Dr. Imran Farooq Murder Conspiracy: By a MQM Supporter

Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons or property will be safe.

This is what always happens in Pakistan after any major incidents. People forget some basic teaching of Islam, what ALLAH said in Quran.

In Surah Al Hujaraat Muslims have been given the instruction that it is not right to believe in every news blindly and to act according to it, without due thought. If information is received about a person, a group or a community, it should be seen carefully whether the means of the information is reliable or not. If the means is not reliable, it should be tested and examined to see whether the news is authentic or not before taking any action on it.

Translation of the Verses of QURAN:

Surah Al Hujaraat [6-8]

O you who have believed, if a wicked person brings you some news, inquire into it carefully lest you should harm others unwittingly and then regret what you have done. Knew it well that the Messenger of Allah is among you. If he were to obey you in most affairs, you would certainly be in trouble. But Allah has endeared the Faith to you and made it seem fair in your hearts and made disbelief, wrongdoing and disobedience abhorrent to you. Such are those who are rightly guided through Allah’s grace and Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

Recently Convener of the MQM Doctor Imran Farooq was murdered in London. After the formation of Mohajir Quami Movement (MQM) on 18 March 1984, Dr. Imran Farooq became the Secretary General of the party and used his abilities for spreading the philosophy of MQM Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain. This loves & affiliation with MQM and Altaf Hussain brought Dr Imran Farooq in London. So far his murder is unsolved. But some groups are trying to upset political situation in Pakistan by their conspiracy theories. They have their political desire behind it.

In this world, no one knows truth better than victim himself or the killer. But unfortunately victim is not here to tell us the truth. But it is not difficult to find the truth.

It is on the record that Dr. Imran Farooq took asylum on behalf of MQM. He mentioned in his statement that his life was threatened by some Pakistani agencies, establishment and political parties. He also mentioned in his report that he was very close aide, confidante and a truly committed colleague of Mr. Altaf Hussain. He gave all his statement under oath. After complete investigation home office of United Kingdom granted him asylum.

I humbly request Pakistan officials, ambassadors or media to request UK government or home office of UK to publish his asylum report to the public. This will clear the situation to the general public of Pakistan. It is good to start investigation from the groups, political parties and agencies who threatened his life per his asylum report. Because of them he was in hiding for seven years in Pakistan and took asylum in London. These groups are trying to put false allegation of his murder on MQM. They should know that Doctor Imran Farooq never gave any statement against MQM or Altaf Hussain in his entire live. But he gave statements against these groups many times. He was forced to leave the country because of these groups. London is a very big city, most of Pakistani community lives in South & east of London. But Doctor Imran Farooq preferred to live near to the MQM office which is located in North of London. This is another proof of his affection towards MQM.

In the last I humbly request retired General Mushraf to come forward and tell the truth to the public of Pakistan.

Dawar Naqvi lives in USA and is a MQM supporter.

Ed Note: This article is received in email and is published verbatim to provide diverse opinions to our readers. Chowrangi.com may not endorse or validate the contents.

26 thoughts on “Dr. Imran Farooq Murder Conspiracy: By a MQM Supporter”

  1. The MQM killing squadron has finally arrived.

    The Killing spree has started in Karachi.

    PS 94 elections are going to be one big mess, which MQM has AGAIN STARTED with a bang and a warning to all.

    this has been an MQM stronghold where Raza sb won by a large margin in the previous election, seems ANP has other plans ds tym and so has the divide between the ranks.

    the most unfortunate part is the bloody aimless killing spree which is currently going on, the laughable thing to note is that ppl who loath MQM are forcefully claimed as MQM members and the revenge of the killing announced athus resulting in more bloodshed. was just watching wd sum influential ppl DUNYA TV 20th August In session wd Asma Ch, and could not but feel for that pathan Shahi Syed, who in reply to a question asked asma y do u want me to comment over who is behind these target killings, wen i commented initially MOre bloodshed followed. DUNT U KNOW WHO IS BEHIND THIS? WAT HAS THE PPL SAID U VISITED ? ONLY IF THERE WERE NO POLITICAL COMPULSION I WUD HAVE SEEN TO IT MYSELF ,

    hes genuine.

    the karachi killing is soon to be followed by killings of Asian community in London, perhaps it has taken a bit long as it was suppose to be connected with the killings in Karachi. Just another reminder to SLY that u think of coming near us and see wat we do in Pakistan, so stay aloof for political reasons.

    End of Our political settlement with PPP is on the cross roads, waytn for the signal from sum imp quarters, perhaps a matter of time, but this time speculations within the party are grim, again a back lash is on the cards, the irony is KARACHITE will die and we will do politics of the dead. alas wat a shame.

  2. why this BE WAQT KI RAGINI now such as LAND REFORMS

    Y not wen they were in Mush’s Govt ? they have been in power since 22 years thru one alliance or the other, haha to remain in power they can even forge an alliance with the devil, buts being in power is their compulsion as they have to send millions to UK for letting DON enjoy the lavish life n they can control any anti MQM move staying in the power corridors, astonishingly in the twenty two years they have hardly remained in opposition so why they cudnt do anything for my Karachi and y not the land reforms then ?

    so y now ?

    Do they want to keep themselves politically alive and toeing a line which has been rejected by shariat courts as unislamic ? watch Capital Talk Geo of 13/10.

    wen this was first mentioned by the DON, their was silence and reservations in the rabita committee over this lost cause but they had to pursue Don’s line, interesting, somebody else is pulling the strings from somewhere else and it is not even the DON, he too is given the script.

    well, surprise, surprsie, surprsie, DON is runninng from UK, exit startegy on the acrds after the Chief killer meeting with Nick Clegg and not getting any understanding of no actions, palaces in Dubai are being renovated, but there r places in renovation at South Africa too, soon the air will be clear.

    the killings in karachi in PM presence and FAROQ SATTAR’s reponse for aggrevating the situation was v obvious.

    one funny and a v imp point to consider of the past 22 years is that even wenever MQM has sat in opposition at ISB 7 Karachi, National assembley is being dissolved v shortly afterwards, well strange seems the collission course is reaching fast.

    well i wish sanity and the killing spree in karachi not to acclerate again and peace to all human beings, alas MQM wont stop their nefarious designs toeing indian line of instability in Pakistan, wat a shame my party is !

  3. @KSN, syed sb, have i been disrespectful to u, i am sure no, then if u dont lyk wat i have written, plz overlook it bcz u r continuously disrespecting me n others, if its me, i dont mind bcz of ur position but others might not. so plz.

    secondly dear bro i dont care wat u find funny or CRAP or watever, bcz my writings r not for U, so watever u feel is ur personal issue, i wudnot even want to respond bcz i care less, plz understand i am only replying out of utter respect for U being Syed otherwise am a v busy man, i dunt RESPOND to worthless things and especially things i consider CRAP.

    kINDLY KEEP ur advises to urself, as they r useless for me.

    i dont know wat Jurrat, Ummat and Takbeer are and were writing but it must be of some interest to some sections of the society so they r producing it again n again. Dear bro, dus a common man that is reading these tabloids care wat u or ur cohorts think about such magazines ? the answer will embarrass u.

    Dear Bro, plz get out of this, i feel, my view, i want, i dont syndrome, wen something is discussed in a public forum bcz many ppl will agree to wat u r saying n many wont, just lyk U & me are on a collision course. leave it to ppl n their choice bcz neither U r God nor a Prophet and as far as i am concerned, am the dust of ur feet.

    thirdly dear bro, i know where u r leading to by asking about my intellect. i already mentioned, am the dust of ur feet but i dont find any party worthwhile for defending Pakistan and its interests. if they would have been capable, we wud not have many continuously reoccuring problems and great opportunities lost lyk, Electricity, dams, institutions, EDUCATION,law & order, industries, ports, crops, unfound & unused mineral wealth of baluchistan , thar coal & SWAT and many many other things.

    instead i ask anybody which party has the roadmap for a great Pakistan, the vision of success, the agenda to move ahead and the resolve to become a great nation and the ability to take Pakistan out of this mess.

    The answer is NONE.

    if u were thinking of MQM, u r absolutely wrong bro. Never ever in 10000000 years, its a mafia trained & funded by RAW and its allies.plz dont even consider this a posibility, u will embarrass urself again.

    I AM PARTICULARLY agaiinst the so called islamic parties.
    they r training other’s Sons for jihad and sending their own to the INFIDEL WEST. wat a duplicity.wat have they given us ? wats their benefit ? r they qualified for this job ? dus by their seminary eductaion n narrow thinking and teachings can they lead pakistan ? if sumone thinks yes, plz laugh.

    for a brevali, deobandi is KAFIR for a sunni a shia is Kafir for Aahal hadith panj piri is kafir, wat a mess, I ASK ANY ONE & EVERYONE THAT WHO HAS GIVEN THE RIGHT TO CALL KAFIR TO ANYONE THAT BELONGS TO ANY SECT, IF HE/SHE RECITES & BELIEVE IN KALMA TAYYABA.
    these fundamentals have made us intolerant, we consider anything blasphemy, the world is laughing over us, there is some issue with ppl in iraq or any muslim country and these so called mullahs and other non mullah leaders bring out ppl on the streets and burns banks, vehicles, roadsigns, damage properties, wats this ?

    the fabric of our society is torn, we cheat, we lie, we steal, we accuse, we take oaths for wrong doings, we committ adultery wdout shame. social values are no where to be seen and have become a thing of the past.


    consider me a pessimist as i find no one of worth in the current lot, but not particularly MQM which is not a party but a MAFIA, killers, extortionists, rapists, bhatkhors, disloyal and anti pakistan.

    can u imagine the audicity of the DON that after 3 BILLION PAK rupees to his wife as divorce settlement n living in a mansion of over 15m pounds he wants everyone to raise against the fuedals, wat a joke n wat a mockery. why is some one not asking from him that u went as an assylum seeker where the money came from ? n u r ruling Karachi for the past 15 years at a stretch y r u not coming to Pakistan ? his sermons cause millions, who pays ?

    just on the lighter note, wen the DON is rambling in his sermons, u will be surprsied to hear wat ppl in the front row, his so called confidants, are saying about him, is beyond description. Since i am in the front row as well m privy to many such comments.

    Any waz certainly not MQM MAFIA.

    peace to u syed sb and stay happy n in reality.

  4. @Kashif:

    Well, boy, yes you have every right to Quote from Quran and Sunnah. But first, climb up your eeman by not taking a clown, a bhattakhor, a tthag to be our Lord/God from today onwards.

    Though I strictly do not support MQM’s ideology, I do support MQM personally For the work they’ve done in Karachi. But supporting a party’s work and worshipping its leader like a Divine Diety is another thing altogether.

    If MQM is sincere in actuality against the curse of Feudalism, then let it first denounce Feudalism within its very own body in the form of Altaf’s eternal leadership. Its a pity that in the presence of naive and sophisticated people like Faisal Sabzvari and Mustafa Kamal, MQM could not find a leader other than the goon known as Altaf.

  5. @… Khalid Baig, Khobar and XYZ….

    You know what, I have just read a few lines from the CRAP which you people have produced again, and….. what I found is funny…


    Now, kindly note, don’t consider I am from any remote area of Punjab who don’t know the reality, I am by birth a Karachiiate, and watching each and everything since my childhood.

    I don’t want you to waste your time producing the same crap again and again or my time reading the same thing, instead of spreading propaganda I would respect if you do something productive for Pakistan! 😛

    Ok, lets see your level of intellect, leave MQM, list down which Parties you think are good for Pakistan?

  6. @SKN, dear bro being a Syed U r v respectable to me.
    Dear Bro, do i care whether u n ur disillusioned frends r laughing. mouning or doing dunno wat ? is it of significance ?not at all, dear bro u r a member of the society whom i addressing not the whole society so wat one individual thinks lyk u is meaningless.
    in the heart of my heart and a loyal servant of this city i have the right to express wat i know, alas not that openly.
    Dear bro thanks for your interest in my article showingwd ur prompt responses, u know dear bro if sumthing is meaningless or crap, many ppl dont even consider responding just wat i did wen i saw ur first piece of writing on the subject, it is after u addressed me directly that i thought to respond and secondly dear bro out of my respect for u being a syed, i wanted to set the record staright.
    i m surprised y r we so intolerant ?
    y we want ppl to accept every word we r saying ?
    Have i asked u to believe wat i have written ? No Not at all.
    then y r u so agitated ? let the ppl judge wats ryt n wats wrong ? we can only express our feelings in a polite manner but forcing sumone to watever we r saying is unethical and improper, perhaps MQM PPL DUSNT believe in this philosophy. kindly dunt comment if u consider it laughable or trash but its ur interst n ur quick responses that r striking me n i lyk it.
    Dear bro if MQM is a just, honorable party not involved in Killings, looting, burning properties n vehicles who , y n wat propaganda it afraid off ? let there be a voice in the heart of MQM from the heart of MQM that everything is not well, things r terribly wrong but ppl must not loose hope bcz change is eminent and v near, perhaps u dunno much dear bro.
    Salam to u dear bro n take care.

  7. @SKN, dear bro, i never mean wat u understood, wat i meant was quoting Quran in insignifacnt worldly matters to make ur claim or watever u r saying,authentic is a joke coming out of a person who is supportings THUGS n confirmed Killers, rapists, bhata khor, land n drug mafia’s.
    Dear Bro, i have the right to express my opinion and i respect wat u r saying but dont necessarily agree with it. Just lyk me u have ur own point of view.
    Thanks for your response bcz it further strengthens my CRAP.
    y ppl lyk me, who r in vast majority, r frustrated bcz the THUGS & DON r playing with ppl lives, everyday scores of vehicles r burnt, dozens of ppl r looted, raped, plundered, molested. threatened, killed, properties set on fire, ransom money for extortion is paid in a city which MQM claims is his. Everyday we hear on media that the lives that are lost during these 3 years in karachi surpasses by miles the no.of casualities done in the entire KPK. so wat do u think ppl lyk me r worried. Karachi is the heart of Pakistan, i want peace for every living being on earth let alone the ppl of Karachi. But y r ppl accusing MQM all the tym, if u dont want to admit, its ur issue but Karachite knows who is doing wat.
    Dear Bro, y the whole nation dUSnt say such things against the brainless NS, Corrupt AZ n Maulana Diesel, why alwaz the Thugs n the DON ?
    MQM is in power since late 80’s thru one way or the other, y is DON not coming to Pakistan ? y after ruling the city wd his goons and Mafia he thinks hes unsafe ?
    for ur info i m least intersted whether he comes or not but the point i want to establish here is after being in direct/indirect contol of the city almost for 20 years y the Thugs didnot make it a safer place for DON ? y extortions, killings, looting plundering, burning vehicle is on an increase on a daily basis ? y ppl lyk cold blood murderer faisal sabzwari/waseem haider grimace and grin wen asked the same questions ?
    Dear Bro, i dont agree wd the policies of MQM and being an insider, i know wat wrong is going on. But as i mentioned in my above writing that the end is v near, may be so near that we cant even imagine, dear bro just wait n see the wrath of Allah is going to unleash soon n in a way that is surprise us all, only tym will tell, only tym which is v near, v near.

  8. Lolllzzz…@…Khalid Baig…hahahah

    So you decided to claim to be a God??? Lolllzzzz…

    You know what, here everyone is laughing at your stupid comments directed to spread more and more propaganda…..

    even some others haven’t read your comments fully….let them stop laughing….hahahah

  9. Lolllzz…@…Ali Rehan, Khalid Baig and Khobar,

    What do you people think only you are Muslim? Islam is only for you? You have Reserved all the Rights of Islam in your name?

    What Claim you want to do, do it openly, may be you want to declare yourself as God (Allah), then go ahead and claim this too.

    But bear in mind you are not the only Muslims who deserve the rights to Read and Qoute Quraan, only Allah knows who is better but atleast your this attitude have exposed you as infiltrators!

    Now come to the main topic, whatever crap Mr. Baig have produced is the same old tactics to malign even not worth to read and respond!

    I would suggest you guys to come out of this frustration and be patient, let SLY complete their investigations, may be you people would be ashamed then! 😛

  10. @khobar, thanks

    but my point here is not to win any laurels, just to point out the Gang of Thugs are intending to do under the DON in london.There is going to be more blood shed in london v soon.
    u saw the DON wailing lyk a bride whose husband has been murdered after the first nyt and have u watched Saleem shahzad and M.anwar blunt expressionless faces.it was obvious for DON to cover his guilt and Saleem shahzad the main man who is now going to be the defacto party chief. u r likely to see more bloodshed in Karachi which will be unfortunate once the Thugs of Babar ghouri the main man behind extoetion money in Karachi and saleem shahzad groups collide to take control of booty. There is a rift in the Bihari and hyderabadi group which is soon going to be more obvious, thats y Don has started giving indications that he intends to move to Dubai, I tell u South Africa is another place where the DON is secretly planning to make its new base fearing more lengthy and detailed grilling by SLY.
    within a span of three months there are going to be radical changes in MQM and the signs have started to show, dissent is growing and more killings cant stop it.The DON major support base is the terrorists trained by RAW, its financial backing and some v well organized n systematic campaign in media against any n everybody hitting directly at him. the THUGS have instilled the Fear factor in the pak media to such an extent that they didnot air a single word that DR.IF murder can be an inside job, that shows how meticullous they are and how well organized,can any TV channel have the courage not to air his Shitty sermons that lasts for hours and are meaningless, No, bcz the lives of the owners will be in jeopardy if they do so.
    But u know time is changing, ppl have started loathing the party policies inside and outside and so is the internal strife.just watch out for an unexpected shock disclosure of a so called v close confidant in the near future once the killing starts in London and Karachi.
    SLY is hardening the noose and the Dday is near, Exit strategy is on the Card, this hue n cry that the DON life is in danger after the previous henchman’s death is a SHAM and an effort to divert attention but the beans spilled by Dr.IF’s wife are positively going to have an impact.its a matter of time, i cant disclose all but watever i have said soon will be eminent.watch out for my prediction of a shock disclosure after spat of killings in London and Karachi. The Don is not that strong as he was before, mark my words.


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