Feminist Theories And Ideologies Causing Mayhem In Pakistan

Feminism symbol Feminists want us to believe that women are equal to men. However, if that is the case, I wonder why women always choose to marry men who are earning a better pay than them, go shopping with their husband’s money, eat out at restaurants and have their husband’s pay for it, have their husbands take them to the hospital when they become ill, life their heavy grocery bags, pamper them, care for them, love them, and the list is endless.

While I have witnessed, on numerous occasions, men leaving their seats for women on public transport, in offices, and at airports, I have never seen a woman leave her seat for a man – I wonder what happened to equality. The truth of the matter is, feminism is not about achieving gender equality. It is about the superiority of women over men. For women today, husbands are ATM cards, drivers, coolies, and servants – all in one.

Men and women are different beings, emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Women have a tough time adjusting to different surroundings, are physically weaker, and emotionally unstable. The decisions of women are also based on emotion rather than reason, which is why they do not make good business people. In households where women have a stronghold and take the decisions have seen nothing but destruction.

Feminist agenda entails raising a generation of man-haters, which is why they focus exclusively on men while writing articles and reports on crimes against women, while failing to address the fact that the biggest source of misery is due to the psychological violence perpetrated by mothers-in-law on their daughters-in-law. Of course, sisters-in-law are not far behind when it comes to family politics, a fact feminists deliberately avoid. And in households where mothers-in-law are kind, it is the daughters-in-law who wreak havoc on the family.

Today, a woman serving her husband a cup of tea comes under the category of domestic violence. A woman can work in a hotel, bar, coffee shop, aeroplane, restaurant, etc, and serve all kinds of men and women, all day long, but ask a wife to make a cup of tea and she will, through her body language, reveal the amount of poison she has soaked in, courtesy of the feminist agenda.

Feminists have created arrogance in the woman of today, who will argue incessantly over petty things with her husband and try to be dominant. Is it any surprise that following feminist theories and ideologies have wreaked destruction and has seen a rapid rise in divorce rates across the globe.

The germs of feminism have spread in Pakistan, and countless families are now going through the same turmoil that families in western countries go through, namely court cases and divorces, which have blindly followed the radical notions of equality.

The truth is, there is no such thing as equality. There can never be.

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