Government to award legal status to SMS and MMS in Pakistan

Govt. to award legal status to SMS and MMS in PakistanCurrent government of Pakistan is quite successful in addressing non issues rather than dealing with core issues like target killings in Karachi, suicide blasts in Lahore, fake degrees of parliamentarians, price hike, load shedding etc.

To keep the gossip going around the corner and to provide some material for talk shows every now and than we use to hear news like the introduction of new clauses in Nikah Nama, cyber crime act etc.

The government of Pakistan has now decided that it might amend laws to give legal status to pictures and SMS text message in a court of law as reported by BBC. Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that most countries have awarded legal status to messages, photos or video SMS that can be presented in courts as proof. SMS are already being used as evidence in courts of U.S, France and India; even divorce can be given via SMS in France.

Rehman Malik also said that the mobile companies are now directed to not to issue SIM card directly from the shop. The person who wants to buy a SIM card will have to submit his details and a copy of his ID card to the dealer after which the SIM card will be posted to the address mentioned on his National ID card. According to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) mobile phone subscribers in Pakistan are currently around 89 million and still the number is growing.

Intelligence agencies have indicated that the identity cards of people are being abused in crimes and to counter such sabotage government has decided to amend the law and add a clause to Anti terrorism act as well. But the question will remain, how many culprits could be caught by using SMS or MMS as evidence?

Beware! What you are typing and sending as SMS or MMS 🙂

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