghulam Rasool April 5, 2009 at 1:24 pm #

    Salam to all,

    I believe that last post is in reply to my last post so I will reply to this and keep on replying to this thread as long as I will feel that this discussion is for knowledge and information not behas brai behas.

    I know and I also believe that Hamzad is not Jin (I also not said this)
    I know and I also believe that Hamzad is not Rooh (I also not said this)

    I know and I believe Hamzad is related to religion, if you capture this by Noori Amal then that is related to Islam and as long as you will keep on doing good things your Hamzad will strength and when you will start doing bad things your Hamzad will get weaken because you capture this by Noori Amal. If some one says Hamzad is not related to Religion then I will ask one question to that person specially Rohilla

    “How to capture Hamzad? What is process? What to read? How much to read? When to read? Complete procedure?”

    Once any one knows real and practical procedure how to capture Hamzad then he will not say that Hamzad is not related to Religion. That is just lack of information and knowledge.

    I am not a Peer nor Baba nor Aamal, I am just a small level student of spiritual world and am fully and practically involved into this that’s why I can give practical and real information not theoretical and kitabi information.

    The reason why I ask don’t do this not because “others will get some thing and I will not” it is because that is wastage of time and resources. Also this is lack of knowledge that people spread these kind of amals on this kind of forums. They don’t know real and practical information. Do you think it is so easy that you buy a book of 100 rupees and by 100 rupees you will get Hamzad. Hamzad’s worth is can’t be counted in rupees that is above counting. If any one really knows what Hamzad is and what is his power he will not say this. Definitely Allah helps those who help themselves but in right direction, if you are at wrong side Allah will not help.

    I am 34 years old guy and my background is computer based. From last 16 years I am in computer field and from last 6-7 years I am working on Internet. And also from last 6-7 years I am student of spirituality and trying to learn some thing that is increasing day by day with the help of Allah. My all writings are based on that 6-7 years dedicated and practical learnings. I believe that we are not behind because we don’t have Hamzad however we are behind because we are not sincere not ourselves nor with our country nor with our religion.

    Who stopped our nation to develop our own brand computer factories
    Who stopped our nation to develop our own brand car factories
    Who stopped our nation to develop our own brand TV factories
    Who stopped our nation to develop our own brand Mobile factories
    Who stopped our nation to develop our own brand Industrial machinery factories
    Who stopped our nation to develop our own brand Watches factories
    Who stopped our nation to develop our own brand Electronic goods factories
    Who stopped our nation to develop new power plants

    and so on, who stopped, who stopped, nobody stopped. Again we are behind because we are not sincere with our country and religion. We pick our favorite parts of religion and ignore those which are not for our instant and temporarily benefits. If we want to go ahead of other nations then we need to fix our intentions (neeat or maqsad). Anyhow this is a detailed discussion, let’s move to our original discussion.

    To clarify some things in better way I will explain it in details. My purpose is just to clarify some things not to discourage people. If anyone want to capture Hamzad then I am sure my following writing will be helpful for him. In relation to capturing Hamzad discussion there are two important things to know.

    1. Why you want to capture Hamzad (neeat or maqsad)?
    2. What Hamzad is and what Hamzad can do?

    The first thing is why you want to capture Hamzad? What are you intentions? What you want to do? Do you really need Hamzad or just you read in any book and are interested and want to capture or really there is purpose behind this. Is your purpose so big that you need Hamzad or that can’t be done in other small way. All these things are the foundation what you will do next to capture Hamzad.

    The next level is to know what Hamzad is and if that is suited for your purpose (maqsad or neeat). In real day to day world the example is for 10 litter patrol you will not send inquiry for a big 50,000 litter tank. Your need is small so you will go to patrol pump and get 10 litter patrol. In same way if you need 10 litter milk it does not mean you buy a cow and then get 10 litter milk from that. Definitely you will go to milk shop and get 10 litter milk. However if you are milk man and supply milk to other people on regular basis then you need to have a cow and get milk in bulk on regular basis. So if you really know what Hamzad is then any one will not try to capture Hamzad just for fun or small needs.

    Hamzad is more powerful than United Nation chief
    Hamzad is more powerful than President of any country
    Hamzad is more powerful than Chief of any bank
    Hamzad is more powerful than Chief of any detective agency
    Hamzad is more powerful than Chief of any armed force
    Hamzad is more powerful than Atomic weapons
    Hamzad is more powerful than Satellites

    Consider small taste of Hamzad power and then imagine if you need Hamzad or superior worlds will allow you to capture Hamzad.

    There is no doubt that spiritual world exists and Aulias supervise this world. There is also no doubt that devil knows what we are thinking and what we are doing and what we want to do, that’s why devil create “waswasay” in our minds. Shaitan put “waswasay” in our mind, it means he knows what we are thinking and what we are doing and what we want to do, there is no doubt in this. Next, if shaitan knows this then how this is possible that Aulias who are much superiors than shaitan don’t know this. When someone visit any shrine (darbar) then that Wali knows why someone came to his darbar, there is also no doubt in this that both spiritual world and shaitan both know us, both can read our minds, intentions, etc.

    Then next and important thing is our intention (that is called neeat in urdu) or purpose (that is called maqsad) why we want to capture Hamzad. This will decide who will help us, Aulias (Allah) or shaitan (devil).

    The next thing is once you start Hamzad amal definitely there will be purpose (neeat or maqsad) in you mind why you are doing this. If your neeat is bad (want to kill someone, zena, theft, takhreeb kari, kisi kay raaz afshan karna, etc) then devil will try to help you because he knows what is in your mind and his mission is to misguide human being as he promised with Allah. And spiritual man (who is supervising your area for these kind of activities and works) will put hurdles (rakawat) in your amal. And definitely for Hamzad amal you will not succeed because you will not feel what is happening and that spiritual supervisor will do his work, you will be forced to stop that amal in natural way. For small creations like jin, etc sometimes people succeed if they are doing that amal with proper back. You will not be given permission to capture Hamzad because any time shaitan can put bad things in your mind and that Hamzad power (much much much) can be used against humanity and innocent people. For this kind of intention or neeat or maqsad you will not call Allah to capture Hamzad. Your intentions are bad so you will have to call devil for this amal and that is called “Sufli Hamzad”. Shaitan will try to help you but spiritual world will put hurdles (rakawat) in your amal.

    For good intentions (good neeat or maqsad) I will write later, it is already too long and I need to go.

    All that I wrote above is practical and real, nothing from books only.

    Allah Hafiz

    Ghulam Rasool

  124. ROHILLA April 4, 2009 at 10:23 pm #

    HAMZAD got noting to do with religon and mostly dont know about it just guessing i believe pplz above are controling but reality is different still i would like to say its got nothing to do with anything
    jinn islam arwah bla bla
    all things are selfmade we scare pplz dont do this dont do that thats why we are behind from otherzzzzzz
    so we should help pplz instead of claiming ourself peer amil baba xyz
    Allah help those who help themself
    dont take anything serious wat i said to or wrote to but we should help
    if someone get somthin u no gona lose anything
    thx salam all

  125. Ghulam Rasool April 4, 2009 at 11:39 am #

    In addition Noori Hamzad belongs to Islam and that is not jin. When a common man walks to the road that leads to Allah, then that man is counted in lovely of Allah that is called “Wali”. When a man is Wali then he is on such Spiritual post that Hamzad automatically awaits for his obedience and commands. I am sure many people have read that many bazurgs (Aulias) were seen at different places at same time, that is because they were on such post / rutba that Hamzad automatically was in their commands without any extra Amal, etc.

    Ghulam Rasool

  126. Ghulam Rasool April 4, 2009 at 11:34 am #

    ALLAH hum sub ko apni Azmaish or Imtihan say mahfooz rekhay, AAMIN.

    There are two kinds of Hamzad, Noori and Sufli. If you try to capture Hamzad by Noori amal then that Hamzad will not obey your illegal, unlawful and criminal instructions and if you will force him to do so he may harm you in any way (although I believe that it is not so easy to capture Hamzad without super back and strong conviction why you want to capture Hamzad). Noori Hamzad will always try to keep you away from illegal works and as long as you keep on doing legal works, helping people, praying, other all good works, your Noori Hamzad will keep on strengthen himself.

    On the other hand Sufli Hamzad will obey your illegal, unlawful and dishonest commands very happily and will try to take you the road that will lead you the way of devil.

    That’s why earlier I said Hamzad is the game of fire, life and death. Hamzad is the power that can lead you to the Rehman (Allah) or shaitan (devil). That’s why it is very hard to capture Hamzad because there are duties of spiritual people who takes care of these kind of activities in their areas / zones / hadoods. They will put hurdles (mushkalat) in your Amal in such way that you will not know what happened and you will leave Hamzad amal.

    If anyone says I tell you the method of capturing Hamzad and you can capture it, I don’t agree with him. Yes, if anyone wants to play with fire then he can start that Amal but please leave some resources for your family before you start Hamzad amal.

    If any one can capture Hamzad so easily then there should be much people having Hamzad because there are many many books available in market but there are only few people in all world those have Hamzad and we can count those on finger.

    Ghulam Rasool

  127. ROHILLA April 2, 2009 at 10:07 pm #

    salam to all
    lovely bro and sis
    azmayesh shart hai koi nahi janta ke truth kiya hai all just guessing
    koi jinn bolta hai koi shaytan bolta hai koi kuch to koi kuch
    koi iss bichary HAMZAD see to pooch loo ke woh kiya bolta hai
    AUR iss ke liye SABAR ke zarorat hai
    last word before i finish
    HAMZAD ka kisi mazhab see ya kisi ARWAH see koi rishta nahi hai
    salam all

  128. Ghulam Rasool March 25, 2009 at 4:07 pm #

    I just came to this Hamzad page by Google search. Unfortunately I can’t read all 15 pages what others said about Hamzad but I can post my comments.

    I am sure 99.99% interested people here even don’t know actually what Hamzad is? Hamzad is not the game of kids, it is the game of power and fire. First very low number of people exactly know true and practical process to capture Hamzad without any damage. Second it is not wise to share this kind of extra ordinary dangerous Amal on public forums. Anyone can be interested and start that Amal just for fun even without knowing that he is playing with Fire. He is staking his life by starting that Amal.

    I will suggest and request people to start any Noori Wazeefa if you are facing any problem in doing some kind of work in your life that can’t be done with usual way. Contact any True and Real Aamil to start any Noori Wazeefa under his supervision. Even some Noori Wazeef’s can also harm you if you will do it without proper supervision.

    So in short Hamzad is not the game of kids, it is game of life and death and anyone should not share this kind of Amal on public forums.

    I am sorry if someone feel bad after reading my post, but I am posting a truth that evey one feels once he is gone though this process.


    Ghulam Rasool

  129. Ghulam Rasool March 25, 2009 at 2:06 pm #

    I just came to this Hamzad page by Google search. Unfortunately I can’t read all 15 pages what others said about

    Hamzad but I can post my comments.

    I am sure 99.99% interested people here even don’t know actually what Hamzad is? Hamzad is not the game of kids, it

    is the game of power and fire. First very low number of people exactly know true and practical process to capture

    Hamzad without any damage. Second it is not wise to share this kind of extra ordinary dangerous Amal on public

    forums. Anyone can be interested and start that Amal just for fun even without knowing that he is playing with Fire.

    He is staking his life by starting that Amal.

    I will suggest and request people to start any Noori Wazeefa if you are facing any problem in doing some kind of

    work in your life that can’t be done with usual way. Contact any True and Real Aamil to start any Noori Wazeefa

    under his supervision. Even some Noori Wazeef’s can also harm you if you will do it without proper supervision.

    So in short Hamzad is not the game of kids, it is game of life and death and anyone should not share this kind of

    Amal on publich forums.

    I am sorry if someone feel bad after reading my post, but I am posting a truth that evey one feels once he is gone

    though this process.


    Ghulam Rasool

  130. malik kashif ali March 17, 2009 at 9:22 pm #

    salam to all brothers n sisters,

    dear admin kashif ali is here ,i request u to plz dont send me email on my id. my inbox is too full,so im too diturbs from mail of chowrangi.

    plz plz dont send me more mails

    kashif ali

  131. Nitin Kumar March 9, 2009 at 2:55 pm #

    Dear Malik Kashif Ali Sahib,

    Forum join karne aur forum mein humzaad ke baare mein logo ko batane ke liye aapka bahut bahut shukriya.

    Umeed hai kafi logo ko waha per se bhi fayda milega.

    Nitin kumar

  132. ROHILLA March 8, 2009 at 10:52 pm #

    salam all
    kashif bhai i m british born here but proud to be pakistani
    more pakistani than otherzzzzzzzzz
    i lub my pakistan
    dua mai yaad rakhna plz
    allah de hawale

  133. malik kashifali March 8, 2009 at 5:27 pm #

    salm to all brothes and sisters,

    chalain ji rohilla jo aap ki merzi. jese aap khush khadim bhi khush. acha aap indian ho ya pakistani. baqi hamzaad to hum sab k mil bhethne ka bahana he. baqi allah ki zaat shakar khoray ko sahkar hi deti he namak nahi.

    junaid bhai agar meri baat koi baat buri lagi ho to khadim ko muaaf ker de jeye ga plz

    jj bhai aap kidher hoo plz recently contet me plz

    nitni kumar sahab aap aik bar zaror idher aain khadim zaror aap k forum ko join kare ga inshallah

    salam to all brothers and sisters

    kashif ali

  134. Junaid khan March 8, 2009 at 10:42 am #


    Dear Hamzadianss

    Thanks Kashif Bahi:

    ” Sar Tasleem kahm hy jo Mizaj e Yar main aye”

    log jo samjtay hain samjatay rahain

    behral,, khuch tu batatana zarori samja,,

    kun k kuch logo ke batton say khcuh aur he matalb liay ja raha tha……

    any way

    keep in touch

  135. ROHILLA March 7, 2009 at 10:50 pm #

    salam to all
    kashif bahi aur sub dosto ko mitha sa salam
    zikar hai hamzad kaa hyyyyy
    sabar ho tu manzil asaan hai warna nakam hai lol
    kashif bhai this is my surname
    pathan and punjabi mix heh
    salam again to all dua mai yaad

  136. malik kashifali March 7, 2009 at 7:26 pm #

    salaam to all brothers and sistes,

    junaid bhai theek kehte hain k rohilla aap apna nam chang kerlo bhi hum ko dout lagta he or junaid bhai ye kia kaya aap ne plz plz aainda hergiz hergiz idher mashqo ka zikkr nai kerna ,logo ka mind badlate deer nai lagti. samjhe ge k ye dono mill kr hum sub ko bewakoof bana rahay hain pllz plz aaingda aap ne idher kuch bi nai pochna .

    aap bhai k pass khadim ka cell no he to phir idher tamasha laganay ki koi zarorat nahi he.

    kaam ka sokhaa hona ya na hona ye sab allah ki rehmat per munhasr he .khadim sirf khidmat kerte hain na ka pblaciti

    jj bhai aap to naraz to nahi hoo gay . khadim se koi galti to nai ho gai plz plz jaldi se darshan kerwain
    allah aap sab brothers n sisters per apni rehmat karay

  137. J.k March 6, 2009 at 8:43 am #

    Kashif bahi , where r u

    koi post nahi

    No Email.

    and cell number is going off???

    sab khair tu hy?

    feeling fine?

    Hope so

  138. Nitin Kumar March 3, 2009 at 9:46 am #

    Dear Malik Kashif Ali Sahib,

    Mujhe bhi “Amiliyaat” mein bhahut hi dilchaspi hai. Humzaad aur amiliyaat ke bare mein aapka ilm kabile tareef hai.

    Mujhe badi kushi hogi agar mera forum bhi aapke ilm ko felane mein madadgaar ho sake.

    Mera palmistry (indianpalmreading) par forum hai “Indian palmistry Forum” aap google per search kar sakte hai aapko aasani se mil jayga. Meine is forum mein ek section bana rekha hai “Secret Occult Art And Method” aap forum join kar ke ish forum mein bina kisi takleef kei “humzaad” aur “amiliyaat” ke bare mein bata sakte hai.

    Nitin Kumar

  139. DANIA GUL March 2, 2009 at 12:34 pm #

    Salam to all

    u can read following books on HAMZAD if u really want to know some valuable information about it.

    1. Rajoo Hamzad by Mr. Kash ul Barni
    Auraq Publishers, Pir Elahi Bux Colony
    2. Taskhirat -e- Hamzad by Mr. Nazir Hussain Shah Zanjani
    Maktaba Aine Qismat, Lahore
    3. Haqaiq Hamzad by Mr. Babar Sultan
    Maktaba Aine Qismat, Lahore
    4. Nawishta, Kismet Maa Amal Taskheer Hamzad
    by Mr. Asghar Ali
    Bahoo Books, 14 Fortress Stadium, Lahore Cantt,
    Pakistan. Ph: + 92 42 6650250

    5. Jin, Hamzad aur Islam by Syed Iqtadar Ahmed
    Available at :

    Further u can consult detail information on hand written books from me.

    Remember in prays

    Dania Gul

  140. J.K March 2, 2009 at 10:50 am #


    My Hamzadian

    Yah TU

    Mukhalfat baray Mukhalfat hu rahy hay

    What this

  141. J.K March 2, 2009 at 10:47 am #


    Kashif Bahi:

    You know ,, K Main aap say kitna Payar Karta hun,,, Main Iss ka prove bee day chuka hu,, You know that very Well…

    yeh Khaksar apni baasaat k mutabiq Khidmat k leyah Raazee Hay… Hukam?


    Allah Pak K Ahasan Say Aur Kashif Bahi kee Purkhalos Rahenmaii say


    Maire Exercise ka 1st Phase Khatam Hu gaya hy,,, WIth full Rhythm..


    2nd phase start hu gaya hy,, Umeed Hy,, Kashif bahi ke Duaoon say Yah be iss haftay khatam hu jaye ga

    Thanks u Kahsif bahi..

    Main Yah baat,, SIrf Kashif bahi,, say khud bee paersonal level par kar sakta thay

    laiken ,,, thora sa yahan bee munasib samja,, k bayan kar dun

    ta ,,

    k log yah na samajay,,,


    “KAAM SIRF sookhaa he chal reyah hay”



    Nick change karu,,

    Log aaap ko larkeee samj rahain hain



  142. Muhammad March 1, 2009 at 10:56 am #


    Sister @ROHILLA
    you said “i read ur comments”

    Thank you for reading my comments, it appears that you did not read my comments properly nor understand them, because your response is superficial and lacking in any intellectual capacity.

    you said “i just would like to say no knowledge without college”

    What on earth are you talking about, this statement is total nonsense!

    you said “i m well educated person and need more education for any topic till death”

    From your response it is clear that you are not at all well educated, and getting education on any topic at the expense of one’s Eman is no education at all; educating for one’s self destruction is just plain immoral and stupidity.

    you said “myself i m not perfect but i judge myself than i talk about anything”

    What kind of stupid answer is this? No one is perfect, not you, not me, and not anyone, except Allah (SWT). And if you want judge yourself, then judge yourself with the Book of Allah (SWT) and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet. You have judged yourself that capturing/controlling your hamzad is fine? Where in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah does it say that one should do this?

    Sister ROHILLA, it saddens me that I have had to respond to your pathetic unintelligent response, you are deluded, if you want education, then seek knowledge in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, if you want to judge yourself or anyone else use the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, and first know for yourself what is good and what is evil, and in my understanding, trying to capture and control your Hamzad (Qareen) is wrong, unacceptable in Islam. Any Allah knows best.

  143. ROHILLA March 1, 2009 at 1:57 am #

    salam all
    Mohammed bhai
    i read ur comments
    i just would like to say no knowledge without college
    i m well educated person and need more education for any topic
    till death
    myself i m not perfect but i judge myself than i talk about anything
    salam all

  144. malik kashifali February 28, 2009 at 6:22 pm #

    salaam all brothers and sisters,

    allah aap tamam brothers and sisters per karoro rehmate kare.bhai junaid and bhai jj abbasi aap ka itna payar is kum zarf or khaksar k leye yakeen karain dekh kr aankho main aanso aagay. me is kabil na tha teri mohabt ne jeena sikhadiya. thanks a lot , again thanks alot lot.
    dears me ne be aik id banam g mail main samdani.sahab he. ab cummunity k leye janab e mohtaram bhai junaid khan sahab se aajizana guzarish he ke khdim ko khidmat ka kuch moka dain or keemti time me se kuch lamhain dain to ehsaan e azeem hoga. agar bhai bura na mnain
    aap sab ki mohabbato aor chahto ka talab gaar

    kashif ali

  145. Muhammad February 28, 2009 at 11:53 am #


    Brothers and Sisters:

    I’ve been following some of the comments of people on this post, and initially preferred not to say anything on this topic, but I feel I have a duty, like all Muslims should.

    People who are interested in controlling their Hamzad (Qareen) are playing with fire and going against the Laws of Allah. The Hamzad (qareen) is a companion assigned to every person by Allah (SWT), this companion is a jinn for specifically his is a Shaytaan. What does this mean? the Jinn (Shaytaan) assigned to the person as a test, his job is to distract and divert the the person to evil. if the humans soul has tendencies towards evil thoughts then the Hamzad becomes even stronger and directs the person to become even more evil.

    Brothers and sisters, please stick to your duty and obligations to Allah (SWT), Yes, there are people who indulge in the capturing/controlling Jinns, including their Hamzad, but they have done it the cost of their Eman, thus have transgressed the Laws of Allah, and have committed Shirk. The person who does this has to worship the Shaytaan as apposed Allah, only then the Shaytaan will help him.

    Brother and Sisters this is a very serious matter, those are considering it please stop immediately, for the sake of your Eman, and those have very Evil tendencies also stop and ask Allah to forgive you, He is the Most forgiving. Those who are still going ahead with buy the books suggested by some people, then know that you are selling your Eman for a miserable price, 16 rupees, your Faith in Allah is worth more to you, intact, and then the whole world and all wealth it contains.

    I’ve said my bit, the choice is of course yours, and I certainly hope and pray to Allah (SWT) that you take the right decision.

  146. Tanya February 28, 2009 at 1:29 am #

    Rohila Bibi.

    who said going to someones grave and bowing there and that so called manat’s is also sin..manat ho nazarana ho jo bhi it should be on the name of Allah..whenever you are crossing by anyone’s grave may it be ordinary person or fakeer or buzurg all you allowed is to say fateha thats it you are not asked to go and start doing sajdas and making manats..rona wajib he lekin dhare mar mar ke aur ulte seedhe words use karna mana he like i see lots of people saying mujhe bhi saath lejate ya iski mujhe ajati etc we are humanbeing and crying is in every nature Allah subhana said ke jo kisi ke gham me ek ansoo bahagaye mein uski hazar mushkile asan karounga so its not prohbited to weep,,rahi baat apne gereban me jhankne ki well Sr Rohila jo ghalat he ghalat he ji sahi he agar app kisis ko smoking se mana karte ho to ki ghalat he lekin app kisi ki sich nahi change karsakte why capturing hamzads or makimg jin slaves it will lead to bad all jadoos and tonas are done thru this mediam you have to agree with me Allahi enough infacT Allah is the only whom we should turn to..

  147. ROHILLA February 27, 2009 at 8:28 pm #


  148. Tanya February 27, 2009 at 2:15 pm #

    Br Danial do you know capturing Hamzad or making jin slaves is big Gunnah.

  149. danial February 27, 2009 at 12:43 pm #

    Salam to all

    Who is interested to capture Hamzad, he/she must read the book of Kash ul Barni named Rajoo Hamzad. Address of publisher is ;

    Auraq Publishers
    Pir Elahi Bux Colony,

    Further one more book is “Jin, Hamzad aur Islam”. This book is written by Molana Syed Iqtadar Ahmed and is available on Islamic Markaz website i.e.


    one more book namly “Nawishta, Kismet Maa Amal Taskheer Hamzad” written by Asghar Ali is available on

    Bahoo books
    14 Fortress Stadium, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan.
    Ph: + 92 42 6650250

    a number of old hand written books are available with me but they are antiques and can not be provided.

    ur queries r welcom.

  150. ROHILLA February 26, 2009 at 11:22 pm #

    kisi islami book shop if u live in pakistan or if u r outside pakistan ask to ur friends who live in pakistan to send u this book
    book name is

  151. goldenagent February 26, 2009 at 5:27 pm #

    ab ye kash ul burni ki book kahan say milay gi. us ka title kia ha.

  152. ROHILLA February 26, 2009 at 1:05 pm #

    AGENT BHAI lol

  153. goldenagent February 26, 2009 at 5:57 am #

    salam to all brothers and sisters,
    bhaioo itni lambi discussion ho chuki ha lakin kisi bhai sb. nay yahan per wazifwa post nahi kia ha. bunda aur kuch nahi to koi link hi day deta ha jahan say hum log read ker lain agar emails allowed nahi hain to.
    bhaiooo result hona chahiaya kuch na kuch to. Email nahi ha to yahin per post ker dain. ss_salim_sabir per mail ker dain hot hot mail per

  154. J.K February 25, 2009 at 11:12 am #

    Thanks Dear:

    Aap Kay Sher Say aik sher Yad aa gaya

    Na Badal Pahloo Pay Pahloo Na Lay Karwat pay Karwat

    Shayed Koi Kamiii Tayre Wafa Main Hu gee

  155. ROHILLA February 24, 2009 at 10:19 pm #


  156. Junaid Khan February 24, 2009 at 11:07 am #

    Yah Aur Baat kay Manzil pay Na ponch Payee

    Yah Kia kam hay k Rahooon Ko Chaann Baitay hain

  157. ROHILLA February 23, 2009 at 11:09 pm #


  158. J.K February 23, 2009 at 11:36 am #

    Its Jj abbasi community

    me also the member



    u can create
    new one


  159. jjabbasi February 23, 2009 at 10:56 am #

    Walaikum Salam,

    Bahi M. Kahisf Ali,

    Aray “Bahi” keh lainy k baad tou ap ko pata hai rishta apna hou jata hai……aur apny tou phir apny hoty hai chaye wo kaisy he kioun na hou.

    Ye mairi Zidd hai tujhy tujh say mangna.

    Ye mairi Zidd hai tujhy tujh say mangna.

    Werna Khuda say mangon tujh ko tou, tou abhi mil jaye.

    Allah Paak hamain aisa emaan naseeb ferma day (aameen).


    Ap ki b bari nawazish k ap dostoun na Rohila/Sajid/Junaid bahi nay join kia ………aur ap ka b Kashif bahi bohat shukria k ap nay is Aajiz-Faqeer ki request per apny views bayan kiye.

    Nawazish hou gi ap ki …….

    jaisy main nay kaha k mai her messenger/forum/community per jjabbasi k name say hi registered hou . ap kisi b jaga faqeer ko add ker sakty hai including Ymessenger per.

    …..Akhir mai sirf itna kahou ga k ager…..
    …. hum sub is shair ki akasi kerty hai tou phir Yaqeen jany hum sab sirf waqt guzari ker rahy hai aur Allah k haan …

    Aik aik lamhay ka aur aik aik baat ka swal kiya jaye ga.

    Falasfi (philosopher) ki bahse (arguments) k andar Ilah (Allah) milta nae……

    Dour ko sul’ja raha hai aur sira milta nae

    ap sub ka is faqeer ki post ko perhny ka bohat shukria.

    Thanks to Admin also

  160. J.K February 23, 2009 at 9:17 am #

    A thousand Mile Journey Beging with one step”

    Ajab Zuban Bandi Hay Tayre Mahfil Main AY chowrangi Walo

    Yah Tu baat karnay ko Tarasti Hay Zuban Maire”

  161. J.K February 23, 2009 at 9:04 am #

    AOA to all
    Dear Hamzadians

    Kashif Bahi:

    Yah tu baat banti nazer nai aa rahi…..

    Aap Orkut Pay aa Jeyen,,, Bhot Aasan Istamal hay

    ” A thousand mile beginning strat from one step”

    aap ka orkut pay account hay. tu aap communites pay ja kar Apne community khud create kar saktay hain

    communites k tab pay click karain… tu right side par list aa jae ge,,

    bottom left pay aik tab hu ga ” creat”

    us pay click karian….

    thennnn ,,,, bhot easy step hain,, with in 3 mints you can create your community…

    aap us kay Admin hun gay

    ” bas aik khayal rakhay ga k members ko allow karna hy k wo be post kar sakay”

    pher log us ko join karin gay,, tu member ban jayen gay,,,,

    like chorange,,,,

    aik forum hu,, ga

    her banda,, us commiunity aur formun ka ander apna sawal put kar sakta hy

    aur hasbay khawaish,, apna mail/address/cell sab khukch sahre kar saktay hy

    Bas kashif bahi,,,do it as soon as possible,,,

    Waran JJ abbasi,, ke comminity tu hy,, us ko search karin,,,

    main aur jj us k member hain,,, you r welcome,,,,

    Ager hamairi laiqq koi khidmat hu tu zaror batian ga,,,

    Dille khusi hu

    Take care and feeamanillah

  162. kashif ali February 22, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

    aoa dear all brothers and sisters,

    bhai jj abbasi aap kese hoo aap ki post parhi. dil khushi se mamoor ho gaya. allah aap ko jazay kher se nawazay. aap ne hamari mehmannawazi ki hami bhari me aap ki khidmat main zaror hazir hoon ga . next sunday inshallah me aap bhai se ymessenger per chat karo apni id plz zaror post kejeye. orkut ko use nai aata kerna

    wassalam aap sab per allah rehmat karay
    khadim khakhsar,

  163. Waheed Amjad February 20, 2009 at 10:46 pm #

    Asalam U Alikum,
    Bahi Jan

    Mujay Rohani Ilam Sikhnay ka bohat shok hay.is silsilay main kafi books read ki per koi guide kernay wala nahi mila.kis freind say ap kay baray main suna to bohat kushi hoi.please mujay Hamzad ka Amal,aur zaroori hidayat inayat farmain.main app ko apni duwaoon main hamysha yad rakhoon ga.

  164. Amjad Siddiq February 20, 2009 at 4:34 am #

    Salam of Brothers and Sisters,

    App nay sahi kaha we must join another community bcz yahan jab bi koe kaam ki baat hoti hay ya adim sb un par bain laga dayta hay, lakin phir bi chorangi ka topic yahan chalta rahay ga main orkut main search karta hon aap ki community ko mayri nick same hi ho ga as chorangi please please aap sab bi wohan aaein ya phir eik owr form hay itkidunia wohna bi mayra topic chal raha hay Jin Bhooton say batain us main bi aap aa saktay hay kam az kaam kuch to silsila aagay barahy yahan to har alfaaz par pabandi hay jab tak sanser na ho alfaaz apear hi nahi ho saktay see you aal in orkut or others

    Allah App sab par karam karay owr hum ko himat day eis silsilay ko aagay barhanay ki.

    Sab ko Salam


  165. jjabbasi February 18, 2009 at 10:52 am #

    Dear Malik Kashif Ali,


    Right said Bro. we must have to switch to another community.
    On Orkut my Community is “Amliyaat” so pls join it if u agree or you may create new one bt pls join it same as it is ur nick as u are here.


    Mud’datt huwi hai yaar ko meh’maan(guests) kiye huwy


    Aray arsa hi guzra, dil ki dunya weeraan hai….Aankh ashk’baar nae us ki mohabbat may….dil tarapta nae us ki mohabbat may.
    Naa seenay(chest) may mohbbat k derya moj’zan.

    Pls Note: my id is same jjabbasi any where and in any community/forum. So u may easily find me there specially on orkut.

    🙂 …..To Admin,
    Sir pls dont think when we move to another place so this thread/subject will be closed or will down ours activity here.

    We will always here regular as before.
    May Allah success Chowrangi for its aim/subject as he/its desired.

    Thanking you in anxious and best regards.

    Akhir may sirf itna kahou ga. pls read it carefully.

    Ah’baab (friends) jama hai meer(famou poet name) haal-e-dil keh lay..
    Phir ill’tay’faatay dil-e-dostaan rahay na rahy.

    Allah Hafiz.

  166. malik kashif ali February 17, 2009 at 7:21 pm #

    dear all brother and sisters, assalamualikum

    allah ki zaat aap sab apni rehmat karay.
    junaid bhai kai din hoy aap bhai ne idher aa ker apnay keemti alfaaz ko nahi bakhera. sab kheriat to hena.
    i request to jj.abbasi,rohilla,amjad saab and all dear brother and sister kia ham koi dosri site create ya koi aisa zria nahi bana sakte jahan per aasani se apna sub kuch aasani se share ker sakay .plz tamam fellows ko is silsilay main sunday main koi na koi time banaker chat karain or is problem ka koi solutuion nakal sakian

    plz tamam brothers and sisters milker share karain. my id is

    [follow the rules, do not post your email or contact, else you will be banned]

    god bless all of u

  167. ROHILLA February 15, 2009 at 2:10 pm #

    salam to all brother and sister

  168. malik kashif ali February 10, 2009 at 8:41 pm #

    salam to all sissters and brothers,

  169. JJ Abbasi February 10, 2009 at 4:01 pm #



    well said. Junaid bahi.

    but how we can proceed further to clear misunderstandings?

    Im fully agree with all of you specially Kashif bahi.
    Her taman’na dil say rukhsat hou gae
    Ab tou aa ja ab tou khalwat hou gae
    Sari dunya hi say weh’shat hou gae
    Ab tou aa ja ab tou khalwat hou gae

    jaisy Junaid bahi na kaha na, about Molana room’s shair

    so i add little para i.e.

    Haij cheezay khud ba’khud cheezay na shud
    Haij Aa’hin khanjer-e-Taigay na shud
    Haij hal’wae na’shud us’taazkar
    Molvi hargiz na shud molana e Room
    Ta gulmay e Shams tabrayzee na shud



    k koe b cheez khud ba’khud nae ban jati
    aur na he koe cheez bagair seekhy aati hai
    Jaisy aik hal’wae(a shopkeeper of sweets)..seekhy bagair wo kaam nae ker sakta
    Hum kaisy seekhy bagair koe kaam ker sakty hai

    MAger Jis per Allah ka Fazal hou

    Tou dostou,

    Ilm seekhny say he aata hai, na k seeny may chupa k marr jany say………..

    lets c what kashif n other members says??

    Any way………banda-e-na’cheez ki baat ko ager ap k jawar-e-qurb may jaga mil jaye tou bari nawazish hou gi.

    Allah Maafi ko pasand fermata hai.

    Inshallah c u soon and thanking you in anticipation.

    Rub Rakha

  170. Junaid Khan February 10, 2009 at 10:17 am #

    ” My Dear Hamzadian”

    Main Bolo k na Bolo?

    “ROHILLA ” nay bilkul 110% sahi kaha, main un say blikul mutafiq hunnnn….

    yahan tu her koi ,,, pahly tu Alim seekhnay ke baat karta hy,, Kahsif Bahi, Kahsif bahi hote hy,,, Admin sb ko sunnata hy,
    baad main khud ,he pata nay us ko kia hu jata hy ….

    ” Khamosh Ay dil bharee Mahifil main chalana theek nahi

    Adab pahla qareena hy.. Mohabat k qareeno main”



    Ager aaan nay chashmay say panii bharne hu ga apni gaager main tu jhukna tu paray ga


    Molvi hargiz na shud molana e Room

    Ta gulmay e Shams tabrayzee na shud


    bas main tu intna he janta tha….

    baqee main ,,tu Ahlay Alim ke Jutteeyon ke khak be nahi….

    Log hun,,, Raazoon say shanasai rkahnay walay….

    us k fazal ke baat hy

    Baqi khshif bahi….

    Inn Talkh Haalat ka tu mujy be andaza na tha….

    main tu abb chowrange pay kam he aaon ga….

    ager muj say yah,, maire zaat ke waja say aap hurt huway hun,, tu

    ” Sar tasleem e kham hy ,,, jo mizajy yar main aye”

    warna tay

    Jithay gyeen bareeyan ,,,, uttay gye malang

    Ager JJ abbasi,, khuch dayna chaht hy…

    tu kahshif bahi,,, main be aap ke sath us ka balka banay ke layah tayar hun

    Janabe e Man,, Jis tara chayen bula lain,, mana lain,,,

    Wo bolay tu sahi bala say jhot he mohsin

    zalim ka lab o lehja dilaawaze bhoat hy

    Salam to all

    specially ROHILLA , JJ abbasi, And Kashif Bahi

    Allah sohnay day Hawalay

  171. amjad siddiq February 9, 2009 at 5:13 pm #

    Aslam O Alakum,

    Kashif bhai abhi aap ka post parha bohat acha laga,

    ilam to wo shamma hay jo indhairay main roshni karti hay chahay wo kitna hi dark kayon na hon jahan ya shamma jalai jaey wohan har taraf roshani ho jaati hay,

    kuch logon ko ilam hasil karnay ka itna shok hota hay kay wo apna tan man dhan sab kuch laga daytay hay, main bhi koshish karta hay kay jo mujhay kuch batay us par amal karon lakin yahan jin ko kuch aata hay wo batanay ka naam bi nahi laytay, samjhtay hay kay ya ilam un ki jaageer hay agar poocho to bahanay say taal daytay hay.

    agar ilam ko phelana hay to eis ko agay transfer karna parta hay na kay eis ko dil main rakha jaata hay, main kuch hasil karnay kay leya last 7 years say koshish main hon lakin koe bi theak thara say guide nahi karta bas Allah say hi umeed rakhi hay kay wo bi madad karay.

    Allah sab par apni rehmat ka saya karay owr jo log moseebat main hay un ko apna khazana-e-gaib say madad karay, agar hazrat insaan kay bass main ho to ya to kisi ko eik nawala bi na dain, bass iltija hay please ilam ki shama ko jalain ko eis ko agay phelana chahtay hay, hamari qoom eisi leya to problem main hay kay hum kisi ki madad nahi kartay bhool chukay hay kay hamari zindagi ka asal maqsad keya hay ya zindagi to aarzi hay owr ya duniya bi aarzi hay, Allah hum ko seedha rasta dekhaey AAMIN.

    fakqat aap ki doaon ka talabgar


  172. JJ Abbasi February 9, 2009 at 4:24 pm #

    Walaikum Salam Junaid khan n kashif sb,


    Aray bahi kehny ka matlabl yeh tha k sari zindagi admin say ID k leye request hi kerty rahy gay…….aur natija in vain…whats a hell of this?

    aur dosri baat k jaisy main nay last post mai likha k we are here to learn and share some informative………tou kia aisa nae ho sakta(as junaid said) k hum kisi dosri community per switch ker jain…………….ya phir yehi open chat may jou b quesiton hou wo post kiya jaye aur us ka open chat may jawab diya jaye(without showing id as admin dont want and dont give permission)

    So, rahi baat k ……..kamil koe nae hota ……….kisi ko Allah kisi maidaaan k andar kamal daita hai aur kisi ko kisi maidaan may……..

    Jaisy Doctor tou sary aik jaisy nazar aaty hai bt un may……
    her koe her baat ka specialist nae hota
    Matlab koe dil ka specialist to koe jider ka koe kis ka

    Aisy he Rohaniat mai hota hai.

    Basic info ….ups and downs tou her aamil ko kuch na kuch pata hoty he hai bt………kisi khas amal k leye us ka specialist Aamil aur hota hai jis ko us k bary mai detial may pata houta hai…….

    So, All of this, my humble opinion.. Hope u forgive me.

    Aur han janab Hum tabay’daar hai khidmat k leye bt koe khidmat lay tou sahi.

    Hum tou maa’elay karam hai
    Koe saa’il he nae.

    Hope to get soon from all of you. Sirs

  173. malik kashif ali February 9, 2009 at 3:02 pm #

    dear all brothers and sisters with great regards and blessings of god

    junaid bhai k baar baar israar per mene idher aanay ki hmmat ki. meray mohtaram bhai ne mujhe order ker rahain k aap chowrangi aaon. main hazir hoa dil main khush fehmi thi k ilm batnay se barhta hay. or zarorat mando ki madad kissi bhi sorat ki jay allah ki zaat khush hoti hay baqool

    dard e dil k waste peda kiya insaan ko
    wagerna ibadat k leye kum na thay karobian(farishte)

    lekin ye kia idher to kaam hi sara ulta per lera,koi bhai kehra hay k agar kissi k pass ilm hay to add kernay posters .banners kernay ka kia maqsad. mere bhai main to bus aisay hi nalik
    meray bhai mujh ko muaaf kerdain mujh waki galti ho gai idher aa nikla, allah ki zaat ne aap ko apnay karam k say main rakha hay aap ko kuch israr o ramooz aatay hain. to meray bhai me aap ka khdim banay ko tayyar hoo.
    me to abhi is field main alf be sikhna waloo hoon shukar hay k allah ki zaat ne aap karam kia or mujh gunah gar k aap mill gay. mujh ko kuch katray ilm k sumander mill sakte hain.

    umeed hay aap zaror mumnoon fermay ge

    ab kuch batain jin ki mujh ko zarort hogi
    1.agar is ilm ko seena band rakha jata to kia aaj aap ko mujh gunahgar ko kese pata chalta
    2.soraj roshni de to us ko kehtay k aaj soraj nikla hoa hay
    3.kaya ilm batnay se kum hota hay barhata
    4.kaya ilm kisi ki meraas hay ya nahi
    5.kaya ye kehna k ham per bhi allah ne kuch israr o ramooz aya kiye magr hum banners nai kerte posters nahi kerte kia is se ilm ki advertisement nahi hoti ya hoti hay
    6.kissi mukhlis ki koshisho ko ye kehdena k ye khud ko advertise ker rahay is say ilm main kami aati hay ya nai
    7. anmbia ka pesha ikhtayar kernay se ilm kum hota hay ya zayada

    or aakhir main JUNAID BHAIaap kia aap ne yahi sub kuch sunwanay ke leye mujh gunahgar ko idher ka rasta dikhaya tha

    wassalam aap ki muhbto chahto or mehrbanio ka talbgar


  174. ROHILLA February 9, 2009 at 2:03 pm #

    salam to all brother and sister

  175. JJ Abbasi February 9, 2009 at 12:28 pm #

    To All,

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    Dears i think k hamrai is sari conversations ka objective(nachour) yeh shair kerta hai.

    Falasfi ki bahse k andar Ilah milta nae
    Dor ko shulja raha hai aur sira milta nae

    Tou janab As J.K said, bohat hou chuka yeh Drama and bohat kar leye minnat tarlay…………..

    waisy jis k paas Rohaniyat kisi b shakal may hoti hai wo is terha batata nae phirta k mai hou Aamil e Zaman(humzad).

    we are here to learn n share some informative, not for to put any body in darkness… i.e. logoun ko apny peechy laga day.

    Ager kisi k paas aisi koe taqat hai tou us say mairi kind request hai k zara sharf-e-Gubtagu ka humay b moqa diya jaye .

    Alhumdu Lillah Allah Paak nay is field k kuch raaz-o-andaaz (asraar-o-Ramooz) kuch inayat farmay hain bt is ka matlab nae k Churangi per ab Board/banner/advertise kiya jaye…..

    Hope all of u got my point and thanks for your consideration to my post.


  176. Junaid Khan February 9, 2009 at 11:51 am #



    Thanks to Kashif Bahi,,,
    K unno nay,, Aik bar phir Is Topic main apnay Alfaz Ka jalway Daykhaya….

    Kashif Bahi… Aap hain he achay

    “” main tayra naam na be lun, phir be log tujay pechantay hain

    kay aap apna taharif hawa bahar ke hay

    Baqee Nahayat Adab say phir maire admin sb say iltamas hy k wo fasslloun ko aur dillon ko qareeb karnay ke koshish karain

    Allah Pak Un Par Razzee hu… aameen


  177. Amjad Siddiq February 9, 2009 at 5:26 am #

    aslam o alakum,

    kaysay hain kashif bhi main nay aaj aap ka message parha bohat khushi hoe main last 22 din say kuch wazifa kar raha hon lakin mujhay lagta hay kay ya hamzad kay leya nahi hai someone said me to do wird of bismillah hirahman i rahim 700 baR after eisha lakin kuch feel nahi ho raha mujh ko lakin main kar raha hon, aap agar kuch bata sakty hay to mujhay send karin aap mail ko ghor say parin to mujh tak pohanch jaen gay – please us ko add karin ya mujhay message karin,
    Allah sab par karam karay.



  178. malik kashif ali February 8, 2009 at 5:53 pm #

    junaid bhai ne to kuch zayada hi mujh ko gunahgar ker diya .ye un ki mujh pe shafqat hay.wagerna ilm kisi ki meras to nahi .bus ye bohat achay hain
    agar aap ko id ya contect ki zarorat ho to un se cell pe le lay wesay to mene apna cell diya hay magar mujh ko yakeen nai k wo is ko idher post honay dain(chowrangi walay).

    allah app sab per karoro rehmate kare

    kashif ali

  179. malik kashif ali February 8, 2009 at 5:44 pm #

    assalamualikum dear sissters and brohers,

    aik lambay arsay baad dobara chowrangi pe aya hoon .allah ki zaat in sab ko khush rakhshay jo kisi ko to khushi de nai sakte. idherv mene dekha k j.k bhai ne to achi khasi dhammal macha rakhi he mujhe pata he k agar main apna id de bhi do to ye post nai kre ge .

    allah ki zaat aap sab ko rehmato ke lambe say me rakhay or un ko bhi jo chah ne walo ko un k chah ne waloo se door rakhte hain

  180. ROHILLA February 1, 2009 at 10:50 am #

    Amjad bhai salam

  181. Amjad Siddiq February 1, 2009 at 3:03 am #

    Dear ADmin

    Can You please give me Malik Kashif Ali email address I am searhing him since a long time and my message is from Morocco please help me and donot disappoint me. I shall be very thankful to you.



  182. ROHILLA January 31, 2009 at 1:01 pm #


  183. ROHILLA January 28, 2009 at 2:56 am #


  184. J.K January 27, 2009 at 9:35 am #


    Aisee Koi baat nahi……..

    Allah aap ko khush rakhay…….

    Bas aik Baat keh kar Is silsalay ko khatam karna chayon ga

    The most determinative sentence that should always be followed in life.




    Allah sab ko apni amman main rakhay

    Duaoon ke darkhast


  185. ROHILLA January 26, 2009 at 10:29 pm #

    bhai salam aur sub dosto ko bhi
    bhai sorry ke sath koi bat buri lagi ho to maafi ka talab gar raho ga
    i belive in Allah subhan so belive in everything which he made for man kind
    so sorry again to everyone
    dua mai yaad rakhna salam to all

  186. J.K January 26, 2009 at 8:58 am #


    G mujy tu sharf hasil huwa hy,,,,,, in logo sy mulaqat ka,,,, jinoo nay is amal main kisi had tak kamyabi hasil ke hain,,,,

    PHopa dada ke khani tu aap k munh say he sun raha hun….

    Warna mairay qareeb aisay banday hain,,, jin k samany hamzad aa gaya tha,,,,

    liaken hamzad be Pora ulu ka patah huta hy…..

    dunayh main baray baray chupay huway rustam hain,,,,

    HEr Alim kay oooper Alim wala baitah huwa hy

    Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE the word says itself “I-M-POSSIBLE”


    1—————Yar aap kashif bahi say raabta karo…

    Nahi.. tu

    2————ALkash barani,,, ke books,,, Rajhooy E hamzad main aik Amal/method diya huwa hy,,,

    hamzad ko choranay ke leyah/ yah ager wo tanga karta hu,,

    choota sa amal hy,,,

    wo khaud jaan chor day ga……

    3————- Book… Tahufa e Mushkil kasaha// and Tahufa e Qalandri,,,

    main aisay Amal/taweezat hain……

    jin say aap hamzad say chutkara paa saktay hain,,, ager wo tang karta hu……


    1—–aap Waqar deen azeemi sab ke baat kar rahay thay?

    book name???

    kia aap nay amal wahan say kia???


  187. sajjad January 25, 2009 at 9:22 am #

    mein syed hon aur agar meri bat par yaqeen karo tu mein sach bat karne laga hon,mein ne hamzad ka amal kia hai,aur qurani amal kia hai lekan last din se pehle mujhe esa zrori kam ho gya k mein amal mukamal na kar saka,ap sab k lye advise yeh hai k agar humzad ka amal karo tu apna koi teacher ju pehle se jin waghera kabo ho,usko apna ustad man kar usko bolo k support kre,kion k humzad jin se kye guna tez hai,aur woh ain moqa par insan ko chakar de jata hai,ab woh humzad mujhe bohat tang karta hai,rat ko 3 bje mje bebas kar deta hai,jese mje current lag rha ho,agar mein usko sochon tab b woh ajata hai,aj lazmi woh mje tang krega kion k mein uska name lerha hon,agar koi amal krna chahta hai tu krachi k waqar uddin azimi shamsi kar k aik admi islami books aur amal likhtay hain,unse ap woh kitab le lein us mein 40 amal hai.lekan bura amal na karna.dua goo sajjad.mere lye dua karo k mujhe chutkara mil jaye

  188. ROHILLA January 24, 2009 at 9:58 pm #

    bahi agar aap kesi ko jante hoo jiss ne hamzad ka kaam kiya aur kaamyab ho gaya hai
    werna jitne muss utni baaty maaf kerna agar koi baat buri lagi ho to
    har koi yehai kahani sunata hai ke mere dada ke dada ke perdada ke phupa ke chacha ke paas tha hamzad
    kehna assan hai per kerna mushkal
    allah hafiz

  189. J.K January 23, 2009 at 9:47 am #

    kun k main be 2 saal say isse pay research kar raha hun,,,

    hamzad was my only passion in rohaniyat…

    koi 15/20 books say main nay saare informaiton lee theee

    Naaame grameee Bandoo aur daway daroo sy be baat huwe,,,

    khud be try ke,,,,,

    aur nakam logo sy be dosti yarre raheiiiii

    End result yahi raha.

    k log with out informatin chilla karnay baith jatay hian,,,,

    rules ka pata nahi huta…..

    Ager sahi Guideline mil jaye tu theek warna,,, 21 kia 121 main be muskhil huta hy,,,, ” its experiece”

    Kahisf bahi,, Achay banday hain,,,, beyond hamzad topic…..

    Warana log aise cheezon ke hawa be nahi lagnay daytay….


    Pahlay Khushbuuu k mizaj ko tu parkh lu

    pher gulastan main kisi gul say mohabat karna


    Ager kisi ko koi baat buri lage hu,,, tu I M Soorryyyyyyy

    ALLAH sab ko Apni Amman main rkahy

    aur Nake aur Jahiz desires pore karay



  190. J.K January 23, 2009 at 9:40 am #


    Ab aise be koi baat nahi,, Hamzad Ko itne bare bala nahi hay

    700 sal pahlay wala molvei sab ka incident tu aap Hazrat ALkasht barni ke kitab wala ( rajohay hamzad ) say suna rahe hain…

    Itna mushkil nahi hy,,,, bas

    Dil gurda huna cheyha and second,,,, some practices… wo be kisi achay say banday ke pusht panahi par…..

    wo Hazrat iqbal Farmaty hain ,,,

    ager kisi koi Hazrat Shoaib jiasa banday mil jaye

    ti shaybani say kaleemi 2 qadam k faslay par hay


    Yah log jo kashif bahi ka address manga rahay hain,,,

    aur admin sab day nahi rahy,,,,,,

    tu maraiy khayal main,,, bhot nakhray hu gaye hain,,,,

    ham is topic ko kisi aur community/forum pay move kar laitayin hain,,,

    internet pay 1000 kay haasaab say places hain,,,

    chorange koi aakhari jaga nahi hay…..

    kashif bahi be wahan aa jeyen gay,,,,,

    kun kashif bahi,,,

    bhot hu gaye,,,bhot minnat tarlay kar leyah…..

    kun na online academy bana lain,,,,


  191. ROHILLA January 21, 2009 at 11:16 pm #

    salam to all
    700 year ago in shah akbar age one molvi captured hamzad
    its not easy job to do so
    if u r born with golden spone than there is a chance to do this job othewise
    its a dream and dream never come true thx w salam

  192. ayubi January 20, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    assalamo alaikum aap sabhi doston co. main addministrator se phir request karunga ke sajjad saheb ka id mere e-mail per send keren unse jaroori baat kerni hai or mere e mail id co shabhi doston co send kerden bari meharbani hogi

  193. amanahmad January 14, 2009 at 6:37 pm #

    assalamo alaikum aap sabhi doston ko assalam alaikum.mujh se kashif saheb ka email aap log le sakten hai addministrator se request karen ki mera e-mail id aap sabhi logo ko send kerde
    allah hafiz

  194. danial January 14, 2009 at 10:18 am #

    Salam every one.

    I am a young lady from Pakistan. Since long i am interested to capture Hamzad (Persian:Qareen), the shadow with the human. Although I hv great knowledge about Hamzad about all its wareabout but I need a partner to help me during this work. If any one is voluntear contact me on this email. Ladies would be preferred.


  195. AAlim-UL-Gaib January 8, 2009 at 9:06 am #

    Salam Brothers and sisters,

    May allah’s blessings be on you all, if anyone has any trouble with regards to any amal not performing correctly or anyone in need of help with regards to further info on hamzad etc, feel free to contact me [email address removed] and you will get a quick response. Ruhaani amal is a very big thing and not everyone understands it. Many people claim to be aamils but very few actually have the gift. Someone here claimed that if such amal existed why would people work and study? true i agree, but how does one know that all big inventions were not achieved by the help of such amals?? and one more thing should be noted, those who have it do not say they have it. All welcome to attend one of our haazri’s and you might be pleasantly surprised. We have a huge turn out every week even by non muslims and we help all humans regardless of faith. Actually, those who reject the existance of jinns and the like should read the koran with the translation in the language they understand best!

  196. malik kashif ali January 7, 2009 at 12:49 pm #


  197. malik kashif ali January 7, 2009 at 12:46 pm #


  198. malik kashif ali January 4, 2009 at 9:32 am #



  199. JJ Abbasi December 30, 2008 at 10:38 am #

    Dear Admin,

    Pls send me Mr. Kashif, Mr. Afzaal, Mr. Ayubi and Mr. Sajjad’s e-mail addresses.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    JJ Abbasi

  200. ayubi December 27, 2008 at 2:04 pm #

    main addministrator se gujarish kerta hun ke mera email sajjad ko send ker den or sabhi dosto ko send kerden mere pass kashif saheb ka e-mail id haior mujhe sajjad saheb ka email id send kerden

  201. sajjad December 24, 2008 at 9:50 am #


  202. JJ Abbasi December 18, 2008 at 4:18 pm #

    to Afzal Ahmad,

    Dear …………….if u have his id or u also have info n some amals so why dont u post here……..or leave ur id/contact no through any way……….

    we are all still awaiting of Admin but he is still refusing our request……..Whts a Problem…………

  203. JJ Abbasi December 17, 2008 at 10:13 am #

    To Admin,

    Sir, Please allow us to share here our e-mail ids which will help all of us to conclude nicely.

    Hope you will do.

  204. afzaal ahmad December 17, 2008 at 8:20 am #

    dear all,
    main kafi arsay se dekh raha hon k aap sab kashif bhai k email archive kernay ki koshish main hain aap log mujh se rabta karain main aap ko batao ga k un ka id kia hay.

  205. ayubi December 17, 2008 at 7:02 am #

    mai addministrator se request karunga ke mujhe kashif ka e-mail de mujhe unse jaroori kaam hai plz accept my request

  206. JJ Abbasi December 16, 2008 at 12:04 pm #

    Dear Sajjad,

    Oh………….very sad………..to know abt you.

    But, is ka hal nikal sakhta hai…………..i.e.

    Admin say request karain k wo maira e-mail address apko send ker dain………then we will talk further……..how to get rid from him. There are one amal which may help you……..


  207. ayubi December 16, 2008 at 11:32 am #

    sajjad bhai assalamo alaikum main apke masle ka hal bata sakta hun aap mere id per mujh se rabta karen or puri tafseel se bataye kish karh aap ne hamzaad ka amal kiya or kaya hallat pesh aaye? main kosis karunga ke aap ka hamzaad aap ko paresaan na kare or us ka tarika bhi batayunga

  208. sajjad December 15, 2008 at 1:34 pm #

    slam Kashif bhi mein sajjad dubai sa agar ap mje apni id de dein tu mein apse direct contact kar loun.koi b id ho.acha mera masla yeh hai k mein ne hamzad musakhar karne k lye qurani amal kia lekan akhri din se aik din pehle mujhe ese mushkil pesh agya k mein amal na kar saka aur mje city se bohat dor jana par gya ab hamzad muje rat 3 bje akar tang karta hai mein us se kese chutkara hasal karon please jaldi ans karin.meri yahoo ki id ya hotmail ki id par thanks.

  209. ayubi December 11, 2008 at 5:12 am #

    malik kashif ali ka e-mail kaya hai.braye meharbani mujhe koyi bataye,main site owner se request kerta hun wo malik kashif ali ka email mere email per send keren plz

  210. JJ Abbasi November 28, 2008 at 10:54 am #

    Dear Admin,

    Its shocked for me (i think all of us) why dont u show email address of us.

    It should be beneficial for us to get authentic n closer info/help.

    many people intend to know id of Kashif sb. Pls post his id here.

    If he (Kashif sb) by himself dont want to show his id here so its the headache of other-side.

    Hope u wil appreciate n suggest us better.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    JJ Abbasi.
    P.S. Here is so no clear way to search topic. may u let us the procedure

  211. JJ Abbasi November 26, 2008 at 3:12 pm #

    Dears All,

    Specially Kashif Bahi

    I want to discuss you online my id is [email removed]

    Looking forward from all of you.

  212. JJ Abbasi November 25, 2008 at 5:01 pm #

    Dears All,

    I’ve done 3 chilla(s) for capturing Humzad but in vain.

    I’ve searched n practiced so much to capture it but couldnt success.

    im here to share lot of info regarding it.

    hope see your comments soon

  213. Huma October 27, 2008 at 11:24 pm #

    To request to all brothers & sister

    If anyone have realistic Hamzad capture wazifah by using he got the results, please forward me. I need it desperately please.

    thanks and awaiting,

  214. huma October 26, 2008 at 2:38 am #

    AOA admin

    Can you please forward me email address of Malik Mohsin ya Malik Kshaif ali ka email address . i need hammzaad waifah.

    Its very urgent please.

    Please help me…

    Many thanks

  215. Huma October 26, 2008 at 2:32 am #

    Khasif bahi


    Please please send me hamzaad’s capture full wazifah immediately and urgently please. I shall be grateful.

    Bhai Moshin can you please forward me kshaif bahi ka wazifah.

    Its very very urgent.

    For my email can you please ask admin.

    Your sis Huma

  216. ZAFAR BAIG October 8, 2008 at 3:37 pm #

    dear sir

    as salam-o-alekum

    mujhey hamzaad ka elam sekhna hain kia ap mujhey es ke barin main urdu main ya roman english main information bata saktey hain takey main ye elam hasil kar sako ap ke ley Dua go

    zafar baig chushti

  217. baksh hussain September 18, 2008 at 3:58 am #

    sorry my email was deleted in the previous post. if you can please contact me at this email. If the webmaster wont allow this post through, then can i ask if the webmaster will be kind enough to give me kashif sahib’s email, or forward this message to kashif sahib? I have asked this but I got no reply for 2 weeks now. thanks.

  218. baksh hussain September 17, 2008 at 6:19 pm #

    salams Kashif sahib. I tried your email in your Aug. 24 post, but they don’t work. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Can you please tell my how to contact you, chat or email address? my email is Bohat Shukurya. Salam

    -Baksh Hussain

  219. kashif samdani September 9, 2008 at 9:35 pm #

    dekhna chahiyay k agar main idher kissi ko dhkha de raha hoon ya kissi ko loot raha ho to mujh khaksar ko ye sab kerna mangta lekin hy afsos k aik banda apnay seenay k raaz fash ker k logo ko ilm o amal ki dawat de raha hay to log is ko bhi frod samajh tay hain
    allah aap sab ka hamo o nasir ho
    khak e samdani
    kashif samdani

  220. Mohammad Yusha September 9, 2008 at 2:46 pm #

    when i looked at the comments of malik mohsin, ali akbar and aashiq ali i felt something was odd. They all wrote in urdu, the writing style of all 3 was similar and all of them ended their comments with aap ka khadim. I decided then, to match IP adresses and I FOUND OUT ALL 3 COMMENTS (malik mohsin, ali akbar and aashiq ali) CAME FROM THE SAME PERSON, MALIK KASHIF ALI SAMDANI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. aashiq ali August 31, 2008 at 3:49 pm #

    mohtaram bhi jan,
    aap ka main kis moon say shukriya ada karo aap nay mujh nachees k kia kia ilm diya ab main 3 mashq k end per hoon khana main kia tabdeeli aani hay .bata ker mamnoon fermain

    aap ka khadim

    aaishiq ali

  222. ayubiahmad August 28, 2008 at 6:24 pm #

    kashif umar samdaani ka e-mail address send karen unse hamzaad ka amal phuchna hai

  223. J.K August 28, 2008 at 3:08 pm #


    Kashif bahi,,

    main nay be aik adad chillah kia huwa hy,,, hamzad ka.. par aya nahi,,,

    i want to meet u…or need contact,,,

    hope u will honoured me


  224. ali akbar August 24, 2008 at 8:16 pm #

    kashif bhai aap nay jo mujh ko last night amal bata hay main wo puray per haiz k sath ker ahaho.
    meray like koi khidmat ho to batadain mujh ko khushi hogi

    aap ka sacha khadim .
    ali akbar raza

  225. ali akbar August 24, 2008 at 7:58 pm #

    bhai kashif salam,
    aap nay mujh ko last night jo amal bataya tha wo main nay shuro ker diya hay.is main kia perhaiz hay wo bhi dekh liya koi or hukm ho to plz batain
    aap ka khadim
    ali raza akbar islamabad

  226. malik mohsin August 24, 2008 at 1:32 pm #




  227. malik kashif ali August 24, 2008 at 11:16 am #

    assalamu alikum,

    i regards my all fnds and lovres. so, its my wish i help any one who helpme in getting knowledge. kainat khuda main allah ki zaat nay aisay aisay ajaibat chupa rakhay hain k app log soch bhi nahi sktay.pechay meray aik bhai nay kahani sunai k mahnat or lagan say her chees mil saktai hay, to maray bhai aap ki baat bilkul theek hay magar ye bhi to yaad rakhain k her kam main hi lagan hono chahiyay

    ab amal hamzad main agar aap ka shoq na ho lagan na ho to aap kesaya us ko paya takmeel tak pohanchay gay
    baki ahi ilmul hamzaad ki baat to ye aik mukammal athentic or sciencetific ilm hay or main is ko sabit kernay ko tayar hoo . baaki jo ahbab mujh say is ilm k sekhnay k khoahish mand hain WO MERI ID ma_samdani313@hotmail.com and ma_samdani313@ymail.com hay

  228. ayubi ahmad August 23, 2008 at 3:18 pm #

    assalamo alaikum kashif bhai muje ammalayat se sowk hai mujhe kashif bhai aap apna e-mail address or contact no ho to mere e-mail per jaroor begh den bari meharbani hogi . aap se baat karne ke liye bekrar hun ish liye aap se gujarish karta hun ke aap puri kafseel se hamzaad ke bare main mujhe batayen kuen ki aap hamzaad ka aamil hain

  229. ashim malik August 22, 2008 at 10:56 pm #

    haziraat kya hai or kya binaa bache(child) ke be kiya ja sakta hai.

  230. Ahmed August 20, 2008 at 5:09 am #

    Jehanzeb & Yusha please use your hamzad to summon me, I would love to see you in person if you cant do that I will think your are a liar or mentally ill

    for all those people still believing in this here is a short story for you ” once a king ordered all his wise men to collect all wisdom in books for him & he can just read & become wisest man on earth ” his scholars worked for many years & then they came back with thousands of books kings said ” I cant read all these books & memorise them, compress them as a single book so that I can read & memorize” scholars went back worked again & came back with one thick book king said “compress it more i cant read that thick book” at that time scholars worked again & this time they came with a single piece of paper & told the king that if you read that paper you will learn all wisdom of world then the king read the paper guess what was written on paper

    “Nothing great in this world can only be achieved without hard work & dicipline ”

    moral of the story –> there is nothing like a quick fix or a ok pill if you want success you must first dicide what you want then plan realistically to get it & trust me it will work for you at least it will get you in better position if not what you were expecting this hamzad stuff will waste your time please see my responses below I have described the background of this myth & scientific reasoning why some people really see or have experience of hamzad or djinn

  231. Ahmed August 20, 2008 at 4:48 am #

    Hamzad is actually a character from old arabic folk tales there is no reality in it if there were something like this or people can control it just immagine what could have happened in past 🙂 there a millions of brilliant intelligent people working on technologies do you thin they are ignorant & idiots ?? isnt it easier to get a hamzad then doing years of research & develop technology by intelligent people ?? just imagine if there were a single person in this world with a hamad why that person is so stupid & ignorant that he never captured all worth & powers of this world for himself just think as an educated person using your brain & logic

  232. Mohammad Yusha August 15, 2008 at 4:10 pm #

    If you know everything what do you need help for?

  233. Junaid khan August 15, 2008 at 12:23 pm #

    August 5th, 2008 18:47 GMT

    Slam to all.i know everything abt hamzaad.anythng abt hamzad anyperson can ask me.i cn help


    kia aap nay kabe Hamzad ka amal kia hay,,, yah kisi ko jantay hain jo hamzad ka aamil,, ,hu aur hamare help kar sakay

  234. JHANZAIB August 5, 2008 at 6:47 pm #

    Slam to all.i know everything abt hamzaad.anythng abt hamzad anyperson can ask me.i cn help

  235. Shakir Lakhani August 3, 2008 at 1:08 am #

    Finally, Ahmed has said what I’ve told everyone all along. People who believe in black magic and other nonsense propagated by Yusha need urgent psychiatric treatment.

  236. Ahmed August 2, 2008 at 10:53 am #

    believing in super natural helping & such stuff is indications of mental illness & many people suffer from it perhaps stressfull or demanding pressure from society about one’s success or responsibilities are its major causes in such situation a person may think of escape in one of threse ways
    1) behaving sick & sad relatively natural & healthy response of brain so that his family member & friends get notice that a person needs help
    2) anger – to repel & reject pressure , normal but unhealthy
    3) behaving & believing that the person is possessed by some some soul , ghost or jin whatever or he is casted by spell actullaly this comes out of extreme guilty feeling in subconscious & mind tries to escape this by saying look I am innocent that the din or evil souls who is responsible for my failure
    4) desire to control some super natural power like djin s atima hamzad etc in this way mind says ok now I have key to al problem I will resolve them instantly & now its time to relax & not worrying
    5) thoughts of sucide, extreme painful situation & most adverse stage of illness

    symptoms 1 & 2 are normal & can be treated by counseling reading some self help books & in many cases educated parents can help , if necessary patient should be taken to psychologist for professional counseling

    symptom 3 – 5 will require medication in for example serotonin reuptake inhibitors ( given in case of depression) perhaps only a psychiatrist can recommend proper treatment & medication

    there is no need to feel depress & shameful if you have such problem just think of it as a normal disease like malaria , typhoid or common fever & immediately consult a doctor before it get really serious

  237. Fuad July 23, 2008 at 9:22 pm #

    Sorry, my previous comment came off a bit insulting. That wasn’t my intention. I have serious disagreement with some of your views shakir, but i laugh at Muhammad Yusha though.

  238. Fuad July 23, 2008 at 9:18 pm #

    No shakir, Muhammad Dawood is hanafi-barelvi, but Muhammad YUSHA is a deobandi. Also, believe you me, deobandis are just as “superstitious” as barelvi, only difference is deobandis are incredibly ignorant, and miss some obvious points of Islam, under the guise of “reason”. Kind of like you actually.

  239. ayubi July 22, 2008 at 5:48 pm #

    assalamo alaikum i want hamzaad,s aamil. please send me hamzaad’s capture Formula’s. and full wazifee

  240. Shakir Lakhani July 8, 2008 at 10:38 pm #

    Fuad, you’re wrong. This guy Yusha is not a deobandi. His beliefs suggest that he’s from the opposite camp (barelvi). Islam is the only religion which forbids people from people believing in reciting mantras for mental diseases (like believing in black magic and other stuff). In my experience, deobandis are not superstitious, while barelvis are.

  241. Mohammad Yusha July 8, 2008 at 1:12 pm #

    another hamzaad freak in need of professional help. Can any one of you hamzaad freaks tell me the reason for wanting to “control” your hamzaad.

  242. Fuad July 8, 2008 at 10:14 am #

    HAHAHAHA. People, dont take this ignorant deobandi (Muhammad Yusha) too seriuosly ok? thanks

  243. Mohammad Yusha July 7, 2008 at 7:02 pm #

    Dear “Muhammad”,

    i think you are a girl pretending to be a guy. (There are 3 reasons for that) I am a very open and honest person. Any one can ask me anything at any time. I only love to help. You do not have to be scared or feel shy.

    Let me answer your question now.

    If a “pir” tells a person to jump from the top of a building and you are his khalifah, and he will also guide you, what will you do?

    No pir can tell his khalifa to take control of hamzaad. Only a fake, a complete retard in need of serious professional help will suggest so.

    Taking control of hamzaad is not established in deen. It does not benefit one in this world, nor in the hereafter. Many, many people have died trying to take control of hamzaad. It is a very serious matter.

  244. Muhammad July 7, 2008 at 1:44 am #

    What happens if your peersab asks u 2take control of your hamzaad,and u are his khalifah?and wil also guide u.

  245. Mohammad Yusha July 3, 2008 at 8:29 pm #

    Only a person who wants to commit suicide decides to take control of hamzaad or jinns. Any person who gives information in this matter will end up giving information on how to commit suicide and will be held as a murderer on the day of Judgement.

  246. kashif umar samdaani July 1, 2008 at 5:43 pm #

    assalamualikum ,

    tamam dosto salam hoo kia haal hain sub k theek hain .
    khdim YAHOO ID k saath hazir khidmat hay jo pochna hay (about hamzaad) poch lain
    tama dosto ko bohat bohat salaam special DAWOD BHAI ko
    allah hafiz,
    kashif umar samdaani

  247. Yaya June 19, 2008 at 9:01 am #

    Hello, Kashim Umar, I want to know about Hamzaad and also keen to take control of it. Can you help me?

  248. Fuad May 1, 2008 at 7:47 am #

    Asalamualaikum. To Malik Kashif Ali bhai, i would like to know how to get in contact with you, since the moderator wont allow email addresses to be published here, how do i contact you, will the webmaster give me your email if i ask, and if that is the case, how do i contact the webmaster. I really want to know more about hamzad , i know alot about jinn, but not too much about hamzad. jazakulah khair khuda hafiz.. also, just in case, my email is

  249. salahuddin April 30, 2008 at 6:20 pm #

    hamzaad kaya hai. amal hamzaad kaya hota hai

  250. Fiaz April 22, 2008 at 6:55 am #

    Salam To be honest there is no such thing as hamzaad in the traditional sense, what most people are referring to when talking about hamzaad is the qareen/shaytan/jinn that is with every human being. And remember shaytan can never force you to do evil only suggest i.e it can put negative thought within you. Ulitmatly if you do a good or bad deed the final decision is yours and therefor on day of judgment you will be held accountable..
    p.s I would suggest you DONT preform chilla/khalwat for controlling/contain Jinn it will do more harm then good. btw what I have said is 100% true and athenticated by a high Shaykh from Jhelum(PK) whos students are counted some amongst JINN, if I lie to you brothers about anything may Allah punish me this is the TRUTH.

  251. malik kashif ali April 20, 2008 at 1:46 pm #

    aap sub bhioun ko bohat bohat salaam. meri ghair hazri kafi badi thi,aap logo nay mujh ko pehchana nahi im MALIK KASHIF ALI KNOW ABOUT HAMZAAD. last time kuch dosto nay haqiqat hamzaad ka pocha tha lehaza main aap sub ki khidmat main haazir ho aap ko jo bhi maloomat leni ho plz joind the blog and my id

  252. Mohammad Yusha February 22, 2008 at 9:01 pm #

    in comes in a hadith that when Allah creates a man he also creates a shaitan. (This shaitan stays with him throughout his life to tempt him. This shaitan is called hamzaad)

  253. Joji February 22, 2008 at 12:29 pm #

    Dear All,

    Thanks of all of your comments about Hamzaad, i read it but can any one guide me or let me in detail about Hamzaad. I will grateful if any one do this kind job.
    I am from Pakistan – ISB.

  254. Fiaz December 3, 2007 at 3:27 am #

    ok sir

  255. malik klashif ali December 1, 2007 at 7:31 pm #

    aap ne bohat hi achi baat kahi k science ki taleem k baad
    hum loog in ot pataang batoo main phunsay hoy hay .meray bhai Quraan o hadees ki roo se in takto ka wajood hay aggar aap ko is kbaray main maloomat chaiya to meri id messinger per chat ker lain (kashif_tobo666) chate ker lay

  256. Shakir Lakhani November 29, 2007 at 12:17 am #

    Perhaps the greatest damage done to Pakistan by Zia ul Haq was the excessive promotion of so-called Islamic subjects to the exclusion of science in schools. As a result, a whole generation of ignorant men and women believe the kind of nonsense written above. Why is it that djinns and fairies do not exist in those places where most people are educated? It is only illiteracy which makes people believe in the supernatural. I have seen men being literally worshipped because they became fathers at fifty. And many women used to make my five year old son touch them because they believed he had the power to make them well, just because when he was born his feet came out first. And our TV channels are also guilty of promoting this mumbo jumbo. Those who have impressionable children should forbid them fom watching such programs or reading the kind of stuff which advocates belief in spirits. Muslim children should be made to study the Holy Koran and the accepted books of Imam Bukhari only.

  257. malik kashif ali November 28, 2007 at 12:43 pm #

    BHAI FIAZ im so sory for i coudl not respons u on ur mail because my id is crupt so sory plz say web site owner contect me Mr. DOWD and bhaiFIAZ plz mail me i shoud give u great respons ok (plz city name nmae age recuired )
    malikkashif ali

  258. malik kashif ali November 28, 2007 at 12:37 pm #

    if any people give great information about hamzaad plz contect me my new id is here and yahoo id is same but could not include 555 ant so on same i will comfirt any person about HAMZAAD

  259. sonu November 6, 2007 at 10:09 am #

    w.s bhai jann ,
    maine hamzaad ke bare kafi kotabe padi hai . hai lekin usme inse khatra hee batayagaya hai. main hamzaad ki taskir karna chahta hoo .. kya aap meri madad kar na chahenge . main delhi mai rahta hoo . Achhha bhai jaan aapko PArio k baare main koi jankari hai to jaroor post kariye


  260. Fiaz October 25, 2007 at 3:53 pm #

    Salam Mr Kashif

    Aap ka email ya msn kia hei? mein is science ko seekna chaata ho.

  261. KASHIF UMAR October 16, 2007 at 3:10 pm #

    dawood bhai slaam ho

    aap ko hamzaad k bare main kafi ilm hay. lekin aap isko quraan o sunnat ki roshni main bayan ker rahay hain .dekhain aap kisi din mujh se chat karain main aap ko hamzaad ki asal haqiqat science ki roshni main bata sakta hoo our me isko is wakt ye mere pass hay aour main isko dosro k liye bhi qaboo kane k treke bata sakta hoon mera chat id hay mikala_seer

  262. Abu Hasan August 18, 2007 at 12:31 am #

    Dear all,

    Allow me to clarify the following.

    A demon is not the same as a devil and a jinn is a natural force or spirit. A demon roots back to the outer darkness of our universe. A devil on the other hand roots back to the dark within the universe (solar system) we belong to like an angel roots back to the light. The hamzaad (dark side) you are talking about as being part of a human being is NOT a jinn.

    Humans have two sides. They correspond with the concept and reality of light and darkness. Every part of one’s constitution can be amplified by non human forces as it can by human forces.

    In the context of what we discuss here the dark side can be amplified by a high level jinn, devil or even a demon and the light side by a high level jinn, angel or archangel. This amplification is done within one’s own constitution and required to be able to for example instruct jinn’s.
    When asking, instructing or forcing jinn’s to produce effects in the physical sphere, sometimes referred to as enslaving jinn’s, one needs to have true control over them. This control has been handed down to you if you are under protected circumstances.

    Attracting the attention, applying for and obtaining amplification by a non human force is done by performing rituals, speaking out recitals or repeated behavior. The type and amount of force you are able to attract and successfully obtain is mainly determined by your intention and the frequency in which afore said is performed. The influence of your ancestors, tribe, and surroundings and so on play an important role as well.

    Unless your development is handled and therefore protected by either an ancestor, higher spirit, more experienced person, tradition, belief or true servant of ALLAH i.e. a Nabi you will have to face and handle the attracted force(s) i.e. amplification(s) yourself. Serving ALLAH in other words receiving development under one of the Nabi’s is the safest way of development. Do not play with your own development by not paying attention to what we say here because the risk of damages, losses, craziness or even death is bigger than the benefits you may think you will be able to gain.

    Real power over these amplifying forces is solely given by ALLAH or his true servants in HIS name.
    A dangerous way is to borrow them from (whatsoever) other sources. Believe me there are a lot of parties (groups) in this sphere and other (invisible) spheres who are willing to borrow you whatever you ask. But all at a price. Initially all seem so beneficial to you but sooner or later the truth will come out and it turns out to be beneficial to everyone else involved except you and those loved by you. Eventually you will find yourself in a greater darkness then before.

    In case the force is borrowed you will have to feed it and sooner or later you will have to pay the bill. Or and this is even worse your debt is paid by those loved by you or who love you like your relatives, your or their off spring, your real friends and so on. Especially when they are not familiar with what you do or did they are unprotected against these forces and often you are unable to do something about that.

    A real life example: some specific dark forces will demand from you to command them to perform works of the dark like “Let us eat from (read: feed ourselves with) the life energy of your beloved ones” or “instruct us to take the life of your enemy”. By feeding them you prolong their presence in your sphere. These demands are heard as voices whispering in your ear or come to you as strong undeniable thoughts, desires, and feelings. In general they all lead to destruction. If you refuse to do what they ask from you and they specifically ask your approval because you are responsible for bringing them to our sphere, you will start to feel a painful pressure coming up in your head and or body. This pressure becomes stronger and stronger and continues to grow to such an extent that you want to free yourself from this crazy-making influence.

    Provided your belief in the almightiness of ALLAH and the power given to his true servants and your connection with LIGHT is strong enough you will find the power and energy to overcome them. However if you’re weak and decide to free yourself and relieve the pain by doing what is asked (one uncontrolled thought is enough) your approval is carried out and you will have made a choice to follow a path from which you will never be able to return and which can only lead to destruction, eternal dead and abstention of light. And you will be welcomed by all counter workers of ALLAH and his true servants.

    After read the above you may now realize that fighting black magic with the help of jinn’s is questionable and you should stay away from applying the forces of jinn’s or non human forces to amplify your own (or those of others) abilities, talents and so. It is better to persevere in prayer to fortify your faith and belief in ALLAH and his true servants and to never forget to praise and thank ALLAH for the fact that you are what you are and that you too play a role in what is meant to be. By doing this you will amplify your light side and attract the attention of those who co-work with ALLAH and his true servants, you will be given what you ask for provided it is a real benefit for you and those depending on you. Although you do not necessarily notice its effects in the here and now. And when the time for you has come to walk the straight line towards ALLAH and cross the bridge to other spheres (bringing you closer to ALLAH) you will notice that the things you longed for before you know what you know then was nothing but illusion compared to THE MOST HIGH i.e. ALLAH. Once you realize this an inner world will open and you will be able to initiate miracles beyond comprehension without the need to receive appraisals other than those addressed to ALLAH.

    We sincerely hope that the info given to you will help you and us to conquer the dark in us and those around us. Its effects are unfortunately so wide a spread, visible and noticeable.

  263. Youcef June 25, 2007 at 7:46 pm #

    Are you blind or somthing? He gave proof from Koran and Hadtih.

  264. Hassan Hussain April 22, 2007 at 8:46 pm #

    Dear Brother Muhammad Dawood

    It is to say beseechingly can you prove some so called things (Hamzad) from authentic sources! Actually I think talking about such things without Proofs and references and experiences is like living in dream land or fools paradise or fiction world like when wee read un authentic stupid narration usually attributed to
    Our Great Olya Karam (May Allah be please with them)

    So we should be care full before uttering such words for them

    Youre Brother in Islam

  265. j March 26, 2007 at 3:11 am #

    As Salaamu Valaikum,
    Is moakil and hamzaad are same or jinn. Is moakil an agels or jinn. i heard some alim talking about sending mokil to get info about other or what happened.

    thank you.

  266. Muhammad Dawood January 16, 2007 at 10:34 am #

    thc: Hamzaad is not Moakkil. Name Moakkil refers to angels associated with doing wazeefas.

    Max Q: What do you mean by the superstition and What is the correct interpretation of the Holy Quran? Besides, please enlighten us on how the life(short in your opinion) could be conserved.

    BTW, your chosen language speaks loud about your condition.

  267. Max q January 15, 2007 at 11:47 pm #

    All you hamzaad freaks are wasting your time… there is NO such thing. Break away from superstition and stop misinterpreting the Quran; for your own good… life is too short for wasting in pointless conjuncture. Do not inhibit your growth.

  268. thc December 27, 2006 at 7:31 pm #

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

    Is the hamzaad what is known in urdu as moakkil?

  269. Muhammad Dawood November 27, 2006 at 10:19 am #

    Dear Abdullah,

    I won’t advise you to perform a Chila for taking control over your Hamzaad because there is very much possibility of yourself getting in any harm. Hamzaad is a Jinn and he will do whatever possible to resist your efforts.

    Any Chilla whatsoever shouldn’t be done unless one is under direct supervision of an experience and learned Sheikh (Pir).

    For saving yourself from the evils of magic and witches, you should, instead of controlling your Hamzaad, recite the Holy Quran especially the Ayut ul Kursi, and the last 4 Surahs.

    Muhammad Dawood

  270. Abdallah November 26, 2006 at 4:31 pm #

    Salam Alaekun

    I am about to perform an Hamzaad Chila. Can you provide any advice for me to proceed (or not). Maybe any similarone I can do. I thought it was islamic by the chant such as ” Allahumo Alimulgaebe washahadatan…….
    I need something extra to physically fight the evil that surrounds african voodoo magic, witches. Please advice.


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