Cut Off the Ties Please

While world is condemning the Israeli massacre in the Gaza and trying to get out of the economic slump, India is obsessed with subjugating Pakistan and instead of focussing on homegrown terrorism and financial scams in Mumbai and other places Indian officials are busy in getting more electoral attention by issuing threatening statements towards Pakistan.

Along with Pranab Mukherjee, Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram is bad-mouthing Pakistan for days now. He has said that so far, Pakistan has not responded to the dossier of evidence on Mumbai attacks. There are many, many links between India and Pakistan, and if Pakistan does not co-operate and does not help to bring the perpetrators to heel, those ties will become weaker and weaker and one day snap,” he said.

In a very funny way, Indian officials are now threatening Pakistan that New Delhi might consider suspending its ties with Pakistan if it fails to cooperate in the investigation. We say them please go ahead and have your way and leave us alone.

If India really does that favor that it might bring peace in FATA and Balochistan and Pakistan might be focussed in resolving its own issues.

3 thoughts on “Cut Off the Ties Please”

  1. Have you noticed that not a single Muslim country has ever supported Pakistan in the Kashmir dispute as well as the recent Mumbai blasts? Of course, the ordinary Muslims (including arabs) all sympathize with Pakistan, but unfortunately there is very little democracy in Islamic countries, which is why their governments are silent.

  2. hi. At this present time if America wants to attack pakistan he will because this CORRUPT government cant do nothing except making political remarks..Mr Zardari is doing nothing but to admiring foreign political leaders..In Pervaiz Musharaf days Pakistan was standing on his feet now very honest Pakistan is very close to collapsing.I pray to God that God please help Pakistan and pakistani people to get rid of this CORRUPT Government..

  3. we are the ones who should cut ties with them….despite all their trash-talk, they are still trying to send their low-quality exports our way….

    as for Gaza, there is not much we can do except watch in pain unless something really drastic happened (like sending weapons, tents, food to Gaza via Egypt or something like that) –which wont happen.

    We have enough domestic issues to tend to, so we cannot afford to get into Gaza issue (save for Nat’L Assembly passing out Condemnation Resolutions etc.)

    The world is really a screwed up place. All we can do is focusing on building ourselves and our country. Working hard etc. Keep Allah SWT in your thoughts at all times.

    indian/israeli mis-adventures and behaviour cant go on forever. Every action has a repercussion. indians cant and wont dare touch us.

    israelis use illegal weapons and are illegal occupiers/genociders. Those that dont fear death dont die. The israelis are terrified of death, the Palestinians arent. One day if and when the Ummah unite to confront the crises, there WONT BE any said crises.

    Ash-hado Allah Illaha Illaha
    Ash-hado Ana Mohhamad Ar-Resoul Allah.

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