Countryside Chalet Club Karachi: A Review

Countryside Chalet Club is a housing and farmhouse project beyond Malir Cantt in Karachi. It’s got a pond in the center of it and is full of lush greenery. I had an experience of staying there in village room which was very well furnished. The place is quite relaxing and offers something to everyone. The dining experience was also nice. It has a dining hall, lawn sitting and food street arrangements for visitors. Swimming pool though lacks stairs but it was clean and enjoyable experience.

Countryside Chalet Pond

Countryside Chalet offers the experience of rich resort life while being close to nature. The environment includes a huge entertainment area, picturesque lake, lush green lawns, cricket pitches, tennis courts, and a gym. While it has miscellaneous indoor games for those who don’t want to venture out far, they have an aviary, horse riding, swings, ATV buggies; Tonga rides mountain bikes and golf carts for the active visitors. A mini cinema resembling with Cineplex is also an attraction. A mosque and super store is there for the visitors. There is a ground with well made pitch to play cricket.

All amenities are enjoyable and relaxing but it surely needs some suggestions for improvement. First of all it was my first visit to any farm house so I don’t know about others but I find it a vast place. There should be a simple map for every visitor so that he or she could have easy access to their interests. There should be a connection with the management individual if visitor have any query via intercom because the rooms are far inside. Some facilities are charged individually like boating, Tonga ride, Cinema so there is a need to bring some new and interesting packages for families which includes some amenities.

I enjoyed driving buggy and Tonga ride is awesome. It reminds me of the days when we use to visit Punjab and fascinated with the ride of Tonga there. Pedal boating is also enjoyable but very tiring as it makes my foot muscles spasm. Tree houses are nice and unique. Very well built and the view beside the pond makes it unforgettable.

Inside Countryside Chalet Club

Overall it is a worth watching place for health retreat from fast and furious life of Karachi.


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