Habit of Blaming Leaders

Murder, rape, robbery, theft, fraud, dowry, honor killings, alcohol consumption, prostitution, destruction, molestation, abduction, fornication, oppression, exploitation, corruption, you name it. Major problems and not one has to do with leaders.

Of course, the list includes poverty too, which is also blamed on leaders. Poor people have a lot of children and due to poverty, either poison them or throw them in front of a train. If their financial condition is so poor, who told them to have so many children. And how can anyone blame this on leaders. Which leader has ever told people to have so many children when they don’t even have enough to feed themselves.

Many poor people enroll their children in madressas because some madressas provide free food. However, the kind of physical beatings that innocent little children undergo in madressas at the hands of mullahs is too horrible to describe. Is this why poor people have so many children?

Poor people’s children end up in horrible occupations. Boys end up becoming laborers. Girls end up becoming prostitutes. Who’s to blame. Leaders? Some people even blame domestic abuse on leaders. What’s next? I’m assuming black magic is also because of leaders.

Major problems occur when people as a whole indulge in major sins. No leader goes around telling people to do so. We are responsible for our problems. It is about time we took responsibility for our actions.

28 thoughts on “Habit of Blaming Leaders”

  1. yooshoo

    you rightly blame the people of pakistan as a whole than just few selected leaders. at long last you have seen some enlightenment.

  2. reading the exchange of views under this topic I just couldn’t help thinking that why leaders become looters or vice versa. Since they are the theives of public trust and other people’s money there should exist considerable amount of both to attract them to become leaders/theives. I think Pakistan is a rich country. Its a tempting juicy stuff for the greedy theives who leave nothing to get to the top. Its a greed factor here and nothing else. Greed is selfish. Thus peers also pull legs inorder to make space for them to get to top. All of this silly crises are artificial. Only fordistraction and adding misery in lives of people so they become hopeless and stop believing. After that they shall become more weak and easier to exploit more. So its just a plan by which the politics of the country move behind curtains, away from the reach of media. This game is but a small display of global game which has its own objectives. I am just speculating. Maybe all is said is far from reality.

  3. yusha & haider.

    Y r yall discussing???. Kill both of you. that the best thing u r experts in. Surprising to see two pakistanis, discussing. I was told yall just remove AK47 or send suiciders and kill people, whether muslims, kids, women, christian, any religion.


  4. @Yusha you have skipped my question as usual to defend yourself

    “Pakistan is one of the largest producer of wheat and sugar and people have to get in line to get wheat and sugar , whose fault is that? poor people or government? u r restricting people with basic and essential necessity of life and asking them not to give birth to a child LoL pathetic.”

    Yusha i agree with your comment that Allah appoints leaders according to people but again u r deviating from your main topic i.e poverty relation with family planning and in this article you tried to raise the issue that don’t blame government and blame the poor people i.e poor people should refrain from giving birth to many kids but dont blame government if they are corrupt even…the interesting point to note is that these poor people do pay high taxes and work hard and still they are blamed while it is ahadeeth that Prophet (b.n.u.h) asked muslim to increase the population and Allah himself said dont stop giving birth because of poverty as im responsible for feeding.
    and it was past when people had 12 kids in a family now people have like 3 to 4 kids max and still you blaming them.

  5. Also, since you seem to talk about religion, you must know that bad leaders are a result of people’s actions.

    Here is a Hadith Qudsi

    I am Allah, there is no deity besides Me, I am the king of kings and the master of kings, the heart of kings are within My control; when My servants are obedient to me, I make their rulers kind-hearted towards them; when they disobey Me, I turn their rulers against them with anger and tyranny, they then oppress them severely. Therefore, instead of cursing them, turn towards me in remembrance and submission, I will protect you against their tyranny.

    In the Holy Quran

    Verily Allah does not change the condition of people unless they change it themselves.


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