Hackers’ Classification?

On hearing the word ‘Hacker’, we think about some person very intelligence and in fact some genius who can break into ones’ computer without permission and can not only impinge on only that computer but many others connected to that. Like there are good and bad people in the world, there are good and bad Hackers as well. There is a classification for Hackers: Black Hat, White Hat, Gray Hat.

Black Hat Hackers are those that exploit ones’ computer without permission. They tend to smash up the computer hardware, steal data or records, credit card numbers or passwords. This may be due to personal grounds as well to take precedence over the other. The term ‘Crackers’ is also used for such hackers.

White Hat Hackers have no awful intentions instead they discover out the security holes in a network that can be exploited or are vulnerable. They do it legally with the consent of the owners or administrators. All their efforts are to strengthen the security of the network against the malicious activities. Most of these white hat hackers are employees of the companies and are also known as sneakers. The group of such hackers is called the Tiger Team.

Gray Hat Hackers at times work legally and on occasions illegally. Most often such hackers don’t work for malicious purposes with their own assent or for personal rationale. Sometimes they penetrate into some others’ system but don’t dent it but just leave their own work or data there that is actually exploiting others’ resources for own concerns.

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