Governor Rule imposed in Balochistan, Quetta Hazaras ended their protest with the dead

After 3 days of sitting in sub zero temperature with 86 dead bodies in their midst, braving cold, rain, and the loss of their loved ones, the Hazara Shias of Quetta have found some solace at last. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, came to them and agreed to meet their demands.

Quetta Hazara Shia protesting with dead

Hazara Shias of Quetta in a peaceful sit-in, protesting with their dead. Image: Dawn

After the blasts at Quetta’s Alamdar Chowk that killed more than 100 and injured many dozens, the Hazaras of Quetta decided to stage a sit in with their dead, until the government decides to listen to their demands. Initially they asked to handover Quetta to the Army but later they demanded to sack the government of CM Raisani.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf meeting Shia Hazara protesters in Quetta

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf meeting Shia Hazara protesters in Quetta

Nawaz Zulfiqar MagsiThe elected, democratic, government of PPP wake up from its slumber of three days (incidentally right after Imran Khan arrived in Quetta). Qamaruzzan Kaira and Khursheed Shah, Ministers of Information and Religious Affairs respectively, were sent to Quetta to negotiate with the protesters. Later on PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf arrived there. He spent whole day meeting with various political leaders and establishment officials, including the Corps Commander Quetta. He visited the protest area at Alamdar Chowk later in the night to met with the leaders of protesting Hazaras. After some negotiations, he announced government’s decision to suspend Provincial Assembly of Balochistan and hand over Executive powers to Governor Zulfiqar Magsi.

The Hazaras decided to end their protest after the announcement by the PM.

Aslam Raisani, the Chief Minister of Balochistan is in Cambridge, UK, allegedly staying at a 5-star hotel and going through admission process of his close relative. He obviously had no shame to show solidarity with his people and return as soon as the blasts ripped through Quetta. He should be brought back using the Interpol, if required, and put on trial for his treachery with the people of Balochistan.

Lets hope Governor Rule will bring justice to the Hazaras, the killers will be caught and punished, and there will be no more killings of the innocent.

Lets hope its not a time gaining device by the corrupt government of Pakistan Peoples’ Party and its rotten allies.

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