Black Magic on lemons and other food items

Some people perform magic on food items, especially lemons, and throw them in the pathway of their victim, for him/her to step on. Sometimes it is meant for someone else and the wrong person ends up getting affected.

Our neighbor was one such woman, who walked over a lemon, which was actually placed for someone else, and she ended up behaving like a mad person for months. She had not even stepped on the lemon, but simply walked over it. This shows how powerful the magic was on the lemon.

There have been times when people have found lemons in their parking lots, and they clearly did not look as though they were dropped accidentally. There is usually one lemon, and it is placed very cleverly. In other cases, there may be more than one. Someone saw 4 lemons placed right behind the tyres of a car.

Yesterday, I saw a tomato right in the middle of a street. There were no signs or marks of a tomato that is dropped accidentally from height. It was in perfect condition, and it was placed right in the middle. It was obvious someone had placed it in that manner intentionally.

Usually, the purpose is for the victim to step on the item, but simply walking over it or touching it can also prove to be disastrous. If you see something placed in an unusual manner, please avoid it completely.

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  1. nisha March 27, 2014 at 10:30 am #

    Why dry roti and half potato is used?

  2. prashanth kumar Br January 14, 2014 at 10:09 pm #

    what is name of the black magic which is done on food

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