Boucher Twists Arm Again

Deputy Foreign Secretary and the United States most familiar thug in the region, Richard Boucher is once again coming over to his colony and this time he means business. As the PPP government is on its knees and the predator drones are attacking the FATA area at will, Boucher wants more.

Not only Boucher wants more, he also wants it pretty quick and with iron studded guarantees. This visit of Boucher is aimed at ensuring that nothing fancy is done by the PPP government, and he wants end to the peace efforts in the region either by the PPP or by the NWFP government.

Already due to the drones attack and the ensuing damage, the peace process is in limbo, and the local Talibans have backtracked from their peace stance. This is very alarming for the people both in FATA and in other areas of Pakistan, as it means more bloodshed and more unrest.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi should show some courage and try to tell the counterpart in the land of the masters that this is not acceptable any further.

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