Genghis Khan and the Khwarazm Shah

No one in Muslim word could withstand the onslaught of Genghis Khan as did Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad, the Khwarazm Shah. The gulf between different powers and internal strife were the main causes of Muslim’s defeat at the hands of Genghis Khan.

Khwarazm Shah moved to India in order to seek support with Genghis Khan closely chasing. Khwarazm Shah put his horse in the River Indus at Hund above Attock. Genghis Khan’s marksmen took positions on the river bank ready to hurl their arrows. “Stop, no one will let the arrows fly,” ordered Khan to his soldiers who were surprised because Genghis Khan was not known for forgiving.

Genghis Khan called his sons and pointing at Khwarazm Shah said, “Look at the brave man.”

All those who are familiar with the tussle between Khwarazm Shah and Genghis Khan still are at loss about who out of the two was braver, Khwarazm Shah whom a man like Genghis Khan who used to say, “I am the punishment of God. If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent punishment like me upon you” was calling brave or Genghis Khan who could control his anger and accept the bravery of arch enemy giving his example to his sons as a role model?

Genghis Khan and Khwarazm Shah

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  1. There is a place on the eastern side of River Indus in district Attock. Its name is Ghora Tarap. I think that is the actual place of Jalauddin legendary plunge in the Indus. It is located at 33.778 N, 72.077 E. The description of the terrain in the books also matches this location and not the Hund. I hope somebody will guide us further in this matter.


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