Entrepreneurial Strategies

Fresh entrepreneurship in the industry most of time works. Where it has to do with the exuberance of youth and the un-intimidation by the risks and challenges and the blind urge to face anything and to jump over any obstacle, it has also to do with a fresh out look which deviates at 180 degree from the conventional wisdom and traditional entrepreneurship.

Most of the innovation and shocking inventions don’t come from the huge, big iron-clad companies, but from the startups comprising of one or two lads. According to a recently published research paper, “When environment changes suddenly, novice entrants as the entrepreneurs are, actually perform better than experts whose prior knowledge often cause severe biases in prediction, in terms of recognizing and acting upon opportunities.”

The semantics of entrepreneurship strategies are also changing or rather have changed. In this crazy world of information technology, best entrepreneurship strategy is to don’t have one. The word to be remembered is “change”. Always keep on changing your business rules, business models, business objectives or more than often your business products or services.

This is the new world business order.

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