Firdaus Ashiq Awan abusing Kashmala Tariq in Live Talk Show

The federal minister of population and welfare Dr. Firdaus Ashiq Awan is a member of ruling PPP. She was earlier affiliated with PML-Q but left the party before election and joined PPP. She has used non parliamentary as well as unethical language during a private TV program “KalTak” on Express TV. I was shocked by the lexis of Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan while responding to ex fellow party member of PML-Q Kashmala Tariq. Icing on the cake happens when she was asked by the same TV channel’s news anchor about the incident she replied that you have insulted me already by not adding the prefix of Dr. with my name. Rather than apologizing for her behavior she stands by her words proudly. It seems that there is no check on the activities of minister by the ruling party.

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PPP should immediately expel Firdous Ashiq Awan and remove her from holding public office as Minister. If this is her ethical standards, one can imagine how the whole Ministry will be run by this woman. But it is presumed that she will continue working as there is no tradition to punish ministers. Few months back ministers were partying in US under falling dollars and Mr. Qamar Zaman Kaira was spotted there. He is now promoted from information minister to the designation of Governor Gilgit and Baltistan. Wondering what would be the reward of Dr. Firdaus by the generous leadership of PPP?

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Above is a news report which shows the comments of other parliamentarians regarding the incident. Interesting to note the women parliamentarians comments.

6 thoughts on “Firdaus Ashiq Awan abusing Kashmala Tariq in Live Talk Show”

  1. If we look at all the TV news channels in Pakistan; and there are countless in number, they all seem to be following the same theme.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone launched a ‘No News’ TV channel. Just think of the potential of not having to listen and watch the antics of the government or holding the breath for a ‘breaking news’ of a donkey falling in a ditch, and thankfully no ‘talk shows’ but maybe shows that can teach some basic skills.

  2. They politicians know about past, present of each others. The point to note is who got the benifit of this event, yes the TV channel.

    We are discussing only two people to be ethical, but for the media there is no ethics so far.

    These politicians use much more vulgar language in Assembly, but people are not aware as much, as breached in this talkshow because telecasted. The anchor could stop them, even in live program there is margin of 8 seconds, to decide to be telecasted or not.

  3. @ bizenjo: “lota” is not a bad word anymore. Anyone who defects from one political party to another for personal benefit should be called ‘lota”. Kashmala merely said what everyone knew already.

  4. minister was totally frustrated and was unable to defend the stand of government that lead her to create such fuss. is it fair to keep a minister in cabinet who do not have caliber to to face such situation. on the other hand i really admire the level of tolerance showed by kashmala tariq.

  5. @hina
    whoever started it……….this shows the furstration of ruling MP’s when they have to defend policies like this………in order to save the day they will do every thing to turn the matter upside down………..

  6. You are right about the wrong use of language, but…
    Ms. Kashmala started the insults by calling Ms. Firdous a “lota”. This is also language that should not be used on tv and you should realize that this is what started the exchange.
    Ms. Fs response was definitely unacceptable, but lets also admit who started this.
    I also think it is unfair for people to belittle Ms F because of her accent or her physical appearance. Ms. K is pretty but that does not mean that her improper language should be condoned.
    If you want to be fair, the objection of impropriety should be made against both women.


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