Go out and Vote

If the sentiments expressed at this year’s election campaign, run by the Pakistan People’s Party, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and Pakistan Muslim League Q, and the encouragement of government, are any guide, Pakistanis can perhaps be reassured that the once feared the non-happening of elections are a part of history, and we are actually reached to this day, when the polling is underway.

The ideas of boycotting the elections has not taken root in the mainstream belts of Pakistan. No doubt there remains tremendous disappointment with the electoral process throughout this volatile region of South Asia. Nevertheless, there is palpable desire among populace to cast their votes in order to change the system and in order to get rid of tyranny and have a true and lasting democracy. In order to convince ourselves to vote we need to cooperate, communicate, and explore new outlook to fix the gulf that has clearly divided us on moderate and liberal lines.

These elections, now whatever faith they are being conducted offer a unique opportunity to cast the votes. We should do our national responsibility and go out and poll our votes. If you dont have a good man to vote, then vote for lesser of the two evils.

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  1. “If you dont have a good man to vote, then vote for lesser of the two evils.”

    hah, i luv this line.. but yes one should vote as one of their major responsibility

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