Most of the people on the World Wide Web are normal, mature, professional and respectful using the technology for the noble causes like education, information, commerce, telemedicine, communication and plethora of other useful and sublime things. But the darker is there too.

There are many, though fortunately in very lesser numbers, sick people out there in the net sphere which are there to appease their pervert designs. They are mostly the ones who are unable to express their inner evil in the physical world. Many mentally and psychologically sick people roam the internet and terrorize and harass the people. There are also incidents where apparently quite normal people defame and degrade other fellow netizens just out of sheer jealousy and animosity.

People have been stalked on the Internet for something that they blogged or pod-casted or produced in any form, albeit with another byline, and some times they did know how real the aggression was. They got death threats, blunt misogyny and the raw aggression.

In the United States and Europe and other developed countries, there are explicit cyber laws for this kind of crimes. It’s high time, Pakistan also consider formalizing and promulgating a comprehensive set of cyber laws.

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