Blasts in Kohat

As the security forces of Pakistan are trying to quash the militancy in the Hangu and Zargari area of the NWFP, another settled area catches fire, and the recent bomb blasts in the Kohat have given a jitter to the defense agencies and it tells the danger of multiple flash points.

A powerful bomb went off at the gallery of cinema hall here in Kohat Garrison. The cinema was full with viewers at the time of explosion and that the number of injured might go up. Some people are severely injured and after the blast there was complete mayhem and many people were also injured in the stampede.

These blasts have the color of Talibans, but this could be another effort to defame Taliban or to confuse the security forces and this could be a genuine activity by the Talibans, or it could be the activity of RAW or Mossad. But Talibans have been involved in the blasts in CD shops and in the barber shops, so the first fingers are pointed towards them.

Whoever did that coward act of terrorism, only harm the interests of the country.

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