Computer Based Training

Computer based training caters for many forms of instructions. It can be defined as an interactive learning experience between the learner and the computer where the computer provides majority of the stimulus. The learner has then to respond to these stimuli, and then the computer analyzes the response and provides feed back to the learner. Basically this training is about using computers to help train the people. Computer based training can bring many benefits to any organization, their training departments and the workers. Some benefits of this type of training are enlisted as:

– It is cost effective.
– Training times can be reduced.
– Quality and consistency of the training material is maintained throughout.
– Learners can learn new skills at their own pace and at ties that do not conflict with their work schedules.
– Interactive, visually stimulating, easily absorbed, ad easily available material encourages student to undertake training.

We have a very clear example of it, the typing tutor. It’s much easier to learn typing with this software. The instructors even also rely on this as this is interactive, interesting and the learning times are reduced.

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