Enemy at the gates

The infestation of off targeted policies made at governmental level with new regimes never trying to undo them honestly, the adoption of narrow approach while making decisions of utmost significant nature, wrong choices contriving among enemies and allies due to lack of statesmanship’s vision by the leaders were and are still in picture further detracting the state’s sovereignty at large.

The inception of this entire illustrated historical conception with follies of the past are full of axioms whereby one loses the traces of reality while extracting facts of cognitive. The decades of mismanagements has at last brought our enemy at the gates.

Pakistan’s government and not its polity; a staunch supporter of US war on terror since a decade is manufacturing all what can contribute to diminish law and order for the sake of known benefits for political elites and unknown advantages for Pakistan. This altitude has allowed our enemies to take the lives of citizens of Pakistan for granted. Our enemy has entered our gates and still there is no sign of PPP Co-chairperson Zardari taking the matter seriously, certainly proving that escalation of this kind is not result of a single imprecise stance made by government. Similarly, the peace deal among government and militants proved to be another defected strategy.

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  1. The difference between our politicians and those in India is that ours are first and foremost interested in enriching themsleves. The Indians, whatever their religion, think only of their country’s interests.


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