Boucher Goes Two Way

US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher himself doesn’t know as what to do with the situation in Pakistan and actually what to report back to the Washington. At one side, he really wants to show some progress, and on the other hand he is confused about the uncertain political horizon which is about to change in the States, and he that is why is harping on dual issues with not-so-great-alacrity.

Richard Boucher at one side says that Pakistan needs to do more, and not doing enough as far as the war on terror is concerned and then his excellency shows his approval, satisfaction and full approval for the ongoing security operation going on in the FATA area, especially in Khyber Agency and Malakund Agency.

The funny thing is that Richard Boucher is happy with the operation. According to the government officials this operation is against the criminals, and one wonders as why an American official is so happy over an operation which is conducted by Frontier Constabulary against the law breakers?

Richard Boucher is the learned man and at least he should understand that The FATA issue is a political problem and both Pakistani government and US must sought out the possible short and long-term solutions put forth by tribal elders, Pashtun nationalists, liberals, and even those advocating extreme measures.

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