First Woman In U.S. History Handed 20 Year Jail Sentence For Feticide


Sexual freedom of women is being maniacally propagated under the banner of ‘women empowerment’. Women having casual sex, one-night stands, multiple sexual relationships, affairs, etc, and then getting pregnant and aborting fetuses has become a norm these days. Women want freedom without responsibility, not realizing that poor choices come with consequences, without accepting that with a womb comes great responsibility.

A 33-year-old Indiana woman, Purvi Patel, after having sex with a co-worker, became pregnant and to hide her pregnancy, delivered the fetus before it was fully developed, wrapped it in a plastic bag and dumped it, then showed up at an emergency room. Even though she lied and tried to make it look like a miscarriage, it was planned abortion, the deliberate killing and murder of a life.

Abortion is very common in Western countries, with the full backing of pro-abortion feminist groups. Countless fetuses are aborted every single day by women who do not have enough sense of morality and justice, who wear skimpy clothing, lure men, and initiate sex, who use their neoteny and femininity to harm men. A body that was designed to instigate sex with the husband has become an object of lust in full public view of strangers.

Titles of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberation’ are attached to promiscuous behavior and revealing attire of women today. Nudity is promoted openly, and no one raises an eyebrow. Slut-walk campaigns demand the so called ‘right’ of women to indulge in shamelessness. Then we wonder why STDs, AIDS, teen pregnancies, infidelity, divorces, illegitimate children, and abortions are an epidemic.

This particular jail sentence will serve as a reminder to the pervasive sexual immorality prevalent in today’s times.

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