From Shoaib Malik To The Common Man, Society Engulfed With Women’s Violence

The only agenda on the minds of feminists is to malign the image of men and demonize them. This is why when violence is perpetrated by women, even when it is on other women, it never becomes an issue or even something remotely worthy to talk about.

Feminists never talk about the abusive and controlling nature of mothers-in-law. It is a well-known fact that mothers-in-law are the biggest perpetrators of violence, and abuse and control both sons-in-law and daughters-in-law, but it is not highlighted by feminists because the stark truth about the abusive nature of women will be brought in the open. Mental, psychological, and verbal harassment by mothers-in-law is familiar and does not need elaboration.

Sisters-in-law are equally capable of cruelty with their mind games and family politics. Many times, unable to see their brother making another woman happy, their evil mind gets bent on inventing all kinds of wicked schemes. And in households where mothers-in-law and sisters-in-law are kind, it is daughters-in-law wreaking havoc and breaking families.

Teacher Beating ChildTalking about violence in schools, most primary school teachers are women and most of the students meted corporal punishment are boys. Girls get away with a warning whereas boys are slapped, caned, beaten with sticks, rods, hit on the back, made to stand for long periods with arms stretched in the air, yelled at constantly, etc. This is gross injustice and inequality that no one fights for.

Servants at homes are also at the receiving end of physical and verbal abuse. While men are at work, housewives beat the living daylights out of their servants, including poor, innocent children over trivial matters. This is another form of abuse by women which is never brought in the limelight.

Domestic violence against men is an issue that feminists will not raise, despite pretending that feminism is for both genders. It is a commonly known fact that domestic violence by women is at an all time high, and study after study shows that women are more violent than men.

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Shoaib Malik, an international cricketer, rich and famous, became the target of a gold digger in 2010, who used the law to extract untold wealth – Rs 15 Crores. That is more money most people earn in a lifetime.

Shoaib Malik Scandal

In this day and age, women cook up all kinds of stories, and file false allegations of rape, dowry, abuse, domestic violence, harassment, etc. The biased laws aid women, the police sides women, courts are prejudiced, and lawyers are always ready to falsify information to fill their pockets.

From abusing husbands, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, servants, students, and manipulating the already draconian laws, women perpetrate a lot more violence than men do, on people of both genders, and people of all ages.

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