Capital Rocks Again

Islamabad, the beautiful capital of Pakistan is fast becoming the ghostly city where bomb rocks and where terrorist often have a field day. This city has seen enough of the bomb blast and terrorist attacks but there seems to be no stoppage yet. Another gory suicide attack occurred today.

At least eight people were injured when a suicide bomber hit his explosive-laden vehicle with building of anti-terrorist squad (ATS) near Police line in Islamabad. This blast was so powerful that it shook the buildings at a distance, and the bang was heard from several kilometers away. As soon as people heard the bang, they new something bad had happened once again.

The way the driver of the car drove through the gate of the ATS Barracks, and the way he used the name of a staff man and left a basket full sweets with a letter, tells the story of the failure of security in our most red alerts areas. People are justified when they ask that when police cannot protect their own then how could they protect them?

Hopes are really dwindling but the rulers and political leadership must not let this happen. They have to put the security agencies on their toes.

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