Blogging is seriously very addictive. It doesn’t take long before you become a blogaholic. Seeing your post published gives you a rush, and you want that rush again.

Every blogger loves comments. However, most people are just too shy to comment. Clearly, after reading a post, there is something you want to add, something you want to take away, something you agree with, something you disagree with, something you want to point out, something you want to change, something you want to share…

When you blog there is something you release from within you. It could be you anger, your secrets, your hidden thoughts, your love for something, your opinion about something, just something from within you ends up on the post.

Blogging is nothing to be scared of. Sometimes a person who has never blogged thinks, if I write a post what will people think, what will they say, will they accept it, will they laugh, will they agree with me, will they make fun of me and the list goes on.

Let me tell you. People have a brain. They cannot stop thinking. While reading this post you must also be thinking something. I’m also thinking something. Let me tell you what I’m thinking.

I’m thinking that i’m honoured to write at the no.1 blogging site on the web, and so should you.

17 thoughts on “Blogaholic”

  1. You rat. You defected to another site, and it’s on record how you masturbated there, and when the people show you the mirror there, you came running back here with tail in the back, and declared this site the number one.

    It’s even a disgrace to talk to you.

    [Edited. Lets not make it personal here.]

  2. Stop your ‘exploding’ drama. Looking at your comment you know better than me who is spreading mntal garbage.

    All my posts are on Islam. Even Black Magic is proven from Quran and Hadith. Be very careful what you call ‘masturbated content’

  3. Well at last I am exploded the way this Yusha is spreading his mental garbage on this site is getting on the nerves he and his masturbated content is suffice to make any site number one

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