How to find your polling station on Pakistan Election Day 2018

polling station
How to find your polling station across Pakistan on Election Day

Find your constituency:

  • Visit the ECP website (
  • Go to the ‘Election’ tab and select ‘Delimitation’
  • Select ‘Final Delimitation 2018’
  • Select your province and you will be redirected to a PDF file
  • Scroll through the list to find the area where you registered to vote. The constituency numbers and names are on the left and the areas that come under those constituencies are on the right. For example, NA-247 Karachi South-II is made up of Aram Bagh, Saddar, Karachi Cantonment, Civil Lines, CBC and some areas of Garden

Find your polling station:

  • Send your CNIC number (no dashes, no spaces) via SMS to 8300 and wait for a message from ECP
  • Note down the 9-digit ‘BLOCK CODE’ from the SMS
  • Visit and select your province
  • You will be directed to a Google Docs Drive where you can select the provincial assembly or National Assembly. Your polling station for the national and provincial assembly is the same
  • Use the Block Code to find your polling station in the PDF

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