Dating In Pakistan

Pakistan Dating Dating is more widespread in liberal parts of Pakistan, such as Karachi and Lahore, as opposed to other areas with age-old customs. However, even in cities considered modern, dating is not done as openly as youngsters would like to, and most romance takes place in schools and colleges.

Dating in Pakistan is looked down upon as Pakistan is an Islamic country. Also, people question if dating actually works. This is because there are many couples who get along very well while dating but the moment they get married, they end up in arguments and fights.

While dating people are on their best behavior. The girl will have her hair perfectly in place, full make-up, perfume, dressed perfectly, and will act all girly. The guy will have his hair gelled, will be dressed nicely, and will treat the girl like a queen. The moment they get married, all these things will “relax” and both people’s imperfections in character begin to show.

Problems occur in dating because it is seldom done with the intention to get married. It is to have a good time with the person of the opposite sex. And this creates problems, especially for girls. Many times guys leave their girlfriends after having sex with them, or their is a genuine break up, and in such cases girls are left stranded.

In developing countries, a girl’s virginity is a big deal, and girls who have sex with their boyfriends after being swept away with emotion find it difficult to get married, and even if they do get married, problems arise after marriage. Also, many people don’t want to marry their sons to girls who have been seen dating or have had boyfriends. Furthermore, single mothers, teen pregnancies, and STDs are very common in countries where dating is widespread.

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