Hamzaad (Qareen)

Forces of Darkness – 3

Hamzaad (Qareen ) is the demon permanently assigned to each person during his/her life whose job is to seduce human beings. Allah Almighty says: “His Companion will say: “Our Lord! I did not make him transgress, but he was (himself) far astray.” (Qaf: 27) i.e. the devil assigned to seduce him will say: “My lord! It was not me who seduced him at the beginning, but it was he himself who preferred blindness to guidance. So, I helped him achieve his goal through seduction.”

36. If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of ((Allah)) Most Gracious, We appoint for him an evil one, to be an intimate companion to him. Sura Az-Zukhruf (36)

In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) tells us that a demon is assigned to every human being: “There is no one among you but a comrade from among the jinn is assigned to him.” Sahaba e Karam (RA) present in that occasion asked: “Even you, O Messenger of Allah?” He said: “Even me, but Allah granted me victory over him and he became Muslim (or: and I am safe from him), so he only enjoins me to do that which is good.”

In order to get rid of such demon comrade, one should continuously recite the Quran, particularly the verse of Al-Kursi (verse number 255 of Surat Al-Baqarah), and the last two verses of the same Surah.

So Qareen or Hamzaad is a devil appointed as a companion. The Qareen should not be asked to be brought out or revealed, they are dangerous. However, some Amileens take the risk and do various things to communicate with him and gain benefits. Since Hamzaad remains with an individual, he knows about all the history of the person. Amils after taking control over their own Hamzaad, contact with the Hamzaad of any person and gain information about their past. By this way they inform their clients about their past and impress them with their knowledge but Hamzaad don’t have information about the future so any information on future given by Amileen is not reliable.

Enslaving the Jinns or Hamzaad is possible but a risky business and can cost one his life. It shouldn’t be done without having proper guidance from an experienced person. Once an amil was doing exercise for controlling his Hamzaad. He lit a candle and placed it on his back in a dark room during night. He focused on his shadow which appeared on the front wall and started reciting a verse. He continued for few nights after which his shadow started moving. After some more time, the shadow started running around the room although the candle and he himself was stationary. On the last day of his exercise, he was busy in his work without knowing that some guests were sleeping on the roof top of his neighbor’s house. All of sudden the Charpoys (beds) started falling from the roof. The guests got panicked and a crowd gathered around. People knocked the amil’s door as well and he had to break his work to go out to see whats happening. His Chila broke and the Hamzaad got free. Later the amil started receiving stains of blood on him and suffered throughout his life.

Hamzaad gets powerful when its companion human being indulges in evils and gets weaker if the person does good deeds. When one goes astray from the right path, he/she gets strong inclination/temptation from the inside. He/she feels that someone inside is pushing towards something. Scientist can claim it to be split personality or anything else. But the truth is Man is born with both Evil and Good in his inside. He has choice. If he chooses evil, than his evil takes over his goodness and he becomes a devil. If he chooses goodness the evil is enslaved and he becomes superior to Angels, a true Naib of Almighty Allah and deserves to be called Ashraf ul Makhlooqat.

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  1. Waseem Zaman September 26, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

    respected sir. my wife had a moakil since she was 3 years old . bud due to some black magic she was upset every day . he moakil use to tell us who and where is the black magic is being performed.
    lately he advised us to go to PIR JALILI BAB near thatta where all the black magic will be taken by him . we did as advised but unfortunately the mokil himself was captured by pir baba.
    Although the mokil told us to stay Pir hakik shah mazar but we went to Pir Jalali baba mazar…
    now my wife had basharat that the mokil is captured by PIR JALALI BABA .. She wants her back as he was helpful to us … is there any way that we can do to bring him back to her.

  2. najfi September 26, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    wo tamam dost jo humzad k silsile mei durust rehnumai chahte hai wo
    rabta kre lakin sirf un logo ki rehnumai ki jai gi jo chillo k aadi ho inshla
    faida hoga

  3. abbas August 8, 2011 at 5:31 pm #


  4. aman August 8, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    Assalamo Alaikum
    tamam doston co Ramzaan mubarak ho. Abbas bhia aap ne koyi jawab nahi diya abhi tak
    emai. ayubidotahmad attherate gmail dot com ,

  5. HUMZAD July 30, 2011 at 8:36 am #

    Humzad har insan kay sath ALLAH nay paida kia hai jis tera insan kay sath paida hota hai essi tera insan kay mernay kay bad wo bi hukam-e- khuda sy apnay maskan mai chala jata hai.Humzad insan ki bohat si makhfi taqaton mai sy eik hai lakin batin ki taqat hai or ess ka basera insan kay lashur mai hai jis ka taluk insani dimagh or dil sy hai.Har insan ka humzad humesha uss kay saye ki teran uss kay sath reta hai kubi agay tou kubi peechay kubi daian kubi baian.
    Humzad kay lafizi maini hain(meray jesa meray sath).youn tou ALLAH TALA nay insan ko bohat si qoowaton sy nawaz rakha hai per insan apni aqal-o-danish sy enn maqoof-ul-fitar qoowaton sy bohat saray fawaid hasil ker sakta hai beshak insan ALLAH TALA ki behtreen tehleeq hai or ashraf-ul-makhlukat hai dunya ki har cheez insan ki tabay hai janwer,charind,parind yahan tak kay jin or dusri makhlukat bi. Lakin ager insan apnay ap ko pehchanay tou wo ess dunya mai kuch bi ker sakta hai bahukam-e-ALLAH.Esi teran ALLAH PAK nay insan ko Humzad jesi taqat sy nawaza hai.Humzad bilkul hu ba hu humray jesa hota hai jesay hum khud ko ainay mai dekh ray hon.Yani eik bal tak ka ferq nahi hota.Zahri tor per nazar anay wala jisam jism-e-khfeef hai or humzad humra jism-e-lateef hai.Aj kal kay dor mai bohat sy logon nay mehaz sirf humzad ka naam sunn rakha hai kay wo bohat taqatwar hota hai wo har kam ker sakta hai ji han ess mai tou koi mubalgha arai nahi kay wo bohat hi taqat war hota hai or wo hawa mai ess tera urta hai kay koi zishaur uss ka andaza nahi laga sakta insani ankh kay jhapknay sy pehlay wo dunya ka chaker laga sata hai dunya koi bi bari sy bari cheez uta ker eik jaga sy dusri jaga lay ja sakta hai.gharz yea kay wo har wo kam ker sakta hai jahan humari soch bi nahi ja sakti.
    yea sub batain tou darust hain per mujay logon ki baton py herangi hoti hai jin hazrat nay humzad kay naam per paisa kamnay ka dhong racha rakha hai koi humzad kay mozu py moti moti kitabain likh ker logon ko bevqoof bana raha hai tou koi gher baithay amil-e-humzad ban baitha hai or ustad or rehnomai mai masroof hai jo yea tak nahi jantay kay humzad ka amal ki pehli seeri kia hai pehlay paidan per paon rakhnay ki bajaye akhri paidan per lon ko paon rakhnay ka mashwara detay hain jis sy nakaami kay siwa kuch hasil nahi hota.
    humzad ko hasil kernay kay liya bohat mehnat or riyazat ki zarurat hai ess mai insan ko beri hi mazboot qoowat-e-eradi ka malik hona chahiye yea kamzor eraday or jaldbazi ka kam nahi.
    Meray ustad mohtaram ki nasihat thi kay kubi uss insan ko ess taqat kay baray mai na batana jo ess ka ehal nahi kiu kay mai nahi chahta kay meri mehnat sy logon kay dirmain aman ki bajye fasad pheal jai.or han jub log ess baray mai gumra honay lagain tou logon ki madat zarur kerna.
    mera yahan yea sub arz kernay ka maqsat yea tha kay bohat sy log ess baray mai gumra ho rahay hain ess liye mera yea farz banta hai kay mai logon ko motnabay kern or yea bataon kay ess manzil kay sahi rastay ki talsh kerain jo baghair kamil ustad kay milna namumkin hai.Mai ap hazrat sy yea arz ker dn kay koi bi amal jesa kay aj kal bohat si kitabon mai ba-asani mil jatay wo amal kernay sy kabyabi nahi hoti.Humzad kay amal kay 3 mukhtalif merahil hain pehlay kuch mashkain hain or phir kuch taswar ki riayzat hai phir amal ki bari ati hai.Per yea mashak kia hai yea taswar ki riayzat kia hai or kis tera ki jati hai yea kisi ko nahi pata yea sirf wo janta hai jo yea sub apnay ustad-e-kamil ki rehnomai mai ker chuka hai.Sahi ratay py pehlay hi din ki mashak sy pata chal jata hai kay wo theak rastay py chal raha hai ya nahi.Mujay yad hai jub mai nay pehlay din apni mashak shuru ki tou eik khas roshni meray samnay daian janib chaker khanay lagi mai heran reh gia kay pehlay din hi mai yea nazara dekh raha hn jub mai nay yea mamla apnay usad-e-mohtaram sy arz kia tou wo fermanay lagay yea tmhara kamal nahi yea uss qoowat ka kamal hai jo mujay hasil hai jo tmhara ess mashak mai sath dy rahi hai werna ager koi khud sy ustad ki ejazat or sath kay baghair yea mashak keray tou shaid usay mehino lag jain yahan pohchnay mai jahan tm pehlay din pohanch gaye ho.Ess sy sabit huwa kay baghair ustad kay yea sub mushkil hai.Or mai sirf chand dino mai uss mashak kay akhri merahil tak pohanch gia sirf or sirf ustad-e-mohtaram kay sath or tawajo sy.Jesay her insan shakal-o-surat mai mukhtalif hai esay har insan ka amal-e-humzad mukhtalif hai.koi bi amal perh lenay sy siwaye waqt kay ziya kay kuch hasil nahi hota.essi tera har amal kay waqat ka tayon kerna har eik kay bas ki bat nahi.Amal mai kitni tadat sy amal perhna chahiye.Amal kis jaga kerna chahiye din ya rat ko,kitnay din ka amal kerna chahiye.Amal kay doran kia khana hai kia perhaiz hai kisi sy milna chahiye ya nahi.Or har insan kay mizaj kay mutabik uss ka amal hota hai.ess liye meri unn hazrat sy guzarish hai jo ess taqat kay matlashi hain kay sahi rasta talash kerain sahi rehnomai sy hi manzilain mila kerti hain.


  6. Syed Mohammad Husain July 29, 2011 at 3:16 am #

    In the name of Allah , the Most-Beneficent , the Most-Compassionate .
    Blessing and Salutation over our beloved Prophet Muhammad ,
    his household and his companion .

    Masha Allah , nothing but truth in this , Following Allah’s commands
    according to the traditions of our beloved prophet has much more
    power than any Shaitan Ginn , who is man’s sworn enemy .

    Syed Husain
    Mississauga, Canada

  7. abbas July 28, 2011 at 10:32 pm #

    1 baat ap sub dosto se 1 bat or share kerdoo k ooper humzad ki jo
    tashree ki jarahi hai wo bilkul aise nai hai k humzad insan ka dushman
    hai or use werghlata rehta ye sub bakwas hai insan k sath jis shitan
    ka ziker hai wo or hai is bat ko sirf wo log samajh saktey hai
    jo humzad ka sahi idraak rekhte hai baki wo log jo sirf books or
    suni sunai bato ya jinho ne humzad k chillo se wasta na ho wo
    kerte hai umeed hai kuch log samach jai ge

  8. Aman May 7, 2011 at 5:59 am #

    Abbas bhai. Assalamo Alaikum. Aap ke pass humzaad ka amal hai to share karen. My ayubi dot ahmad at the rate gmail.com.

  9. abbas March 25, 2011 at 6:13 pm #


    dosto is wb site mei tou sare hmzad k aise dewane hai k hmzad na hoi koi bohat
    assan shai ho beherhal mere pass bhi kuch asaan aimal hai jin mei koi perhaiz nai hai
    koi ilmi bat krna chahe tou karsakta hai

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