Exposed: Karachi City Nazim Mustafa Kamal threatening Media Reporter

Mustafa Kamal, City Nazim of Karachi, heading the City District Government of Karachi (CDGK), belongs to MQM. Apart from incorrect English that he loves to speak in his fake accent, he is pretty rude with Media who wants to highlight governance and administrative issues by the CDGK.

Here is a video where Mustafa Kamal got rude with FM 107 reporter, threatening him to broadcast what he is saying and dared the reporter to put it on YouTube.

Apparently, Mustafa Kamal “Bhai” got agitated when he was informed that the citizens of Lines Area had their water, electricity and gas cut since last few days, due to the construction work going on, and nobody has yet resolved the issue.

I wonder what would have happened with the reporter.

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  1. @Rizvi: I really have no personal grudge against him. When I write something about him, it is because he is heading CDGK which, in my opinion, is not up to what it should be doing.

    Building roads and flyovers is find and everybody in Karachi appreciates that. But, this city needs more from CDGK. Who is responsible for price control, hygiene, and other related issues?

    MQM had full control on the province for 5 years and now its an important stakeholder in current government. If they are unable to resolve street crime and power crisis, they should have enough conscience to let go of power.

    About English, Why is it necessary to talk with residents of Lines Area in English? There is no resemblance in Lines Area and Houston, as the good Nazim said himself.

    And, by the way, it is you who is pulling ethnicity in this discussion.

  2. @ Kashif Aziz: if you have made up your mind that you are going to hate him for the rest of his/your life, then go ahead. keep all the good work aside and simply hate him. we all know he is from MQM and MQM is known for its “bhai” culture. but, this guy is someone we should be really proud of. he made our city beautiful. as for the domestic circumstances, blame the police and the local law and order forces because nazim has nothing to do with street crime or electricity for that matter. there are departments like kesc and wapda to blame for the situation we are currently facing. i may tone a bit leaned towards MQM but honestly speaking i never voted in my entire life. never gave any goat-skin to KKF, even though i am urdu speaking but i never called myself mohajir. not because i dont like to, because i dont want to. please remember every human is different from each other and you can be triggered any time regardless of gender. and lastly, i still feel no harm in speaking wrong or right english. as far as you can convey your message, its good english. peace.

  3. nsidering that there are tens of thousands of mayors in the word, I still find it commendable.

    Like I said before, the issue of Karachi nazim has no effect on me. But as a Pakistani, I am happy if anybody in any contituency can do something for his/her locality (which translated into doing something for his/her COUNTRY)

    Building roads/flyovers etc. is definately an accomplishment. We need such things in Karach, given the traffic congestion. Goods coming from the port can reach their intended destinations much faster. As Karachi is the financial hub of the Republic, this is crucial.

    I do agree, however, regarding the crime, power crises, etc.
    Crime arises because of poverty. Areas such as Lyari are stinking with crime. But there is only so much a mayor can do. It is up to the national government to address the issues, but they are busy sleeping. When they are awake, they are bickering fools.

    Maybe they can address the issue of racism in parts of Karachi. I am hearing reports that the locals are being racist towards other Pakistanis –especially Pathaans. I really hope that these are just isolated cases and just rumours. Its about time Pakistanis get their heads out of their lazy asses and overcome this f*cking provincial mentality. It really pisses me off.

    Nevertheless, Karachi is a lovely city. I’ve driven on the coast, in and around Clifton and other areas. The people are a lot of fun to hang out with. But we should set aside our personal interests and work for the country on a micro level. Crime/terrorism happens everywhere, Karachi is definately not an exception. We need a strong nationalist leader to pave the way.

  4. @Ayub Khan: Mustafa Kamal was not “voted” second best mayor by Foreign Policy magazine. Don’t buy the BS spread by MQM. FP produced a list of mayors from large cities of the world. Karachi was placed #57. Then they randomly picked 3 mayors and Kamal was one of them. MQM misinterpreted it and Karachi was covered with congratulatory banners. Upon all the uproar created by MQM and local media, FP has to issue a clarification:

    It’s better to do some homework before issuing statements.

    If building roads, flyovers and underpasses is achievement than surely Mustafa Kamal has achieved a lot.

    There are other issues in Karachi more severe than roads including street crime, power crisis, food crisis, traffic management, corruption in government departments etc. However, neither the Nazim nor his provincial government has done anything significant for to resolve these issues.

    And, when somebody try to point towards the issues, they jerk off.

  5. It just so happens that Mustafa Kamal has done more for Karachi than anybody else –and thusly, he was voted as the world’s second best mayor (by Foreign Policy journal).

    And we shouldnt judge a politician by how good his English is. This is Pakistan, not Manchester. We dont need to prove our intelligence by speaking flawless English. What matters the most is what the politicians can deliver. I judge people by results.

    But I am not from Karachi I am from Kurram Agency. Therefore, I will leave it to Sindh residents to rate this man. But from what I have, he has done wonders with regards to improving/updrading services to the people.

    Now if only we could solve the power crises, that would alleviate many problems in the country.

  6. @Rizvi: Journalists are “talkative” everywhere. It is their job to question and cross-question and bring the facts to public. If the Nazim gets irritated by journalists, why talk with them in first place? Also, he was not harsh with the lady reporter. So this implies that he is gender biased too.

    As for incorrect English, why the Nazim bothers to talk in a language he can not properly pronounce and has to opt fake accent? Last time I checked, our national language was Urdu and there is no harm in communicating in Urdu. Who is trying to impress with his “burger” English?

    And, Mustafa Kamal was not only rude with the poor reporter. He rudely hushed somebody in the audience (probably a resident of the area) who was trying to make some point.

    The bottom line is that now it is not possible for politicians to get away with their notorious deeds. Media is vigilant, so is Citizen Journalism.

  7. I agree that the “dimaagh kharaab hay” part was a bit insulting but our reporters are way too much talkative and repeat one question 1000 times. i am not a party oriented person neither i have any interest in politics but i go for logic. And if the City Nazim got pissed off in public, it has to be a solid reason behind it. remember, he is also human and we should treat it like one. regarding the “incorrect english” part. @ Mr. Kashif Aziz, seems like you got your masters from oxford. be positive and blog positive. we are going towards yellow blogging which is same as yellow journalism. peace.

  8. What a shame – This guy shouldn’t be city Nazim.Those so called so called MQM mafia leaders i wish people of karachi open their eyes and stop supporting MQM.


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