Chaudhary Da Kharrag

Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi tried to shut my mouth tight by speeching or was it (leeching) at public rallies in Quetta (Balochistan) and Mitti (Sindh). Though his public meeting was heavily feudalistic in number gathering, and very fully facilitated by the local governments of the respective area.

But you could see from the face of Pervaiz Elahi that he was very uncomfortable. He was being blamed for confining his election campaign to just some areas of Punjab, and he tried miserably to dispel that image, which stuck to him even more. He along with Jam Yousuf, the former sleepy chief minister of Balochistan, and with Arbab Ghulam Rahim the cheapy chief Minister of Sindh tried to win the hearts of Sindhis by ridiculing their popular leaders, the Bhuttos.

Pervaiz Elahi tried to ridicule them to all extents. “PPP remained in power twice and Zardari became famous as Mr 10 per cent. If he (Zardari) re-enters the corridors of power, he will become Mr 100 per cent,” Pervaiz Elahi said. Criticising Nawaz Sharif, he said that when he visited Gen Zia’s grave he said he would follow the mission of Zia and when he visited Naudero he pledged to accomplish Benazir’s mission.

What Chaudhary of Gujrat is trying to do, and what he is trying to say? Hard to understand.

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