Friday Prayers adjourn in Perth, Australia

Muslims in Australia have had to pray outdoors for lack of prayer spaceThe Australian tourism industry claims that if spend your upcoming vacations in Australia you will live through a life-changing experience. I would really applaud them for their honesty about the life-changing experience. However, you needn’t be only a tourist to have this feeling.

Majority of the current Australian natives are the offspring of the English delinquents, who were banished from the country. They soon set up their community and took over the country. Also, taking the rights of its original dwellers, the aborigines. It is a well-known issue that the ‘White’ Australians treat the aborigines appallingly. The issue is raised at the elections and then snubbed again, as is the norm in the political world.

Nevertheless, the ill-treatment is not restricted to the aborigines alone. It applies to all Easterners as well. We know about the racial outburst in 2005 against the Arab beach goers. The recent, persistent attacks on Indian students has again put the real facade of Australia on the showcase to the world.

Many innocent Indian students were attacked, seemingly for no other reason other than simple racial prejudice. An Indian Sikh was attacked by a group of young White Australians. They beat him up and left only to return with a bigger gang and a scissor to cut his beard (part of Sikhs’ religious obligations of the five Ks). A 20-year old Delhi boy was punched and abused in Melbourne by two men, leaving him with a fractured finger and a bloody nose. If all this was not enough to enlist them in the Guinness World Records for the greatest quantum of racial outbreaks they just added another feather in their cap!

Now Friday prayers can no longer be held in Cannington, Perth, Australian court ordered on Tuesday.

The reason stated behind this order is several complaints that the Faithful block the neighborhood. The court complained that the Daawah Association of Western Australia prayer center had turned into a mosque. The State Administrative Tribunal ruled that Friday prayers clashed with the ‘city’s designated zoning of the area as a ‘Light Industry’ zone, turned it into a “Place of Public Worship.”‘

The new tag line for Australian tourism should be ‘The Ultimate Destination where Unimportant (by their standards) Life Ends’.

3 thoughts on “Friday Prayers adjourn in Perth, Australia”

  1. Fully agree with u brother Hamid and brother Kashif…i have noticed those people who are not satisfied with their identity are usually the ones who are abusing people belonging to other races. although i dunno much about academic psychology yet this behaviour seems to be arsing from some inferiority complex…Allaho A’lam!

  2. Australia, just like America, was inhabited by opportunity-seekers and goons of Europe who, just like Red Indians of America, exploited and enslaved the Aborigines. Most recently the attacks on Indian students shows how racist Australians really are.

  3. @momina
    though I was never an expert on Australian politics, i have noticed one thing, and that is as a nation they are a bit complex. I say this because they always have a feeling that
    1 they are cut off from mainland europe
    2 they neither fit in asia nor africa
    Being a continent itself, they still search for identity. John Howard, the former PM jumped into war on terror with full sprint,, and his out ward support also contributed to Bali bombing,,while at the same time many european states maintained low profile,,
    2ndly Kevin Rudd, the current PM apologized recently to lost generation,, a term to describe the racial segregation by the settlers,, as they kidnapped native children so that they could merge with them,,
    even there cricketers,, mainly warne and symonds have time and time again indulged in racial controversy,,
    unfortunately,, Australians are very racist infact

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