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15 Reasons Why Gender Equality Does Not Exist

Women want equality, but they do not want to let go of their privileges. Women want freedom, but they do not want accountability. Women want to be liberated, but they do not want responsibility. Below are 15 reasons which shows how equality is only applicable when it works for women. Otherwise, women would be protesting […]

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5 Things Women Do Better Than Men

71% of children are killed by their mothers. Women are not the angelic creatures that people think they are. Women kill more children than men do, by a considerable margin. Below are 5 more things that women do better than men. Gang Rape: In 2010, the Center for Disease Control asked young men and women […]

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The Dark Side Of Women’s Liberation: A Generation Of Neglected Children

… feminists try to demean homemaking, making it sound like oppression, and brainwash women into the workforce away from the comfort and peace of their homes, while the real oppression occurs with the deranged idea of ‘equality’ in the form of broken homes, shockingly high divorce rates, neglect of children, abuse at the hands of babysitters, teen pregnancies, alcohol and drug abuse among teenagers, poor academic performances of children, etc.

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Women Should Break Free From Shackles That Bind Them

The fact that women are easy to brainwash can be found dating back to 1928, where George Washington Hill, running the American Tobacco Company, realized that if women started smoking too, his profit would increase by leaps and bounds. In 1929, he hired Edward Bernays who encouraged smoking among women under the title of Torches […]

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What Women Need To Learn On International Women’s Day

How would it feel if women were the ones under obligation to earn, and not men? What would we think if there were special quotas for men in companies and the political arena? How would it be if women had to leave their seats for men, and seats on public transport were reserved for men? […]

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Stressful Home Environment Leads To High Suicide Rate In Men

In this day and age, from the moment a man wakes up to the time he goes to bed, he is in motion, rushing to complete one task after another, often deprived of sleep, trying to provide his wife with monetary and mental peace, only to be at the receiving end of nags, taunts, and […]

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The Menace Of Cyberbullying

With the invent of technology, bullying has taken a new form, a very dangerous and life-threatening one, that of cyberbullying, and the worst part is that it is becoming more and more common these days. From the comfort of their homes, people can get online and destroy the life of another person by posting insulting […]

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Top 10 Signs Of Having An Abusive Wife

Domestic violence against men is a growing epidemic, and many men do not even realize that they have a controlling and abusive wife until it is too late. There is absolutely no reason why a man must continue to remain in a relationship with a woman who is paranoid, controlling, and dominating. Men do not […]

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Horrendous Effect Of Child Marriage On Boys

Millions of boys, especially in South Asian countries, are married off before the age of eighteen. Their dreams and aspirations to go to university, to get a degree, to be someone in life are crushed. How many men today working menial jobs were wedded off as children who were forced to shoulder the responsibility of […]

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From Shoaib Malik To The Common Man, Society Engulfed With Women’s Violence

The only agenda on the minds of feminists is to malign the image of men and demonize them. This is why when violence is perpetrated by women, even when it is on other women, it never becomes an issue or even something remotely worthy to talk about. Feminists never talk about the abusive and controlling […]

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