Gaffe in Air

One should not take the misadventures of the Indian fighter jets in the air lightly. To say the least, they weren’t some mistakes, as there is no mistake that why they were on the border of India Pakistan at the first place in this broiling times. When Indian warplanes crossed the border into Pakistan’s airspace, over the Azad Kashmir and Lahore sectors, Pakistani Air Force leaped at them, and at that point anything could happen.

The only purpose of these nefarious exercise is to threaten and test Pakistan. On 26th November , due to 9/11, a new kind of war was imposed upon the Pakistan by the Indians through hysterical propaganda. Called the War on Terror by an angry USA it now has been used or rather abused by the Indians in the region and they are on to such a dangerous path where no combat boundaries exist whatsoever.

India befooled the world including the United Nations and it seems that there is no turning back for them. It is also now surfacing that Pakistan had no links with the Mumbai attacks and it was an insider work just to get rid of Karkare and to malign the good name of Pakistan and to damage the independence movement in Kashmir. What followed is too well known.

2 thoughts on “Gaffe in Air”

  1. When the incident happened at Mariot, a job conducted by five intelligence agencies; CIA of US, RAW of India, MOSAD of Israel, KHAD of Afgh and MOIS of Iran and who are involved in the ongoing attacks and destabilization in Pakistan and when the world have got no sympathies for Pakistan as they have for India and whatever happened at BOMBay, the only thing comes to mind; being a Muslim nation, Blame Islam, Blame Pakistan. As our beloved Prophet PBUH had predicted “All the non-Muslims of the world would get united against Muslims but Muslims will be the winners”.

    Islam gives lessons of Peace, so as we are, and it doesn’t mean we are Weak.

    The more they have resisted, the more this religion will spread.

    SEWIAJ is my slogan and make it yours, which means—Spread Every Where Islam And Jihad.


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