Double Shah

Surprise, surprise, surprise. This time police has arrested a criminal before he would fly to some unknown destination after plundering multitude of people. According to the not-so-venerable police, Syed Sibtul Hassan Shah a.k.a Double Shah with his 10 side kicks have been arrested from their home, while they were in the preparations to escape away.

Double shah started his scam two years ago and he deceived people to vow to double their money in just 15 days. After 15 days, he raised his time period to 1 month, then 2 months and 10 days, and then when the hue and cry of affected got too loud, he raised it to 3 months. After 3 months, he just stopped returning calls and was about to vanish in thin air, when police captured him in the nick of time. Another ironic thing which surfaced is that many top police and other officers had their account with him and some even reaped the rewards.

Scams like these aren’t new and every now and then, we hear news about it, sometime on small scale and sometime on large scale. But the number of affectted is growing day by day. Why this happens? Is it due to poverty? or due to sheer greed? or due to ignorance or due to the combinations of all these?

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  1. syed sibt ul hassan was my teacher. he is very very honest man. he was doing this business only to spread prosperity in pakistan. from his investors you will never listen any complain about him. government has to use this man for the better future of pakistan. he should be the governor of state bank. why you people r not thinking in positive sence. plz think in a positive sence . this man can change the condition of pakistan. he can bring prosperity in pakistan. plz legalize his business with some terms and conditions. thanks

  2. All this is known as sood in islam because of sheer greed. Other than islam i will tell you about this issues. Wazirabad people need him because they want to behead or slaughter him. He was the master mind when he came here to UAE to Abu Dhabi where he was teaching science for about one and half year. All robbers of that school came together Imran Gul From Rawal pindi a chemistry teacher and master mind of all this game have given them idea to do this kind of business. Then Shahid Jamil also involved who is currently in Malaysia. Than other suspects Irshid Hussain from parachinar also involved in this and they were his partners in Dubai. Double shah than left to pak and start sending them money and this people started business here .After few months LT COLONEL NASEER DAR FROM LAHORE WHO CAME FROM PAK GOVERNMENT FOR PAKISTANI SCHOOL AS PRINCIPAL INVOLVED IN THIS. They have bough hotels which names Samar Kand, High Land hotel , Mirage group of hotels , highland casinos and Shahid hotel apartments and they started Azeem tourism company in malaysia. A few months back one more master mind joined them his name is AZEEM GILL FROM LAHORE CURRENTLY IN MALAYSIA who is also making malaysian people fool of making their money double. The world Interpol should do something against this Robbers otherwise they will Rob the world poor and innocent people. my request is to you that help me to raise my voice against this criminals and give relief to world poor people.
    Thank you
    Ahmed khan
    dubai UAE

  3. Hi,
    I read about this report when a friend of mine told me. It would have been better if Shah Double` was returning maybe 10% per month profits because this is can be achieved from the Stock market and Forex market as well as property, Investing, Bonds etc.. etc..
    I work for a company in Europe – who do this and take clients from all around the world, However, they dont offer 100% every 15 days, but 10% every month nd is safe and secure. Every customer is happy with them.
    I am a professional Financial Advisor, so i have seem most things in this market, money can be made and money can be lost…
    My advice is be safe, only put in what you can afford to lose and dont rely on anything.


  4. According to the teachings of Islam, the desires and appetites play a vital part in the makeup of every human being; they cannot be ignored. The children of Adam, unlike the angels, face the challenge in this life of mastering these forces within us. If we fail to do so, then we become the servants of our appetites and thus fall below the level of the animal kingdom.

  5. Common peoples . Double shah was a crook he was doing a one of the old scheme which Charles Ponzi did in 1920 in USA. If you want to read more about go to this link and you will see what was he doing.

    Put Ponzi Scheme in google and see what is it.

    I wish good luck peoples who have lost their all savings because noboady will get the money from Double Shah or the Goverment.

    Greed is always bad.

  6. I think wht happened wid Double shah is the thing which shud have been done before.And anywayz i am not supporting him n never supported coz i dont like eating haram n even dont like any1 else eating haram . He shud b imprisioned for his doings.But he shud b only released for returning peoples money and after tht he shud again b taken to custody.

  7. My dear R. Chaudry,

    U r 100% right bcoz i am from Wazirabad and also i invested Rs. 50000 for my daughter marry and i got three times profit from double shah and happy to tell u that my two doughters are married the help of double shah so all arround the people of wazirabad and faisalabad, gujranwala and sialkot are with him bcoz he is very honest person and hamid nasar chata was afraid that if he stand for election then double shah will must win so he did very shame full action.

    we will not give any vote to hamid nasar chatta and his all fellows.

  8. Dear Friends

    If Double Shah was doing illegal business why Pakistani Government stoped it before why now? Pakistani politics also want their commission in this business if double shah gave them commission then this business is right otherwise not right this is not a justices. Now Pakistani Government politics demanded thier commission from double shah and double shah rejected this then pakistani government arrested to him. Pakistani Government told that we ve taken action before that double shah fly. it is worng all of u know that Police is also involved in every crime.

    Before this, 1st time FIA arrested to Double shah from the G. T. Road, Wazirabad and that time they do not ve any case against double shah and they demanded a lot of money from double shah that time they snatch the Prado and some cash and leave to double shah after some days FIA return his prado and cash High command of Police also involved in this business.

    Double Shah is very nice person and he is one of the person who thought about the poors and it is true that poors dreams come true. so if u think that poors ve a right for this then u can also think that double shah s very nice and genious man.

    I ve take a survey in wazirabad and they demanded that we do not need money we need shah sb. so now u can think that he s very nice and gentleman.

    Please Please do not pass this type of comments. If u think that u should take a survey then pass comments. Wazirabad persons still with him and they wait for the decision of pakistan government and they come to roads again for the double shah. they were with him and they are with him and they will with him.

    Hamad Nasir Chatta also involved in this case and he never think that his politics will be finished from the wazirabad tehsil and the Khalid Mughal (Nazim U.C 5 double shah wali) will also leave the politics.

    Last that these kind of peoples (Politics) do not want that someone come to equal to them because they always try to pulldown them. so take action against it the politics of Hamad Nasir Chatta and their fellows.

  9. It seems like everything is haraam in Islam. To drink water with a goblet is haram because people drink wine in it. I think its ridiculous to term everything and everything haram. And by the way I have no knowledge of this double triple story at all.

  10. Dear Sir,

    This is a shamless incident occured in one of the Pakistani cities (Wazirabad). The most of people of this locality belong to a labour class and they earned their
    income by dint of their hard work. A true muslim who runs on islamic tenents cannot do this unislamic activities. If we see in-depth we will come to know that why this happened; because the people are not true muslim and they do not believe on “Tawakkal” and they want to eat “Haram” and haram is cursed by Islam. First of all, people should have the islamic tenents’ awareness. They should know what is halal and what is haram. They follow the Quran and Sunnah. As a matter of fact, banking system is also haram. Pakistani people are very simple and they can be easily allured and tempted by thugs.

    On the contrary, our country is poor and every one wants to become a richer and richer over a night. In this connection, I would like to suggest the following actions.

    1. The looted money may be recovered from Double Shah and paid to the
    affected people as early as possible. I would appreciate the strenous efforts
    of NAB and other Agencies who recovered the cash and other immovable
    property and still they will do something for the betterment of the affected

    2. In future, no one can be allowed to do illegal self-banking system and
    Government should have a check on it

    3. The Government of Pakistan ensure the rate of profit, atleast, 20% a.m. on
    deposits. In such case, you will see a huge amount of buck will come
    into the treasury. Currently, the rate of profit is low with the result the
    poeple are hesitant to deposit their money into the Govenment treasry
    through banks / saving certificates / bonds or any other modes.

    4. Stock Exchanges are also sailing on the same board. It is also not halal in

    5. Double Shah may be punished with regorous imprisonemnt.

    With best regards


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