Bob…Hero or Zero?

Bob Woolmer, the Pakistani coach, found dead on Sunday morning. He had a heart attack, feeling sorry for him…

Before this there had been a lot of propaganda against him about his coaching. But with his death this seems to settle down and converted into regret and sorry. Did he performed his job well? Everyone knows …NO! Yeaterday evening, a program with Imran Khan was broadcasted on the Geo Super , in which he said that he kept on criticizing Woolmer for his poor match strategies but Inzimam was responsible coz he used to make up the strategies and Wolmer just used to agree upon what Inzi said. So Imran Khan was sorry that he criticized Woolmer. BUT was Woolmer paid for just agreeing upon what Inzi proposed. Did he have no responsibility of making strategy for the Team?

The Geo channel also broadcasted a tribute to Woolmer in which they told his contributions to the cricketing world and ende with words that “He had the true passion for cricket in life and when he died he had the same true love for it in the heart and it shows his faithfulness and devotion to the cricket!”
So his death made him the HERO though we have had the performance results before us. In this regard all the team selectors, captain and coach are blamable. They all are zero. Every has to earn and in what way,….Doesn’t matter!

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  1. You didn’t deserve Bob as a coach and your lack of respect and refusal to take responsibility for anything displays precisely why – well done !


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