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Ghouta Damascus Syria massacre by Bashar Al Assad forces

Syria Massacre: Alleged Chemical Attack in Ghouta Damascus leave 1300 dead

Syria is burning and human blood is flowing as if its cheaper than water. The bloody battle between forces of Syrian President Bashar al Assad and the rebels have left thousands dead in past 2 years. In the recent act of inhumanity, the forces of Bashar have allegedly used chemical weapons at the Ghouta leaving [...]

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bonded labor

Labor Exploitation by Desi Community in the UK

For a soul coming from an underdeveloped or developing country, the quality life being promised by a fully-fledged developed country like the United Kingdom is indeed a blissful joy. Such exuberance is further complemented by the country’s strong commitment to preserve the basic rights. The right to ensure labors earn their due share in a [...]

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Tracing the path of Asteroid 2012 DA14

The asteroid 2012 DA14 is a near-Earth asteroid with an estimated diameter of about 50 meters and an estimated mass of about 190,000 metric tons. Asteroid 2012 DA14 was discovered by a team of amateur astronomers affiliated with the La Sagra Sky Survey at the Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca in southern Spain on Feb. 23, [...]

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Ebola Virus traces found in Bangladesh

Deadly Ebola Virus has arrived in Asia, traces found in Bangladesh

The terrifying hemorrhagic fever known as Ebola virus, or one of its relatives, seems to have made its way into Asia, specifically Bangladesh. Ebola, officially known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, is a severe disease caused by the Ebola virus that was first recognized in Africa in 1976. Early symptoms can include fever, headache, joint and [...]

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Indian Actor Aamir Khan Meets Maulana Tariq Jameel During Hajj

Indian actor Aamir Khan who is on Hajj met Pakistani scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel and Shahid Afridi. Maulana Tariq Jameel does not need an introduction. His speeches have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Muslims all over the world. Aamir Khan is different from other actors as his movies contain social messages. Also, [...]

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‘Batman’ Visits Colorado Survivors While Gun Sales Rise After Cinema Massacre

Batman star Christian Bale along with his wife Sibi Blazic visited survivors of the Colorado theater shooting Tuesday and stopped by a makeshift memorial to victims of the attack that killed 12 people and injured 58. Bale, who stars as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, previously issued a written statement saying: “Words cannot express [...]

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Bangladesh rickshaw puller starts clinic for the poor

Joynal Abedin still remembers the rainy and windy night when he saw his father die because there was no medical treatment. His village in the northern Mymensingh district of Bangladesh did not have any medical facility at that time, and the nearest hospital was about 20km (12 miles) away. The death of his father, about [...]

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American muslims prosecuted by FBI

Muslims in America live under constant fear of FBI surveillance

Islamic communities in California, USA say they are living under constant fear of prosecution by the government. They claim the FBI regards practicing Islam as a criminal offense. And while the government says it’s just trying to prevent terrorist attacks, the Muslim community isn’t convinced. A former FBI informant say this is a war against [...]

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Shah Rukh Khan loses temper during IPL game, banned for 5 years

The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) on Friday banned Shah Rukh Khan from entering Wankhede Stadium for five years. The decision came after SRK misbehaved with officials after Wednesdays game between Kolkata and Mumbai. A guard was caught manhandling SRK’s daughter and her friends who were playing during the game and SRK reacted strongly, which created [...]

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Naxalites in India

The Big Elephant is Sleeping while Naxalites are Creeping

The Indian government has failed to restrict the growing control of Naxalites. Now Naxalites control one fifth of India. Acceleration in the Naxalites movement is the result of fast economic growth of India which is achieved through rich focused economic policies. The difference between rich and poor has widened to an alarming stage and something [...]

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