Foolish Nation, Might is Right!

Pakistan is a country where circumstances are turning out to be unpredictable every new day. Some days ago, we had been hearing about the Nawaz Sharif drama and the Benazir deal. Nawaz Sharif was deceptively deported and then it was heard that Musharraf and Benazir could not agree upon the deal. Then Benazir announced to return Pakistan on the 18th of October. Where every PPL leader is saying that the deal has not been agreed upon, I assure you that it is not so. They have made upon the deal and that is why Benazir is returning just after the Presidential elections and just after Musharraf would have been elected.

Like the Government posed the arrest drama to Nawaz Sharif and nation and then deported him, same is again doing to the Nation. They are just again befooling nation by saying to have agreed upon no deal and concealing the fact that they have achieved their goals.

Well I would say that for these elections, Musharraf’s slogan should be “Foolish Nation Might is Right”.

Well done Musharraf for being so clever…

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