Gruesome Murder of Two Brothers in Sialkot by a Mob

I really don’t know from where I could fetch those words to pay condolences to the family of the departed and to describe the intensity of brutality of massacre that people of Sialkot has committed and witnessed with appalling silence. Sadly it is not Taliban flogging or Police Chitrol but worse than it. We are becoming so violent that even the Holy month of Ramadan has to witness such innocent bloodshed.

On the 4th day of Holy month of Ramadan a mob in Sialkot has mercilessly beaten to death two young brothers, 15 years old Hafiz Mughees and 19 years old Hafiz Muneeb, who were alleged to be robbers (later on proved that they were not). People beat them barbarically with sticks and metallic rods for hours and let them bleed and die on the road. The dead bodies were dragged and later hanged upside down at the nearby roundabout.

Sialkot mob killing two Brothers

The brutal act had happened in the presence of Sialkot District Police Officer Waqar Chauhan and eight other police officers who watched as silent audience. The gruesome video footage of this horrific incident is aired by private TV channels repeatedly which definitely is too much to bear for the deceased family or even common man that their hearts bust into tears.

Although Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took sou motto notice of the news and DPO Sialkot and SP Investigation have been made OSD by the IG Punjab, is it enough? This was an inhumane act and it was a pity that police officials did nothing to stop people. Not only it was the duty of police to stop those who were committing the sinful act, but the people in the mob should also have shown moral courage to stop the horrific act. Not only DPO and other police officials but all those who were present there but did nothing for dying humanity, should be called culprits and punished strictly.

This was indeed an atrocious act on the part of people who carried it out and for those too who has watched and let it happen silently. Why we are forgetting that to kill a man is equal to killing humanity? The demotion or suspension of officials will not guarantee that such incidents could be stopped in future but an overhaul in the law enforcement procedures, Police department and public mind set probably is the need of the time.

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32 Responses to Gruesome Murder of Two Brothers in Sialkot by a Mob

  1. shayan December 21, 2011 at 6:15 pm #

    all those involved in the murder of these 2 innocent brothers should be given death penalty,there is no other punishment except death and death penalty……this was a barberic act,i saw a boy 12 year old hitting on the dead body of mughees,that boy is going to be a monster in future he had no fear killing a dead person….these killers were animals…..this video reminded me of national geographic where lions attack a deer……..beleive me…….i am sorry for the family of deceased brothers may Allah help the family of these Shaheed brothers…ameen.


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