Capturing Hamzaad

To all those who want to control hamzaad learn to control yourself first.

Trying to capture hamzaad has resulted in death for many people, and mental imbalance for others.

If you are doing the amal for controlling hamzaad don’t expect Katrina Kaif to appear. Hamzaad is not something everyone has the heart to see. Take the scariest thing you have ever seen and multiply it many, many times and you have the form of a hamzaad.

The hamzaad while being captured resists and the amil, having seen the scariest thing he has ever seen loses control over his amal and the hamzaad kills him.

An amil can easily have a heart attack just by taking a glance at the hamzaad. Don’t tell me just because you have happened to see vampire and zombie movies you will be able to see a hamzaad.

Trying to capture hamzaad is like trying to commit suicide. No one in his right mind will give the amal of capturing hamzaad otherwise he will be responsible for other people’s deaths on the day of judgment. He will be held as a murderer and will be thrown in hell. The person who commits suicide by trying to capture hamzaad will also be thrown in hell.


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